2020 Legislative Session Begins, FPIW First-Round Legislative Agenda Announced

The 2020 legislative session officially kicked off in Olympia this week. Because this is an even-numbered year session, we’ll have a limited amount of time to play both offense and defense on the proposals that will affect you and your family every day here in the Evergreen State.

With bills continuing to drop on a daily basis and in rapid succession into the hopper, we wanted to give you an early look at some of the priority bills we’ll be advocating for and against during this year’s 60-day legislative session. We are committed to providing updates to our legislative agenda as more bills are filed, and we’ll be updating our bill tracker (link) as well, so you can stay up-to-date on each of these bills’ progress.

Our team here at FPIW will be at the Capitol in Olympia every week of the session to keep an eye on these bills,” said Mark Miloscia, FPIW Executive Director and former member of the Washington Senate and House. “With a shortened timeframe, we expect legislators in the majorities to try and cram some of these items through quickly and quietly.”

With your active participation,” he added, “we’re confident that we can make progress on issues of life, marriage, religious liberty, parental rights, and Christian social justice.”

Here is our early list of bills to watch:


HB 1560: Prohibition of dismemberment abortions (Rep. Brad Klippert, R-Kennewick)

HB 1526: Prohibition of abortion once a fetus can feel pain, at 20 weeks (Rep. Luanne Van Werven, R-Lynden)

HB 2201: Prohibiting biological males from competing against biological females in female-only sports (Rep. Brad Klippert, R-Kennewick)

HB 1525: Requiring reporting of Potassium Chloride or Digoxin in abortions (Rep. Luanne Van Werven, R-Lynden)


SB 5395: Aiming to complete comprehensive sex education (CSE) reform, allowing Planned Parenthood in as the main provider; curricula would encourage sexual experimentation, affirm gender fluidity and same-sex attraction, and teach children how to correctly ask for sex. Similar bills also filed: SB 6175 | HB 2184 | HB 1407

SB 5744: Legalization of underage prostitution; decriminalizing prostitution is not a good idea generally, but especially not for minors. Arrests for underage prostitution often lead to rehabilitation and reunification with families. Similar bills also filed: HB 1775

SB 5683: Universal government visitation rights; would allow government the right to interfere in healthy parent/child relationships under certain conditions. Similar bills also filed: HB 1771

HB 1783: Creating the Office of Equity; intended to create policies that mandate race-based quotas and in decision making at every level of government, in education, and in business.

SB 5142: Forcing Sexism and Gender-based ideology into business; would require corporations to fulfill a quote of “self-identified females” on their board or directors or face a fine of up to $300,000.

SB 6037: Would require every public company listed on a stock exchange to meet certain biological and racial quotas within their board of directors.

It’s never too early to start emailing to your legislators (click here to find our who your legislators are) or you can call the legislative hotline to be connected to their offices directly, toll-free: (800) 562-6000.

If you want to get involved on a deeper level advocating in the legislative process and learning how to navigate your state government, register for one of FPIW’s Olympia 101 courses happening now through mid-March!

Mommy, What’s Abortion?

Seattle Times v CRISTA – Pastors Speak Out


Tell the State About Sex Ed

Believe it or not, the Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction – often referred to as OSPI – wants your opinion on Sex Education in our State.  Family Policy Institute of Washington thinks taking OSPI’s survey is one of the best and most important uses of your time this week.

Our friends at Teen-Aid have created the following message, with resource links for each of us to use in taking OSPI’s survey and passing it along to our friends, family members, fellow congregants, and social media spheres.

Urgent Opportunity

You can make a difference! Washington State is seeking YOUR opinion. This is the chance to let officials know how you feel about K-12 Comprehensive Sex Education. Please pass this information along to anyone who is interested in preventing State Mandated Sex Health in K-8 grades. Let’s work together to keep local curriculum control in our School District and School Boards.

