NC Caves to Moneyed Interests, Deserts Women and Children

North Carolina legislators approved legislation repealing parts of HB2 yesterday.

HB2 was a common sense law that protected the privacy rights of women and children in schools and other government buildings by requiring that individuals use only restrooms and changing facilities consistent with their biological sex.

The repeal legislation, which is the result of a compromise between Democratic and Republican legislators, is designed to appease the NCAA, who threatened to prevent the state from hosting college sports championships unless the state repealed the contentious law.

In a press statement released after the passage of the legislation, NC Values Coalition President Tami Fitzgerald blamed state leaders for “letting down” North Carolinians:

“The truth remains, no basketball game, corporation, or entertainment event is worth even one little girl losing her privacy and dignity to a boy in the locker room, or being harmed or frightened in a bathroom.

“I hope that our state will learn from this and stand stronger in the future against the bullying and intimidation tactics of groups like the NCAA, the NBA, and billion dollar corporations who care more about their political, hypocritical agendas than the well-being and dignity of the people in our great state.”

The legislation passed yesterday repeals HB2’s prohibitions on individuals using the bathroom, changing facilities, and showers of their choice, regardless of biological sex.

However, it maintains HB2’s ban disallowing local governments from passing their own policies regarding private areas for three years.

HB2 was made necessary after the Charlotte City Council approved an ordinance forcing all businesses, schools, churches, and government buildings to allow individuals to use the bathroom, locker room, or changing facility of their choice, regardless of biological sex.

Ironically, the repeal legislation was opposed by both pro-family and liberal groups. Pro-family organizations view the deal as selling out the privacy of women and children to appease big business.

Liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Human Rights Campaign oppose the compromise because it maintains the three-year prohibition preventing local governments from setting their own policies.

Some companies and organizations threatened to leave the state and encouraged a boycott after the passage of HB2 last March.

Despite the boycott, tourism is “thriving” and business is “booming” in North Carolina, according to the Washington Times. The paper claims that North Carolina’s economy was generally unharmed by threats of boycotts and desertions.


Blaine Conzatti is a columnist and 2016 Research Fellow at the Family Policy Institute of Washington. He can be reached at

UPDATE: NC Refuses to Repeal HB2

The North Carolina General Assembly has abandoned efforts to repeal HB2, a common sense law that protects the privacy rights and safety of women and children.

The state legislature’s refusal to repeal HB2 comes just days after the public learned that a deal had been struck between the North Carolina General Assembly and the City of Charlotte.

Under the conditions of the deal, the City of Charlotte had agreed to repeal its controversial local ordinance requiring business owners, schools, and other places of public accommodations to allow biological men to use the same locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms as females, provided that the state repeal HB2.

However, while the ink on the deal was still drying, the Charlotte City Council made clear its intention to violate the spirit of the deal by allowing for the possibility of reenacting the city ordinance after the state legislature would have repealed HB2.  The resolution adopted by the City Council states,

“Whereas, in the event that the North Carolina General Assembly grants or restores the authority of the City to enact ordinances on the matters that were subject of the preempted and invalidated ordinances, the City Council could enact new ordinances.”

Thankfully, the North Carolina legislature recognized the deal’s faults and decided to stand with the state’s families and businesses.

HB2 protects the privacy rights of women and children in schools and other government buildings by requiring that individuals use only restrooms and changing facilities consistent with their biological sex.

HB2 also allows private businesses to set the policies for bathrooms and showers in their buildings by preventing local cities from enacting ordinances that violate the rights of business owners.  Likewise, under HB2, business owners who disagree with the notion of sex-segregated bathrooms and showers can still allow biological males to use female facilities.

Unfortunately, many other cities and states (including Washington State) still require schools and businesses to allow biological men to share bathrooms and showers with women.

Breaking News: NC Set to Betray Women and Children

News broke yesterday that the North Carolina General Assembly will begin a special session on Wednesday, December 21, to consider repealing HB 2, a state law that protects the privacy rights of women and children, as well as the freedom of association and property rights of business owners.

The special legislative session is part of a backroom deal between the state legislature and the Charlotte City Council. Provided that the state legislature repeals HB 2 by the end of the year, the city has agreed to repeal a controversial ordinance requiring businesses to allow individuals to use the other biological sex’s locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms.

Unfortunately, this deal isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Once the state repeals HB 2, there will be no remaining legal barriers to stop North Carolina cities from passing ordinances that threaten the privacy and safety of women and children.

Take action by calling and emailing Speaker Tim Moore (; (919) 733-3451) and Senate President Pro Tempore, Senator Phil Berger (; (919) 733-5708). Let them know you think this is a bad deal that betrays pro-family voters and abandons women and children.

