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Sample Letter in Opposition to HB 2184

The following sample letter submitted to the Family Policy Institute by the Kitsap Family Alliance in opposition to HB 2184, is addressed to the House Eductation Committee. However, the general points are the same for Senate Bill 5395 and are, therefore, appropriate to use in a letter to your Senator with a few contextual changes.

Before finalizing your letter, you might want to review the other Citizen Action Resources available on the Parents’ Rights: Comprehensive Sex Education page to see if there are other points you’d like to include.

Directions: The following sample letter is intended as a guide. We recommend you make the most of your letter by including some personal touches, such as a story, a personal concern, a unique perspective, etc. The legislators’ email addresses provided have been formatted so all you have to do is cut and past them into the appropropriate recipient field.

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Subject:  Please OPPOSE HB 2184, “Comprehensive Sex Education”

To: sharontomiko.santos@leg.wa.gov; mike.steele@leg.wa.gov; Monica.Stonier@leg.wa.gov

Cc: laurie.dolan@leg.wa.gov; dave.paul@leg.wa.gov; bob.mccaslin@leg.wa.gov; mike.volz@leg.wa.gov; steve.bergquist@leg.wa.gov; michelle.caldier@leg.wa.gov; lisa.callan@leg.wa.gov; chris.corry@leg.wa.gov; paul.harris@leg.wa.gov; lillian.ortiz-self@leg.wa.gov; skyler.rude@leg.wa.gov; my-linh.thai@leg.wa.gov; javier.valdez@leg.wa.gov; alex.ybarra@leg.wa.gov


I am respectfully asking you to OPPOSE HB 2184, “Comprehensive Sex Education,” not releasing it from your committee for the following reasons:

1) School boards will be undermined.  The work group will have been empowered to make important decisions regarding sensitive cultural and values-laden moral standards that are not likely to work for all school districts across the state.  The bill proposes to give districts the opportunity draft their own curricula but they must meet the standards of CSE and OSPI that many find irresponsible.

2) 58% of respondents to a statewide OSPI survey said they don’t want CSE.

3) It is an unfunded mandate for which there is no fiscal note. 4) Section 1 Item 4 gives OSPI the ability to provide the recommended curricula after the fact–giving themselves a blank check to include whatever they wish and making this an imprudent bill to pass. I disagree with their current recommendations.5) Opting out is a fallacy: CSE crosses all subjects and one can’t exclude playground talk amongst kids.  Kids who have opted out will be vulnerable to bullying.

Please OPPOSE HB 2184; please do not release it from your committee.


<Your name>

, WA