  1. Please do the survey on comprehensive sex education. Suggested answers can be found here.
  1. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction contracted a study with the Washington State Board of Health to provide a Health Impact Review that is designed to assist in the passage of the mandatory Sex Education Bill. However, we feel this report is flawed and the results are not valid. Overall, since there is limited data available about the extent to which public schools are in compliance with current law, as well as limited information about which, and how many students are currently receiving comprehensive sexual health education in Washington, this Health Impact Review cannot estimate how many additional students would receive comprehensive sexual health education as a result of ESSB 5395. Therefore, this HIR also cannot estimate the potential magnitude of impact on health outcomes, including changes in the rate of sexually transmitted infections or teen pregnancies. Therefore, reach out to your School Superintendent, School Board Members, Local County Commissioners, City Council Members, PTA members, and other concerned community members. Raise the alarm – school boards, legislators, and parents should not simply accept the Health Impact Review.
  1. Study the Contrast Between Comprehensive Sex Education and Sexual Risk Avoidance Education if you would like more information in responding to the statewide survey.

Your opinion still matters and you can make your voice heard without leaving your computer. Please read through the material provided by Teen-Aid, take OSPI’s survey, and pass the information along to friends and family members. We stopped Comprehensive Sex Education once; if we continue to stand together, we can do it again.


Christians Not Welcome! Speaker selection sends wrong message about Democratic Party

The Washington State House Democratic Caucus made a bold statement, and history, in recent weeks in choosing

Rep. Laurie Jinkins, D-27

Rep Laurie Jinkins (D-Tacoma) to be the first woman, and first lesbian Speaker of the House. She replaced long-time serving (20 years) Speaker Frank Chopp who was recently pushed out mid-term in an unprecedented maneuver by the growing number of radical leftists taking over the Democratic Party here in Washington and across the country.

Chopp, once known as one of the most liberal Democrats legislators, has increasingly been seen as too “conservative” and “pragmatic” (ie negotiates with conservatives and Christians) by the newer, more radical Democrats. Rep Jinkins, more liberal and with a much higher intersectionality score will officially become Speaker when the House votes next year.

Jinkins, as an elected official and colleague was always professional, of good humor, and kind to me, despite my being the only pro-life and pro-traditional family Democrat serving in the House eight years ago. However, she was and remains a tireless and vocal champion for implementing radial abortion, sexual orientation and gender ideology (SOGI) policies as a legislator and previously as an activist. She has stopped bipartisan efforts to find common ground between Christians and the radical feminists and SOGI groups and activists.

For example, Rep Jinkins killed a bipartisan gay conversion therapy bill which passed the Senate a few years ago.  With her leadership, the Legislature later passed a much more radical bill effectively makes it a firing offense for therapists to teach a child with homosexual feelings to be abstinent, deleted Biology 101 regarding male and female, and suppresses Christian speech.  When victims of sexual abuse tried to appeal to her to not allow biological men in girls’ and women’s bathrooms and lockers rooms, she refused to hear them and literally shut the door in their face.  The Democratic Party used to champion 1st Amendment rights—not anymore!

Between the election of two uncompromising SOGI champions, Tina Podlodowski as Democratic State Party two years ago, and Rep Jinkins as Speaker of the House, the Democratic Party has signaled its complete rejection of Christians. The Democratic Party used to be a place where Evangelical Christians, Catholics, Mormons, and many faithful Christians had a Party that could represent them and supports them for office. Not anymore.

Despite LOUDLY proclaiming their record diversity, they now have officially blacklisted Christians from their “big tent” party. This used to be known as hatred and bigotry, but they have essentially pushed 35% of the state into a deplorable category that makes us either unmentionable and invisible; or demonized and persecuted. And they call President Trump a bigot?!?

Unless Christians start evangelizing, hearts will never be changed, and we can never expect to see faithful Christians elected as a Democrats in WA State again. With the majority Democratic Caucuses now having zero faithful Christians in their midst, their legislative policies are becoming an existential threat to Christians.

We pray for Speaker-designate Jinkins’ success, and for a miracle. However, we do not expect her or the Democratic Party to make any attempt at reaching out to Christians for negotiations or compromises or considerations when it comes to dealing with us and our concerns on life, family, children, and the growing religious bigotry.

