Open-Bathroom Repeal Bill Fails: See How Your Senator Voted

SB 6443, if passed, would have repealed the Human Rights Commission’s rule that mandates schools and businesses adopt policies that open showers, lockers rooms, and bathrooms on the basis of internal identity instead of biological status.

Please contact your Senator to either thank them for their support of the bill or to ask for a detailed explanation as to why they opposed the bill, depending on how they voted.  If you’re unaware of who your Senator is, click here to find out.

Senators Voting Yes

Angel, Jan (R) |

Bailey, Barbara (R) |

Baumgartner, Michael (R) |

Becker, Randi (R) |

Benton, Don (R) |

Braun, John (R) |

Brown, Sharon (R) |

Dammeier, Bruce (R) |

Dansel, Brian (R) |

Ericksen, Doug (R) |

Hargrove, Jim (D) |

Hewitt, Mike (R) |

Honeyford, Jim (R) |

King, Curtis (R) |

Miloscia, Mark (R) |

O’Ban, Steve (R) | Steve.O’

Padden, Mike (R) |

Parlette, Linda Evans (R) |

Pearson, Kirk (R) |

Rivers, Ann (R) |

Roach, Pam (R) |

Schoesler, Mark (R) |

Sheldon, Tim (D) |

Warnick, Judy (R) |


Senators Voting No

Billig, Andy (D) |

Carlyle, Reuven (D) |

Chase, Maralyn (D) |

Cleveland, Annette (D) |

Conway, Steve (D) |

Darneille, Jeanie (D) |

Fain, Joe (R) |

Fraser, Karen (D) |

Frockt, David (D) |

Habib, Cyrus (D) |

Hasegawa, Bob (D) |

Hill, Andy (R) |

Hobbs, Steve (D) |

Jayapal, Pramila (D) |

Keiser, Karen (D) |

Liias, Marko (D) |

Litzow, Steve (R) |

McAuliffe, Rosemary (D) |

McCoy, John (D) |

Mullet, Mark (D) |

Nelson, Sharon (D) |

Pedersen, Jamie (D) |

Ranker, Kevin (D) |

Rolfes, Christine (D) |

Takko, Dean (D) |

We encourage you to contact your legislators directly using the email link beside their name.