What is the Legislative Policy Network?

The Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) Legislative Policy Network is a growing collaboration of citizens, representing all 49 Washington State Legislative Districts, who are interested in promoting sound and Biblical public policy in Washington State.  The FPIW Legislative Policy Network is comprised of:

  • FPIW Legislative Liaisons
  • FPIW Leg Policy Special Ops
  • FPIW Citizen Lobbyists

What is a Legislative Liaison?

An FPIW Legislative Liaison represents FPIW’s Christian pro-life and pro-family objectives to his or her own district legislators.  This is a volunteer position.

An FPIW Legislative Liaison commits to:

  • Pray on a regular basis for his or her own district Legislators.
  • Meet year-round with district legislators to educate, equip, and encourage them in supporting FPIW’s views on Life, Religious Freedom, Marriage, Parental Rights, and Christian Social Justice.
  • Build a relationship with district legislators by sharing personal stories about why the Life, Religious Freedom, Marriage, Parental Rights, and Christian Social justice matter so much to Washington State, and the impact on the state when these issues are eroded.
  • Foster good relations by establishing bridges of agreement on neutral issues that will lead to more meaningful and productive discussions on the weightier ones.
  • Represent their Legislative District during FPIW Action Lobby Day(s) in Olympia.
  • Recruit other like-minded Christians to join them in serving their legislative district as FPIW Legislative Liaisons.

What is the Leg Policy Special Ops?

What is its function?

The Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) Leg Policy Special Ops is comprised of individuals we affectionally refer to as “Policy Wonks.” We know them and you know them by their keen propensity for policy. Knit a group of these people together and you’ve got something really special; a dynamic operation that fosters positive change through advocacy of good public policy.

FPIW Leg Policy Special Ops volunteers share a knack for understanding legislative bills and policy language.  They are the kind of people who routinely mine through bills during a given legislative session, in order to seek out and flag the ones which could affect our families, faith and freedoms.

An FPIW Leg Special Ops Member commits to:

  • Pray on a regular basis for Lawmakers.
  • Work with FPIW’s Policy Team to understand the current policy agenda focus and specific bills we are following in the areas of Life, Religious Freedom, Parental Rights, Marriage, and Christian Social Justice.
  • Work with Legislative Liaison Teams to know how to effectively convey FPIW’s policy agenda with their respective district legislators.
  • Choose a policy focus area – Life, Religious Freedom, Marriage, Parental Rights, and Christian Social Justice, and stay current on the bills which affect it.
  • Maintain regular contact with Legislative Liaison teams and the FPIW Policy Team in order to communicate recent legislative bill updates.
  • Assist the FPIW Policy Team with creating effective policy/bills in our six focus areas.
  • Recruit more like-minded Christians to join Legislative Liaison Special Ops members within their legislative district.

What is a Citizen Lobbyist?

A Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) Citizen Lobbyist is a graduate of the FPIW Olympia 301 Citizen Lobby Bootcamp. A Citizen Lobbyist is someone who is concerned about the culture, cares deeply about public policy and the importance of passing good laws that affirm the sanctity of human life, marriage, religious freedom, parental rights and Christian Social Justice. This person isn’t particularly interested in meeting year round with his or her State Lawmakers, doesn’t routinely track bills. An FPIW Citizen Lobbyist is simply an ordinary citizen who wants to make a difference in extraordinary ways by speaking up and showing up in Olympia when their voice and presence is needed.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Register as an FPIW Legislative Policy Network Volunteer
  2. Provide your contact information
  3. Prayerfully consider which of the FPIW Legislative Policy Network roles is a good fit for you. You’re not limited to one!
  4. Select Legislative Liaison, Legislative Policy Special Ops, or Citizen Lobbyist to join the team.
  5. Answer a few questions to help us get to know you.
  6. Submit the completed form.
  7. FPIW will contact you to schedule an introductory briefing.
  8. Statewide trainings and legislative priority briefings will be scheduled and posted on the FPIW Calendar (see tab on the top of the page) by mid-summer.
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