Bills to Watch during the 2020 Legislative Session


-Reform Conversion Therapy Ban

-Prohibits Males from competing in female sports (HB 2201) Ensuring equitable competition in student athletic activates. Prevents students male at birth from competing with girl’s in athletic programs. 
-Creating the office of equity 
(HB 1783) Set up the office of equity replaces the Dept of Diversity Equity and Inclusion that was recently rejected by the voters (Referendum 88 overturning Initiative 1000).   The Office of Equity will create policies that will mandate racism into every aspect of government, education institutions, businesses and our community.


-Legalization of Minor Prostitution (SB5744/HB1775).  Even in the name of compassion, the state must not decriminalize underage prostitution.  The tools of arrest through conviction should remain in the hands of the criminal justice system when they encounter minors involved in prostitution.  The ultimate goal of these tools is diversion into treatment, and the restoration to their parents of the child involved.  Through the proceedings prosecutors still retain the positive options diversion and expungement protecting the child from a criminal record.

-Promoting Sexism in Business (SB 5142) Increasing equitable gender representation on corporate boards.  Requires every corporation to fulfill a quota  of  “self-identified” female members on their board of directors or face a fine of up to $300,000.

-Promoting Racism and Sexism in Business: (SB 6037) Concerning business corporations SB6307
Requires every public company (listed on a stock exchange)  to have a gender and racial diverse board of directors.

-Promoting Heroin Injection Sites:  Oppose all efforts to fund or implement sites that enable drug use.