COVID-19 Has Morphed Into a Battle Over Abortion in the U.S.

As many states, including Washington, are fighting to “flatten the curve” and many companies are voluntarily repurposing themselves to provide personal protective equipment, which is still in short supply, a secondary battle has erupted.

Hint: it involves abortion clinics using the crisis to gain an advantage.

Nearly every state in the United States has issued an order temporarily halting elective medical and dental procedures – taking the moral position that those on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 should have access to equipment designed to protect them from illness before anyone else should have access to it.

And nearly every clinic in the nation has complied with those orders – except for abortion clinics, who have used this health crisis as an opportunity to prove to the world that they should be allowed to continue operating because they are “essential” (despite the fact that more than 98% percent of abortions are not medically necessary).

Several clinics have already run into courts to find sympathetic leftist judges who will let them keep the doors open, despite creating huge problems for hospitals and clinics looking for personal protective equipment, and emergency rooms who are already overburdened with patients.

Now, we’re seeing a group of leftist attorneys general working to use the COVID-19 distancing mandates as a way to push remote abortions through the states’ existing telemedicine channels. Remote abortions are extremely dangerous because they involve a patient consuming dangerous substances to induce an abortion away from direct supervision of a physician.

Current estimates from the Washington Department of Health show that 9,097 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in our state, and 421 have passed away because of it.

If this health crisis really is as serious as we’re being led to believe – and we believe it is – then we have a moral obligation, as a state, to do everything in our power to curb the spread – including halting elective abortions which use vital equipment and inherently violate social distancing requirements.

The personal protective equipment that has been used to take lives at abortion clinics in Washington could have been used to save one of the 372 Washingtonians who have passed away due to COVID-19.

We simply do not understand why elective, medically-unnecessary abortions have been given such a high priority in the middle of this health crisis. Washington is governed primarily by people who support abortion, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot ask those governing to objectively pause elective abortion procedures in order to focus energy and materials on stopping COVID-19 first.

Governor Inslee has publicly defending abortions – before and during his campaign, and since.

We know that God “knits us together in the womb” (Psalm 139:13), and that “those who bless others will be blessed, and those who help others will be helped” (Proverbs 11:25). It’s time for us to help those who are fighting on the frontlines of COVID-19, to bless them with the resources they need to stay safe, and to halt efforts to flippantly destroy what precious life God is creating in the womb to replace the life we have lost.

We encourage Washingtonians who are interested in learning why abortion clinics are being allowed to openly violate the order to halt elective procedures to contact your local Health Department or District.

You may also contact Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office and let him know that you would like to see him issue an opinion halting these unlawful procedures, and that you do not support abortion clinics operating in competition with those fighting COVID-19.

Petition to the Abortion Industry: “Leave Masks and Gloves for those Fighting COVID-19!”

As states fight back against COVID-19, personal protective equipment (also known as PPE) is in increasingly short supply. To combat this, most states have halted all elective, non-essential medical and dental procedures in order to preserve these valuable resources to protect those who are fighting against COVID-19. Nearly every medical and dental office in the country has complied – that is, except for abortion clinics.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are pushing the narrative that they are and should be considered essential medical providers. Like an ICU, cancer center, or emergency room, these clinics are arguing that they should remain open and fully-operational – even if almost 100% of their procedures are not medically-necessary and even if those operations cause PPE shortages for doctors and hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.

We believe they are using this opportunity to find a liberal federal judge that will enshrine their self-designated “essential” status in case law, making it even more difficult for states to enact meaningful protections for women and children.

The abortion industry isn’t a stranger to pushing the envelope, but this is just offensive. A clinic whose sole job is to take life away should never have priority over clinics, hospitals and doctors who are saving lives.

We aren’t going to stand for this. Abortion clinics should not get special treatment and they shouldn’t be given a special exemption. If COVID-19 is as serious a threat as we are being told, then our society has a moral obligation to prioritize our resources and manpower to defeat it. Period.

Please sign our petition and remind Governor Inslee that the only way COVID-19 is defeated is if we ALL pitch in – abortion clinics included – and ensure that our personal protective equipment is placed where it can do the most immediate good: on the front lines battling COVID-19.

Pray that God grants Governor Inslee wisdom, and that he would make the right decision with regards to “essential services” here in Washington State, for the good of all Washingtonians.

Planned Parenthood Ignores Mandates, Begs for Medical Supplies Meant for COVID-19 Relief

In a truly stunning turn of events, Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics have gone from refusing to comply with state directives to halt elective abortions –intended to ensure masks, gloves and manpower are available to deal with COVID-19 – to actively soliciting donations for the same medical supplies that are in short supply, so that their own abortion businesses can continue providing abortions without hindrance.













I’ve said it before and I will say it again, unequivocally – it doesn’t matter what your opinion on abortion is. We should all agree that combatting COVID-19 is of significantly higher priority than keeping abortion clinics open to perform elective abortions.

Masks and gloves should be reserved for those saving lives on the front line combatting a highly-contagious disease – not to be used to take life at an abortion clinic.

We have asked several times now. Governor Inslee, why are abortion clinics still allowed to operate and perform elective procedures in Washington State? Now that we understand the motives of the abortion industry during COVID-19, and their selfish desires to remain in operation while the rest of the medical industry struggles to keep up with the demand for medical supplies, we have a mandate to respond.