Opinion: ‘Knock Someone Up in Texas’ Tweet Displays Left’s Logical Fallacies


On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-3 that Texas cannot place restrictions on abortion clinics on the basis that it would create an “undue burden for women seeking an abortion.”  With that ruling, Texas’ HB2 was overturned.

Had this not been the outcome, opponents had said that Texas’ law would have shut down abortion clinics all over the state. Justice Ginsburg even insinuated that the law was intended to close options for abortion to women rather than provide them with safe and accessible facilities.

Since the ruling, numerous reproductive rights activists have expressed their delight and support of the ruling, calling it a “win” for women. Regardless of your perspective, it can be said that the ruling is one of the most significant and most progressive for the pro-choice movement since the 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey case.

Hillary Clinton and President Obama voiced their support of the SCOTUS decision immediately.

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah tweeted out its own distasteful expression of support:

The left’s previous shouts of joy and tweets of approval were short-lived as the torrent of angry and agitated tweets began in response to The Daily Show’s joke. “Irresponsible” and “embracing rape culture” were some of the descriptors used among the countless tweets in response.

But the seemingly contradictory ideology of the pro-choice movement should be noticed.

If the upset pro-choicers were questioned whether or not The Daily Show was treating the SCOTUS ruling and sex with flippancy, their answer would most likely be a resounding “yes.”  Yet the people who are aggravated and upset about the flippancy with which The Daily Show is treating pregnancy or sexual intercourse are the same people who are themselves demeaning the sanctity of life.

Proponents of abortion might respond, “Sanctity of life? There’s no life in that womb. That’s not a person.” But studies show that as much as 20-35% of babies born at 23 weeks and even some at 20-22 weeks survive without major medical impairments. The idea that “there’s no life in that womb” isn’t feasible.

The question needs to be asked of those on the left: if pregnancy doesn’t matter, if abortion is a legitimate option for the sake of convenience and should be readily accessible, if biological consequences of sex are avoidable, then why does it matter if someone goes and “knock[s] someone up in Texas”?

Logically, it is unwise and hypocritical to use a particular line of reasoning in an argument and then become upset when someone else takes up the same reasoning – a logical fallacy known as ad hominem tu quoque.

Let’s be consistent.

Megan Gentleman is a student at Liberty University and serves as a summer intern at the Family Policy Institute of Washington.  

North Carolina Governor Under Attack for Protecting Women and Children


When North Carolina’s Governor, Pat McCrory, signed House Bill 2 into law, he knew that it would bring on a fight.

The bill, which was drafted and passed in an emergency session following the Charlotte city council’s vote to open bathrooms and locker rooms based on internal identification, was passed by both chambers and sent to the Governor’s desk for signature.  It was signed without hesitation.

Since it’s passage, the CEO’s of over 80 companies, including Apple, Facebook, and Charlotte-based Bank of America have signed onto a letter urging reversal of the law, claiming that the new law that seeks to protect safety and keep proper order in public locker rooms and bathrooms is, “bad for business.”  Several governors and mayors from around the United States have banned travel to the state until the law is reversed. The NBA has insinuated that it might pull its 2017 All-Star Game from the state.

But Governor Pat McCrory insists that the law does not remove any protections for those who choose to live as another gender, and has, to this point, remained steadfast in making sure the law protecting North Carolinians remains in effect.

Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and several other LGBT advocacy organizations filed a federal lawsuit against Governor McCrory, also naming North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper as a defendant in the suit, claiming that the new law violates the rights of transgendered people.

Subsequently, Attorney General Cooper said that he would not defend North Carolina’s new law, violating the oath he swore when entering office.

I, Roy Cooper, do solemnly swear that I will well and truly serve the State of North Carolina in the office of Attorney General. I will, in the execution of my office, endeavor to have the criminal laws fairly and impartially administered, so far as in me lies, according to the best of my knowledge and ability; so help me, God.

Attorney General Roy Cooper is planning to run against Governor McCrory in his reelection campaign this fall.

North Carolina Family Policy Council President John Rustin called the lawsuit “an appalling and inexcusable effort to supersede common sense laws in North Carolina.”  The group says that, if the lawsuit effort is successful, Charlotte’s nonsensical ordinance could be applied not just in Charlotte, but statewide.

Following filing of the lawsuit, Governor McCrory released this video to residents of North Carolina:

FPIW stands with the North Carolina Family Policy Council, Governor Patrick McCrory, and all North Carolinians in their quest to protect women and children from men in locker rooms.  You can follow the efforts to defeat this dangerous ruling in Washington by visiting the Just Want Privacy Campaign.

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