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What's your R-90 signature gathering strategy?

The prospect of gathering signatures during the COVID-19 social distancing protocols continues to pose challenges. However, the restrictions are also fostering some creative solutions. One approach that's gaining momentum is person-to-person networking through pre-arranged relay drop-offs of signature sheets. What's your strategy? Please use this form to inspire others with your ideas!

R-90 signature
gathering ideas
and inspiration!


Issued the following notice (it also includes where):


Wednesday- April 29
Thursday- April 30
Friday- May 1 –
10:00 am-1:00 pm


Physical location omitted to maintain autonomy.

Drive through signature signing from the safety and comfort
of your own car!

Bring your OWN ink pen!

Asking employees, renters, neighbors, vendors….everyone I am in regular contact with.

We have been contacting conservative Churches in our community for over 3-4 years consistently. We are a conservative (Political) group. For this R-90 campaign, we created a Template Email with four excellent attachments that can be shared with Churches, businesses, other activists and Groups so they know exactly “HOW TO do a Signature Gathering event” and “How to make Signs”. You can phone your Churches, ask for their email address and send them this email for them to understand what we are doing. We can help with our volunteers or they can provide their own people. Send an email to and I’ll forward you our Template Email for Signature Gathering. Our Churches need us to help with lots of reassurance and gratitude. They not used to some of our activism, and they want to learn!

I was given permission today to set up a table with the petition form at a local Yokes store. I collected 63 signatures in 3hrs! *also handed out A LOT of copies of the petition to others so their families can sign it at home and send it off themselves. It was a breakthrough!
Social distancing was met from our side. Just set up a table and sit back a little further.

The amount of people against this law was encouraging. At certain times I had people waiting in line to sign the petition.

Find a local store to set up a signing station and let’s get the signatures we need!

I sought permission from property owners of high visibility easy in/out lots on major traffic streets and set up a drive through signature gathering station. I made a banner 3′ by 9′ that can be seen/read from a fair distance. It reads: REPEAL SEX-ED BILL SIGN PETITION HERE

Since our Church is shut down, our two pastors are going home to home to check in with church members. They are taking the petition with them to have people sign it while they are there. They have filled at least 4 sheets in two weeks. They will likely fill a few more over the next couple of weeks. If pastors would do this, we could hit a lot of people.

I work in construction, and almost everyone on my site and my fellow Foreman’s site signed. They are mostly conservative,with kids and grandkids. Good hard working “Red”. Collared types. Mon-fri. Drop in and talk to the superintendents.


I have set up a table on my front porch with the petitions. I also provide homemade treats in individually wrapped packages. I have utilized social media to invite people to drop by at their convenience to sign. I share the post daily. I’ve been able to accomplish this, while still maintaining social distancing guidelines. I set up the table in the AM, and bring everything in at night. Super fast and easy! I’ve gotten great response! 🙌🏻

I have emails of all my friends in the neighborhood. I sent a blast email to all of them and said I would be in my garage on such-and-such a day between certain hours for an R-90 signing party. I also had the Heartbeat initiative with me. We maintain social distancing; plenty of fresh air; US flag; sterilized pens; etc. I had about 30 signatures on both documents within three hours.

I pull my hand cart half a mile up to a local park. It is loaded with paraphenalia for the day: a folding, canvas camp chair to sit in (when I am not jumping up to get a signature); my lunch box; my New Testament to read (if I get bored and have time–hasn’t happened!); a clip board or two with petitions; sun block and a sun parasol; rain umbrella and rain coat (never can tell what is going to happen with the weather, right?). Thus I am ready to hang out for hours:

As people approach on the pathway, (I am standing to the side, out of their way) I ask, “Would you like to sign a petition that gives parents rights in the school they don’t currently have? This petition guarantees that parents have the right to see the new sex ed curriculum and opt out if they don’t want their children taught material they think is inappropriate.” If they are willing to stop and listen, I explain, this is not just about anatomy and how babies are born, how not to get pregnant: which is what you would EXPECT of a sex ed curriculum. No, the operative word here is “COMPREHENSIVE” which means teaching children how to sexually arouse themselves from Kindergarten up; teaching 12 year olds how to have homosexual sex and teaching Kindergarteners and up that “You might be a boy on the outside, but you MIGHT be a GIRL on the inside, so try on this frilly dress and see how it makes you feel.”

