Join the FPIW Prayer Network

The FPIW Prayer Network is a statewide collaboration of intercessors who are committed to pray for FPIW’s mission and goals in the public square and for Washington State Government, in general. 

Specifically, FPIW Prayer Network team members commit to:

  1. Pray in general for FPIW’s organizational, operational and strategic needs. 
  2. Personally pray for their own Washington State elected officials.
  3. Subscribe to FPIW News and Alerts.
  4. Use FPIW News and Alerts as a source of real-time prayer requests about FPIW’s frontline activities in Olympia,
  5. Inform and encourage others to pray by sharing all the above prayer needs with their personal prayer networks, church prayer teams, prayer chains, among others.
Email to request more information or to join the FPIW Prayer Network.
Prayer Network
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