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Senate Bill 5215


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Provides funding for the Internet Crimes Against Children task force to  follow leads and apprehend child predators online.

Read the 2nd Substitute bill here
Read the 1st substitute bill here
Read the original bill here

Prime Sponsor: Senator Pam Roach, LD 31
Committee: Law & Justice

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January 15:   First reading, referred to the Senate Law & Justice committee

January 26:   Public hearing in the Senate Law & Justice committee

February 5:   Executive action taken in the Senate Law & Justice committee

February 9:   Executive action taken in the Senate Law & Justice committee

February 10: LAW – Majority; 1st substitute bill be substituteddo pass

February 11: Referred to the Senate Ways and Means

February 25: Public hearing in the Senate Ways and Means committee

February 27: Passed to the Senate Rules Committee for second reading
HOU             SEWM – Majority; 2nd substitute bill to be substituted, do pass
HOU             SEPassed to Rules Committee for second reading

March 3:       Placed on second reading by the Senate Rules Committee

March 4:        2nd substitute bill to be substituted
HOU             SERules suspended. Placed on Third Reading
HOU             SEThird reading, passed; yeas, 48; nays, 0; excused, 1


March 6:       First reading, referred to House Appropriations Committee

March 16:     Public hearing in the House Appropriations Committee

March 25:     Executive action taken in the House Appropriations Committee
HOU             SEAPP – majority; do pass
HOU             SEMinority; do not pass

April 1:         Referred to Rules 2 Review

April 9:         Placed on second reading by the House Rules Committee

April 13:       Rules suspended. Placed on Third Reading.
HOU             SEThird reading, passed; yeas, 97; nays, 0; excused, 1

April 14:       President signed

April 16:       Speaker signed

April 20:       Delivered to Governor

April 24:       Governor signed
HOU             SEChapter 84, 2015 Laws
HOU             SEEffective date 7/24/2015
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April 24:

Governor signed. Effective date 7/24/2015

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