Their path seems firmly fixed on first stigmatizing, then destroying faithful Churches, Christians, and businesses that hold true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this state.

Even worse, we expect her as Speaker to lead the charge to pass policies that will marginalize and ultimately destroy life, family, children and religious believers in Washington. While there are and have been LGBT legislators who Christians can work with, Rep Jinkins is not one of them.

Pray for us, and help us unite Christians as we prepare to stop the encroaching darkness that is being pushed forward by the new radical Democratic Party and Legislature.

How to Stop Seattle from Dying: Faith!

Despite politicians taxing billions more for government education, homeless, and human service programs, it is evident that KOMO 4  Eric Johnson’s TV report was correct, “Seattle is Dying.” Emotionally, mentally, physically, and especially spiritually, Seattle is dying with no solutions in sight.

The leaders and opinionmakers who run Seattle and this state continue to blame the “usual” suspects (racism, men, insufficient taxes, inequality, capitalism, Republicans, and Trump) for their failures. Meanwhile, heads firmly in the sand, they continue to be blind to the real root cause for Seattle’s slow suicide–its abandonment of Christian values and God.

History and science are clear when one embraces a faith centered on chaste marriages, families, and children while prioritizing virtues and work, civilizations prosper. When one adopts a 60’s Woodstock or ancient pagan culture of sexual promiscuity, drugs, and vices, while debasing children, families, and marriages, civilizations die.

Following Europe’s lead, Seattle and the Democratic Party have fully abandoned the Christianity of their fathers and mothers which gave men and woman purpose, virtues, family, and children. These values made Seattle, and America great! Unfortunately, today’s leaders have adopted a secular, libertine culture that is determined to destroy children and marriages, while persecuting faithful Christians—we’ve replaced virtues with vices!

Welcome to Seattle!  No month better illustrates Seattle’s rejection of Christianity and God and its adoption of post-Christian and post-American values than the activities and celebrations occurring in June.

From Drag Queen Story Hour library readings designed to sexualize young children (what next, Porn Star or Exotic Dancer Story Hour?), to rainbow flags and sexually infused festivities, Seattle’s bohemian rhapsody of cultural events ends with Washington State’s largest parade on Sunday, June 30th.

At Seattle’s Pride Parade, hundreds of thousands of adults and children walk amidst nudity, immorality, sexuality, and shocking costumes and props. As the crowd’s cheer, dance, and worship the “Golden Calf” of adult and child sexual promiscuity and licentious, Seattle’s celebration of the rejection of Christian norms and the promotion of modern paganism is fully on display for all to see. And the band played on in Seattle, as pride goes before destruction!

Why any faithful believer would “pridefully” attend or even worse bring children to this un-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-family event is beyond me!

Not satisfied with only one parade celebrating Seattle’s anti-Christian values, we now have January’s “Womxn’s March.” Here, the sexual libertine community has joined with the pink, p***y hatted, anti-male feminists to promote both the eradication of motherhood/fatherhood and male/female and also the destruction of unborn and born babies.

It is no coincidence that Seattle is hostile to faithful Christians—it is one of America’s most unchurched cities and the hate is increasing here and across our country! Christians routinely face social and economic indoctrination, discrimination, and persecution and are regularly fired or blacklisted from jobs and gov’t agencies.

Being called “bigots” orhomophobic” or “haters”  is now the norm, as faithful Christians and Christian leaning states are now treated as the equivalent to Nazis and the KKK by everyone from Democratic presidential candidates to social media companies to almost everyone in Hollywood.

Sunday, June 30th should be a day of worship, faith, and family. Let us heed Bishop Tobin of Providence, RI when he warned Christians to avoid the sinful Pride celebrations that are contrary to faith and morals and especially harmful to children. Instead, let’s gather our children and fill our places of worship as we ought, and pray for our lost leaders, neighbors, and communities.

God will change hearts and minds when Christians publicly and prophetically share the truth of what is good and moral for Seattle and all humanity—so Christians must act! When faith, family, marriage, and children are embraced and sin rejected, only then will Seattle truly live and prosper!

