Background on the Open-Bathroom Rule

Sad childIn December, the Human Rights Commission of Washington quietly enacted WAC Rule 162-32, mandating that all public accommodations — including schools and businesses — grant access to shower facilities, locker rooms, and restrooms based on the individual’s internal ‘gender identity’ or ‘gender expression’.  Not only does this new mandate require people to completely ignore biology and reasonable concern for safety in private places, but it also restricts an individual’s ability to question the motives of an individual entering those facilities.

This policy sets dangerous precedent.

Business owners run the risk of being sued if they speak out to protect the privacy of their customers.  Coaches and gym teaches are no longer able to make sure their young athletes are able to shower and change their clothes in a safe setting.  14-year old girls must get comfortable with the idea that an individual with male anatomy, even in an aroused state, can change clothes next to them in a locker room, so long as that individual claims to feel like a woman internally.

This rule makes what is illegal on the street, legal in locker rooms and showers.  It must be stopped.

If you feel so inclined, please consider financially supporting our efforts to repeal this rule!


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