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Why should we repeal the SB5395 Comprehensive Sex Education law?

“ESSB 5395 is a bad law that needs to be repealed because it ignores the needs of both kids and parents,”

Parents for Safe Schools, Sponsor, Referendum 90

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We can’t do this alone, but we can handily do it together!

Updated April 21, 2020

On March 13, 2020, the day after the 66th Legislature adjourned, Parents for Safe Schools filed Referendum 90 (R-90) to repeal SB5395, the state-mandated, K-12 seXXX education bill recently passed by the Democrat Majorities in the House and Senate and fast-tracked to Governor Inslee’s desk. We can’t afford to wait. The Majority has given us no reason to trust their word or judgment on much, if anything. We most certainly can’t trust them to protect the innocence of our children! We need to act now!

We only have until June 10 to gather the 129,811 signatures!

The prospect of gathering signatures while under the COVID-19 social-distancing protocols is and will continue to pose challenges to our signature gathering efforts. Of course, we also lost some time due to legal challenges, but nothing insurmountable.  The really good news is, the restrictions are also fostering some creative solutions.

The R-90 signature sheets have been printed and distributed to those who requested them, and are starting to make their way back to the R-90 central base. How are people doing this without compromising social distancing?  It’s simple.

A lot ordinary people are applying extraordinary measures to get the job done!

It seems all that’s needed is faith and a paradigm shift from “We can’t” to “WE CAN,” by applying some common sense problem-solving to get the job done! One unconventional approach that’s gaining momentum, and reportedly seeing measurable success, is person-to-person networking through pre-arranged relay drop-offs of signature sheets. Click here to read about others’ successes. All things considered, this is THE AMAZING we can accomplish when we have to! It’s a clear demonstration of what we know to be true, “If there’s a will, there is a way.” I’m pretty sure we’re on the righteous side of God’s will for speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, by repealing SB5395.

The first question is, are we willing to try new things? Second, are we willing to share the new things we’re learning and how we are overcoming the obstacles of having to navigate through and around a pandemic?!

  1. Have you or someone you know discovered or created an unusual winning strategy or workaround for collecting R-90 signatures during the pandemic?
  2. Is there something you’re effectively doing to advance the R-90 campaign that we can all benefit from knowing?
  3. Do you have experience with gathering signatures for referendums, initiatives, or other measures that you could impart to others?

If you said YES to any of the above, click on the “Share Your Referendum 90 Strategy” button to inspire others with your ideas!