Comprehensive Sexual Education: There is an alternative

One reading of most modern Sex Education materials makes parents cry aloud, “What can I do?”

After reading materials, parents say, “This makes me uncomfortable.” Explaining why is difficult without spending hours and finding something more comfortable as a replacement is nearly impossible. When a parent expresses their concerns to school personnel, they are told one or more of the following comments.

  • We are required to teach this.
  • We tone the materials down.
  • No other parent has come to us with this problem.
  • If you don’t like it, bring in something else. The parent goes away with a spring in their step saying, “I can do this.”

After phone calls and internet searches and maybe the purchase of possible replacement materials, the parent makes another appointment with the school personnel. Parents are then told that the materials must: be approved by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction after it passes all the district committee processes. It will need to teach each topic on the OSPI framework for Sex Education. Then a school district must submit the newly proposed materials. There is no time frame for the review and OSPI has a list of preferred approved materials.

Is your mind boggled with red tape yet?

If you have complained about the immoral climate orSex Education, this is your chance to make a difference. Teen-Aid received a federal grant to provide The Alternative Project throughout Washington State. The project aims to reduce sexual activity, its consequences, and other risk-taking behaviors. Officials doubt that parents care enough to make an effort to work with their teen in sufficient numbers. If citizens want something different, they must support the alternative by participating. Share with family and friends the opportunity to educate their teens, at home using their family values. The tools are free. There are several options meant to meet the needs of various settings in communities.

Don’t be Afraid

The Alternative program is digital. It can be done at your convenience; for high school credit or as a means of increasing connections with your teen. Parents are given information, questions to ask and opportunities to share family values in a non-threatening environment. Topics are relevant for the digital information age while respecting the sensitivity of you and your teen. Parents are the best educators and teens want to hear from their parents because parents are the only long-term support system in a teen’s life.

Parents and teens will complete a survey. That’s to hold Teen-Aid accountable. Whitworth University will evaluate the effectiveness of the program but will not have access to any contact information. Participants give their opinion so the program can improve. Haven’t you always wanted to tell the government how to improve their services? This is your chance!

What would make me consider the program?

A comparison of Sexual Risk Reduction (called Comprehensive Sex Education) and Sexual Risk Avoidance (considered a Personal Responsibility Education approach) reveals program differences.

Comprehensive Sex Education

Sexual Risk Avoidance

Appropriate condition for Sex Activity

Sex is appropriate if both partners consent. Sexual activity is best in committed relationships, usually called marriage


Contraception is available without parental involvement or consent at age 12. Abstinence is the first and healthiest choice for teens and is supported by parents and family physicians.

Fetal Development

Fetal Development is summarized in high school. The beauty of fetal development helps teens understand the importance of having a stable environment in which to have sex and a child.


Local clinic referrals are emphasized; Planned Parenthood is preferred. Referrals are to family physicians that have complete medical information in accordance with family values.

Role of Parent

Parents may be notified of Sex ed under state law. Teens have reproductive rights to attend classes, make contraceptive, abortion and gender change decisions. Parents are a part of the education process, providing family and faith values. Material content is honestly shared with parents.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer LGBTQ

Since CSE believes in birth to death sexuality, children are given choices of gender fluidity in pre-school by way of normalizing all forms of family, sexual expression and behaviors.

All individuals have the right to sexual pleasure. All have the right to determine their own gender status physically and emotionally throughout different stages of life, including genital organs, dressing, and sexual partner preference. Normalizing numerous genders and organ reassignment, as well as advocacy for transgenderism, is part of the LGBTQ movement.

Gender is assigned at conception. Gender dysphoria is not a cause to tease or bully. Parents and professional play important roles in giving support to teens living with dysphoria while avoiding the consequences of this decision until as in most cases, individuals choose the biological gender assigned at birth.

Make an optimal health decision

You can teach your own children without increasing negative behaviors or arousing curiosity. Your parents may not have talked to you but today, the sexual environment is too dangerous to not prepare your teen for the world. You can do this. You love your children. Help your teens avoid risks while building healthy communication. Call Teen-Aid to discuss the options. You can teach your child or someone else will!

