Christian Social Justice is based on linking the truths of Jesus Christ and the Bible with the private and public societal efforts toward appropriately and effectively helping people in need, such as prisoners, widows, and orphans, those in need of assistance, whether temporary or permanent.

The term “Social Justice” or helping those vulnerable or in need has been corrupted by secular radicals and is now defined by feelings and arbitrary truths based on feelings and neopagan values.  It inappropriately serves power and promotes sin and enablement while specifically rejecting faith and God. It does not recognize sin, redemption, personal improvement, and integration back into society, community, and family.

It involves the concept of authentic human development where charity and the serving the common good must involve not just money or material issues, but heart, mind, and soul (faith) issues. Integrating a person or community back into the larger society, community, or nation, and into small or micro communities, such as faith and family, is critical. Christian Social Justice is meant to bring folks back to Jesus Christ, virtue and responsibility. A nation’s values must be based on a Judeo-Christian concept of justice based on Truth, rather than a pagan or secular concept of justice based on feelings and power.

Programs run by Union Gospel Mission or Salvation Army or other programs that promote faith, family, marriages, values and virtues along with discouraging vices and sin. Education programs, private property rights, effective law and order, criminal justice and rehabilitation, just wages, promotion of family and marriage, substance/alcohol abuse, mental health, effective housing, homeless, are areas of Christian Social Justice.

‘Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.’
The Bible, James 1:27

Bills to Watch during the 2020 Legislative Session


-Reform Conversion Therapy Ban

-Prohibits Males from competing in female sports (HB 2201) Ensuring equitable competition in student athletic activates. Prevents students male at birth from competing with girl’s in athletic programs. 
-Creating the office of equity 
(HB 1783) Set up the office of equity replaces the Dept of Diversity Equity and Inclusion that was recently rejected by the voters (Referendum 88 overturning Initiative 1000).   The Office of Equity will create policies that will mandate racism into every aspect of government, education institutions, businesses and our community.


-Legalization of Minor Prostitution (SB5744/HB1775).  Even in the name of compassion, the state must not decriminalize underage prostitution.  The tools of arrest through conviction should remain in the hands of the criminal justice system when they encounter minors involved in prostitution.  The ultimate goal of these tools is diversion into treatment, and the restoration to their parents of the child involved.  Through the proceedings prosecutors still retain the positive options diversion and expungement protecting the child from a criminal record.

-Promoting Sexism in Business (SB 5142) Increasing equitable gender representation on corporate boards.  Requires every corporation to fulfill a quota  of  “self-identified” female members on their board of directors or face a fine of up to $300,000.

-Promoting Racism and Sexism in Business: (SB 6037) Concerning business corporations SB6307
Requires every public company (listed on a stock exchange)  to have a gender and racial diverse board of directors.

-Promoting Heroin Injection Sites:  Oppose all efforts to fund or implement sites that enable drug use.

Video: Pushback to Press Forward

Are you ready to step up and pushback on the darkness plaguing our State and Nation? Please watch the Pushback video and prayerfully consider participating in efforts to renew culture, heal the divides, and bring Washingtonians closer to a strong worldview. Our culture needs pastoral guidance, not political movements.  Sign up to help lead this effort!