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Citizen Orientation Training


Olympia 101 is the Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) signature citizen orientation training to inform, equip and mobilize ordinary citizens for purposeful, authentic, and effective action in support of good public policy in Washington State. Olympia 101 accomplishes this by offering citizens the opportunity to learn about their state government through a unique, on-site, real-time, dynamic experience that uses the Capitol Campus as its “classroom.”

Since introducing Olympia 101 during the 2013 Legislative Session, FPIW has had the privilege of investing in thousands of Washington citizens from across the state. Special thanks to our generous FPIW financial contributors for making it possible to offer Olympia 101 FREE of charge to so many of our friends and supporters across Washington State. We look forward to your participation too!

Olympia 101 is offered twice daily from 8:30am-11:45am and 1:15pm-4:30pm on the following dates. No charge. Both trainings are the same; it’s not necessary to attend both. 

Class size is limited to 15 participants when the Legislature is in session. Special group trainings for 7 or more people, including children, are available year round and will be considered upon request. Email grassroots@fpiw.org to request a date for your special training.

2020 Session Trainings

Download your 2021 Olympia 101 Participant Folder

Please note, the orientation of the online viewing is skewed, but seems to correct itself upon download.

What to Expect

Confidently navigate your Capitol Campus, both inside and out

  • Where to park – View Map
  • How to ride the DASH, Thurston County’s complimentary Intercity Transit shuttle service that takes you everywhere you need to go in Downtown Olympia, from the Capitol Campus to the Farmer’s Market, cafes and shops, to area offices and parks
  • How and where to reserve meeting space for both casual and official legislative business
  • Where to eat lunch, buy a cup of coffee, purchase gifts or souvenirs, locate restrooms, accessibility options, etc.

2. Participate in the Legislative Process

  • Where and how to utilize the bill resources available through Legislative Information Center
  • How and where to testify at a legislative hearing
  • How to read and track bills
  • Using the tools available for citizens to effectively interpret and follow the legislative process
  • Participating in grassroots networking activities
  • How and where to receive advanced training
  • Preparing citizens for leadership roles within their own circle’s of influence

3. Build Meaningful Relationships with Lawmakers and their Staff

  • Legislator’s roles within the context of their Olympia offices
  • How and when to contact district lawmakers about legislation
  • Promoting good public policy through servant leadership
  • Providing accountability through constituent action

What do people think about Olympia 101?

“Living in Olympia most of my life I felt intimidated by the Capitol. Now I can walk through the doors, literally, that I felt were off limits. This whole thing has opened so many thoughts, doors and prayers.”

Tom S.

“I really appreciated the focus on God and how we can serve Him by praying for our leaders and getting involved in issues.”

Beth W.

“[Olympia 101] eliminated the intimidation of the law making process/passing process.”

Erica N.

“[Olympia 101 had] a different perspective to looking at [the] spiritual aspect of what is going on in the legislative process. This was very good.”

Mark S.

“Danille’s presentation was outstanding – very helpful!”

Bob & Sharon J.
Contribute to FPIW Citizen Trainings