You can reach LeAnna Benn and Teen Aid at 509.482.2868 for more information.

Prevailing Through Prayer

On Monday, April 1, about two thousand family, life, and Christian social-justice champions descended on Olympia for “Prevailing By Prayer,” one last rally and citizen-lobbying day of the 2019 Legislative Session.  Special thanks go to the Slavic community for making up about three-quarters of the crowd on this important day.  Several champion legislators encouraged and implored the crowd to stand for their values and make their voices heard before time runs out on this session.  Take a few minutes and catch up on the highlights from this incredibly successful day.

A New Religious War

A new religious war has started in America and WA state, declared by the “Nones.”

The “Nones” (people with No Religious Affiliation), having grown in size and passion the past two decades, and after recently conquering and radicalizing the Democratic Party, News Media, Hollywood, governments, and Academia, have decided to openly battle and defeat their longtime, enemies—Faithful Christians, Orthodox Jews, and Muslims.

Also targeted is the Republican Party and those remaining groups, businesses, politicians, and other organizations who publicly support life, marriage, children, family, and public religious believers.

Danny Westneat, an influential Seattle Times writer and self-declared None, is not shy about sharing his hostility for Christians and their supporters, like the Republican Party.  Brazenly, Danny recently advised the GOP that they needed to “dump God,” if they ever wanted success. Danny’s friendly advice is one thing, but the real bullying, intimidation, and economic or political terrorism being practiced by the Nones, the Democrat Party, and the libertine, LGBT, Abortion, Feminist, and Socialist movements are real.

The Nones now automatically attack or silence all religious believers, their businesses and organizations, and public supporters until they are either co-opted or destroyed.  It is not enough for a person or government or leader to be a neutral or silent, one now must openly support these issues or beliefs, or you will be marginalized or ruined.

Trust me on this, I was a 24-year Democratic Party member and seven-term legislator, and I saw up close how the Nones and their “take no prisoners” allies took over the Democrat Party, the shrinking left-leaning Christian denominations, and related groups the last 40 years.  Now, they’re coming for everyone else!

Today, the great majority of religions still believe, and the science agrees, that lifelong, monogamous, heterosexual marriage, lived within a faith tradition that promotes marriage, family, and children, better assures prosperity and true happiness for a person, their children, family, and community.

These also believe that parents, local communities, and governments should discourage deadly vices like drugs, abortions, child sexual activities, and improper sexual promiscuity, such as adultery and LGBT activities. They are sinful to God and harmful to children, marriages, families, and society. They also believe that children must listen, honor and obey their parents and “God.” These are the “facts” of most religious organizations in America and across the globe.

Our country was founded on these principles, and they are the foundations for Western Civilization and American culture. These values and truths were so successful, that the vast majority of countries and cultures on every continent have embraced them.

Unfortunately, things have changed here in WA and the state capitol. The Nones, now owning the Democrat Party and recently having elected large majorities in both the House and Senate, have unleashed a wave of legislation that will reverse the progress of 3000 years of Western Judeo-Christian Culture and Civilization.  This legislation is directly aimed at harming children and religious believers.

The worst of these bills is SB5395, The Child Sexual Indoctrination Bill moving ahead in the legislature. The “Nones” and their Democrat allies, will soon teach all school children that their parents and their religious beliefs and communities are sexist, bigoted, homophobic, and hateful because they reject the secular libertine culture that the Nones want to force into our culture and country.

Even worse, with SB5395, even the words and the reality of “men” and “women” have been replaced by the never-ending number of gender categories. Soon, just calling men and women what they are and using the related pronouns will be considered a firing offense or hate crime in WA.

The advocates say this bill is “inclusive” and is just presenting sexuality information the students want “discussed.” That teachers will just present “facts” and is concerned about “school safety.”