If people show reluctance to listen or to sign, I don’t pressure at all, I just say, “Ok, thank you” and smile. Also, as people approach, I try to keep that friendly smile on my face and comment on a cute baby or child or dog: anything to establish a context for a friendly chat, from which I can launch into my spiel. So far, since the May Right To Work Rally (where I filled up one petition) I have collected about 172 signatures at my local park. Of that number. about 20 of those were gathered from the housing complex I live in, but I was threatened with eviction, and so I had to stop. But God has opened a window where the door was slammed: my nephew invited me to post a blog on his website: My byline is “Narnia Girl”.

I am emailing him my blog tonight. It is about what I have learned “on the ground” as I have asked for signatures. I hope it will encourage everyone in this fight and add to everyone’s ‘spiel’ in getting signatures. Hopefully, it will be downloaded quickly and I sure hope my comments are shared and go viral. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world! God bless you all.

Going door to door in 1/4 to 1 acre lot neighborhood, introducing self AND where live. Have had very few who wouldn’t sign.


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  1. Posted on my FB timeline.
  2. Posted the same on our local virtual yard sale site.
  3. Posted the same on yet another more free to speak community site.
  4. Personal phone calls or private messenger messages to ask if they would like to sign.
  5. Daily posting information about both ESSB 5395 & R90.
  6. Placed petitions at our local grocery store. I am daily following up on messages, phone calls & arranging room go to the homes for signatures. I show up with Mark & gloves & after each signature I use Clorox wipes to clean the pen in front of them. Responses have been amazing!!!

Is a more difficult beings we can’t gather anywhere as a Church body now. We are trying to meet up with members and other acquaintances to get signatures

One idea I have is to reach out and invite people to do a drive-in/by signature gathering day. I will stake out a spot in the parking lot, invite people to drive over, visit a bit, and sign the petition. Visitation and political activism wrapped up in one.

Update, 4/23/20 – I am on my way to the post office now to mail somewhere between 8-12. Then off to neighbors to tell them about R-90 and I am taking extra petitions with me- in case neighbors want to do mailings to their friends and family as well. Dad always said – “It never hurts to ask!” smile. He hss been with Jesus 9 years monday of this week. I keep chuckling at seeing him in my minds eye- not having to prune the apple, peach and cot trees by hand in Heaven – he can just speak it and the Lord will see to it that it is done! (my silly sense of humor on – The Farside Cartoons in Heaven!)

I am instructing people to return the petitions to return the signed petitions to PFSS in 7-10 days and to remember to sign as petitioner person on the back and give pertinent info. I am also letting them know- it will take a while to verify signatures and make sure there are no duplicates- so pronto-mundo is the order of the day. Okey Dokey – all for now!

Original – I received my sign sheets for r-90 Wed. I am mailing to several people-friends and family who I KNOW will get their signatures and friends signatures. I am enclosing a letter of boiled down version of what was in the bill that was passed and sharing how I am getting signatures, plus -send them back to you pronto-mundo! With God all things are possible. I tell the people to storm the gates of heaven in prayer, and use their prayer languages because the enemy cannot understand our prayer languages. I encourage them to plead the blood of Jesus over themselves,, their families and their homes and vehicles for the Lord’s protection. In His Service, T.O.

Two strategies:

1) Our local church has a Zoom meeting on Sunday morning. I shared with them that we are collecting signatures on our covered front porch, where we leave the petition on a card table. No contact. People just drive up and sign the petition.

2) We shared on Facebook with all our friends that we are collecting signatures on our front porch.

Have my community sign.


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Thanks for your
extraordinary efforts to

GO TEAM R-90!!!