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You are invited to join Informed Choice Washington and Children’s Health Defense advocates nationwide tomorrow to link arms in the wake of the postponement of the CDC’s June 18th emergency meeting and in light of Seattle Children’s Hospital’s plans to vaccinate children as young as 12 without parental consent or knowledge.

Our presence will act as a protective barrier around the vaccination sites to share information and educate the community. With censorship being worse than ever, we must have conversations that will literally save lives. We need all of you to make this possible.

We’re starting at 10am in Seattle but come for any part of the protest you can!


Meet at the main entrance on Sandpoint Way and Penny Drive. Street parking is available on 50th or 41st Avenue. You can print the attached flyers or use the ones Bernadette will bring. For those of you not near Seattle and arranging something near you, the flyers are still suitable for distribution. We are asking everyone attending to dress professionally and to bring signs with statements such as the following:

  • Vaccination of minors without parental consent
  • Vaccination of children and young adults (all risk, no benefit)
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital is doing clinical trials of C-19 vaccine in 6 month old – 11 year olds
  • No Co-administration – Zero safety studies!
  • Pharma is trafficking children’s bodies
  • Our children are not for sale
  • Don’t be coerced, it can’t be reversed!
  • Vaccine injury is REAL not rare!

We encourage you to get creative and use statements that will grab the attention of people passing by and spark conversations regarding the dangers of the COVID 19 vaccine, keeping in mind that some parents will be arriving with very sick children.

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