Hogwash! They will only teach and indoctrinate the “facts” that support their libertine culture. The “facts” that most religions accept will never be “inclusively” taught by the “Nones” running our public schools and government agencies!  With SB5395, they will usurp local control to indoctrinate children starting in Kindergarten on their destructive beliefs about sex, gender, abortion, family, religion, and morality. Gender Disorder, historically a serious delusion and mental illnesses until seven years ago, is now considered normal behavior where school children will be encouraged to undergo irreversible genital mutilation.

The Nones radical agenda attacking religious believers will also be advanced with ten other bills moving in Olympia.  To highlight two bills, under the guise of helping children avoid punishment or shame, with HB 1775, children under age 18 would be able to legally engage in prostitution, and by HB 1742 they will be allowed to possess freely, distribute, print and display child pornography of themselves without consequences.

How soon before we can expect child pornography and prostitution to be “factually” taught in the school’s Sex Ed, Business, or Photography programs because the students want it “discussed” or for “school safety?” How soon until “safe child prostitution sites” are colocated with the safe heroin injection sites currently being set up in King County under the guise of “public health safety?”

These destructive bills will encourage and teach children to hate, disobey, and rebel from parental and faith community authority. Instead of bringing children closer to moms and dads and extended family, they will bring division and separation. They will end up destroying the two most critical relationships a child needs as they transit the turbulent and dangerous teen years into mature, stable adulthood—their relationship with their mother and father.

These bills will accelerate the growing nihilism, narcissism, despair, broken relationships, drug use, and suicide which are not just harming our educational and human service systems, but also children, families and our wider society.

What a horrible legislative agenda! Promoting child pornography and prostitution, encouraging child abortions and infanticide, advancing sexual libertinism and gender confusion and self-mutilation, increasing throwaway parents/families/marriages, endorsing anti-religious bigotry and parental hatred, boosting drug use and hiding runaway children from parents and foster care—no wonder our society is sick!

I am reminded of the scary fable about the Pied Piper from Hamlin from my childhood. “Eat Drink, and be Merry kids, dump God and parents, and come follow me!” cried the Pied Piper of None as he leads our children away, “Government, not mother and father, Knows Best!”

This ideological war the Nones are fighting is not new but is part of a longer 3000-year-old culture fight that began with the early Jewish prophets. It was thought won over a millennium ago with the rise of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization, but now they are back.

How can faithful Christians and faith believers win this fight?

We must unite and let our light shine!

Recently in England, hundreds of Muslim parents stormed a school meeting and demanded the anti-Muslim LGBT sexual agenda not be taught to their children or they would take their children out of school.  It took weeks, and the parents did take their children out, but now it looks like the school has temporarily backed down. The Nones can be beat!

We must do the same!

First, “a house divided cannot stand.”  It is time for Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews to wake up to the common threat, put aside our differences, and unite to defend our common values against the Nones.  All religious believers desire a state and community that allows God and faith to flourish without fear of persecution, so we must unite, and we must work together!

Next, we must recognize that we have failed our God by placing our light under a basket. We fight not just against the Nones and the Democrats this session, but against forces we can’t comprehend.

So, join this fight to save our children and family, and fight for our God, and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth!

Let us go forth two by two, into every town and place, into the town halls, school board meetings, legislative committee hearings, social media sites, letters to editors, parades, and rallies and demonstrations.

Let us meet our enemies with prayers, kindness, and love, and loudly and boldly, proclaim the “Good News” to the Nones and our neighbors, and let our light shine brightly in the public squares of our communities!

Let us make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that Jesus has commanded.

If God is for us, who can be against us!”

Activists, Not Pacifists

Have today’s Christians activists have embraced a stereotypical weak, pacifist (dovish, nonaggressive, appeaser, meek, noncombative) attitude that guarantees failure in the public square? Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, makes a call for real Christian action that is spot on.   We must reject our opponents continued calls and threats for Christians to be invisible, passive, and silent!  The Rev. MLK Jr did not put his light under a bushel basket and back down to his enemies demands. Rather, he put on his armor (Eph. 6:13) and redoubled his public witness to the Gospels of Jesus Christ and challenged his enemies! So, must we! – Mark Miloscia, FPIW Executive Director

As Christians, we are compelled to be activists, not pacifists. But in the midst of our activism to affect positive change on mankind, sadly we are more frequently coming into conflict with others also claiming Christianity.

Many of those CHINOS (Christians In Name Only,) are not willing or interested in affecting change if that change requires personal action. They hold to the name of Christ, but they do not keep the commandments.

A critical rub between Christian activists and Christian pacifists is occurring because of that resulting disparity of emphasis placed on spiritual works.

We call upon all brothers and sisters in Christ, to join us in our activism. Join the actual spiritual war for souls. Not an academic or metaphorical one, but instead join us in the escalating civic and cultural one that is preventing the lost from hearing the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Duty in this war requires more than occasional attendance at praise and learning services. Duty in the war for souls, in this year of our Lord, 2019 and beyond, requires more personal action than in any time in American history.

Duty still requires daily prayer, prayers that God will clothe us in his full armor. But those prayers must now be prayed with the expectation that the armor will be utilized.

They must now be prayed with the expectation that our armor will become muddied, and dented, and torn, as the enemy’s tactics are intensifying. Our church walls have been breached.

Christian duty now requires previously-unsummoned courage. For decades, spiritual “battle” for American Christians, mostly meant resisting personal temptation, while working to round up individual, bedeviled souls who were lost.

But the enemy has now organized those wandering souls, into civically armed regiments, intent on silencing Christians from ever publicly speaking, Biblical truth. The American Christian church has never seen this tactic.

God’s gracious peace has blessed American Christians for almost all of our 242 years. That in part has caused many to forget Satan is a lion seeking whom he may devour.

Through those centuries the American church allowed and even encouraged, the flourishing of Christian pacifists. “Blessed are the peacemakers,” became the central orthodoxy. Now under a coordinated barrage of hate-speech accusations from every direction, the church is woefully unprepared to launch counter-offensives.

Preparation for this new assault requires a major reformation of Christian church-thought and practice.

A simple example: going forward, as we sing the hymn, Onward Christian Soldiers, the lyrics – marching as to war – must take on literal meaning. 

The times demand a redefinition of duty for Christians. We must move beyond prayer and into activism, to keep our rights to minister in the future.

James 2:26 says, “Faith without works is dead.” An army without offensive tactics, is little more than the uniformed, walking dead. A religion that is unwilling to retake offensively cultural ground, that’s been lost in spiritual battle, will also soon be dead.

Christian duty, now must include engaging in inevitable verbal conflicts. These conflicts are escalating as we speak Biblical truth to an ever-expanding legion of reprobates. A reprobate is a soul that can no longer hear spiritual truth.

And perhaps above all, for our mission to survive through this war, Christian duty now requires a specific daily prayer; “Lord help me to overcome the satanic temptation to desert my post.”

General Patton in WWII said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

Rest assured, during the battle:

  • As Christian activists, if you fatigue and lag behind, we will assist you.
  • If you hesitate, we will encourage you.
  • If you begin to grumble about your duties and the unpleasantness of being attacked for our beliefs, we will remind you of our Savior and the power of His blood.
  • If you demand that we lessen our pace, or perhaps alter our mission, to include capitulation, to strike a compromise with enemies of truth… we will critique you
  • If you dig in your pacifist heels and jeopardize unity of the army of God, we will rebuke you.
  • And if you reject our Christian mission for one of liberal apostasy, we will pray for you.

But we will rigorously resist your misperception that we are less Christ-like for our bold activism, and we will chastise you for it.

And we will not apologize for the discomfort, that our condemnation of your apostasy, is causing us all.

We will be undeterred in our mission to fight on every plane, spiritual and physical, for the souls of men.

When Christ calls us, he calls us to sacrifice, even unto death, but always to action. That duty shall be daunting and virtually impossible for the Christian pacifist.

May we be found faithful and may we be found active.


Allen Whitt is the President of the West Virginia Family Policy Council and Family Policy Institute.  We thank him for sharing his essay with us.