We are going to battle on this issue. If Governor Inslee and others choose to continue ignoring the horrible and immoral positions Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are putting our nation in by competing for already scarce resources, this issue will end up in court. We must ensure that our doctors, nurses, and front-line healthcare workers have what they need to take care of people who are sick and dying.

Will you make a commitment to help us prepare for this battle?

As we have been told so many times, time is of the essence in fighting COVID-19. The abortion industry shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with that effort – regardless of how ideologically-inclined some in authority may be towards them. This is an issue of life and death – literally.

Inslee Cancels All Elective Surgeries and Procedures, Except for Abortions

In an effort to combat COVID-19, aside from mandating “social distancing,” Gov. Jay Inslee’s administration issued a directive requiring all medical and dental offices to cancel elective health care services, procedures and surgeries “that are not anticipated to cause harm to the patient within the next three months,” in order to preserve needed medical supplies for those who are fighting the virus.

I understood why this was necessary and still do. But what I do not understand is why his directive specifically and explicitly exempts abortion clinics.

Politics aside, up until this point, I had been relatively impressed with the way Washington’s governor had handled this health crisis in a nonpartisan manner in our state and with the Trump Administration. He made difficult decisions early, and was forced to make those unpopular decisions before any other states had done so. And it appears that the growth of the disease in Washington has, to this point, not followed the trend of massive spread that has been seen in other parts of the world.

But to issue this mandate and exempt abortion clinics from it shows that he appears more serious about protecting political agendas than he is in containing this disease. I hope that I’m wrong.

I’ll say it bluntly – regardless of your opinion towards abortion, COVID-19 is a far greater threat to human health than a closed abortion clinic. Hospitals need masks and gloves to handle COVID-19 cases more than abortion clinics need them to pull terminated children from the womb.

Banning elective healthcare procedures and prohibiting church services during a time of national emergency are tough decisions. But if they’re going to be enacted, they should be enacted in all circumstances – not just ones that suit a political agenda. I’m having a hard time believing that church meetings are dangerous for health and disease transmission but operating an abortion clinic is not.

Please click here to contact Governor Inslee and ask why elective abortions can still be performed while all other elective procedures have been canceled.

In the meantime, please continue to do everything you can to keep your families healthy and safe.

Thank you for your quick action!

Our Votes are an Extension of Our Faith

Making the case for Christian engagement in the culture isn’t a difficult thing to do. Christ’s lordship is over all areas of life and that’s abundantly clear in his word. Our Creator is not to be compartmentalized.

Today is November 5th, meaning tomorrow is the last day to vote in the different races for the various legislative, executive, and judicial offices. When we do so, we are not stepping out of the realm of spiritual things and into the supposed realm of secular things. There is no such thing. God is God over all. Our votes are an extension of our faith and an application of our values. That isn’t something to take lightly.

There are many important issues to account for when voting, but none should direct our decision-making more than the killing of babies in the womb. No one cares about the state of the German economy under Adolph Hitler. Even considering such a thing when taking stock of the state of 1930s Germany would be ridiculous. The German government was killing human beings on an industrial scale rendering other political issues trivial by comparison. Yet, here we are in the 45th year of legalized murder in the womb. Other issues are no less trivial when contrasted with that. 2,600 babies will be killed every day in the United States of America and 47 of them will be killed right here in our state. No political impulse should outweigh our desire for their survival.

That’s not to say it’s the only important issue; religious liberty, family rights, school choice, and the economy, among others, are important battles as well. Keep them in mind but also in perspective.

The impact of Christians upon the civil magistrates must be felt if things are going to change for the better. Voting is the most direct way of doing that. Make sure you vote.

Still looking for help with your ballot?  Check out,,, and, and find candidates who reflect your values on life, religious liberties, family, and parental rights this election season.

James Silberman is a guest contributor to the FPIW Blog from Gig Harbor, WA.  James is Created Equal’s Media Relations Specialist and editor of the Created Equal Blog. You can also find his writing at The Federalist and on Twitter.  He can be reached at


The Murder School

We’ve written before about the fraudulent nature of the “pro-choice” label. If you weren’t convinced then, you should be after reading this. The nation’s premier abortionist training school, the University of California San Francisco, is coaching future abortionists to convince conflicted mothers into killing their babies.

The UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health is a “medical school” through which the abortionist training program, known as the Kenneth J Ryan Residency Training Program, is run. The program was founded in 1999 by former National Abortion Federation president Uta Landy and is funded by billionaire abortion activist Warren Buffett to the tune of about $50 million per year.

Between chapters regarding the different methods of killing preborn human beings, their “Early Abortion Training Guide” contains a section on pregnancy counseling. In it, abortionists are coached through the process of convincing pregnant mothers to kill their offspring. The following are suggested lines for use by abortionists:

  • “You are a responsible person and may be making the most responsible decision by not continuing the pregnancy.”
  • “Being a hard decision doesn’t make it wrong.”
  • “It sounds like you are being thoughtful and making the responsible decision.”
  • “It sounds like you are choosing to do the thing based on what is going on in your life.”
  • “What I hear is that you are making this decision because you care about your future and everyone involved.”
  • “It sounds like this is the best decision for you and you should give yourself credit for making that decision.”

Later in the chapter, directions are given for convincing religious mothers to kill their babies. This includes giving them books regarding the supposed moral affirmation of abortion given by different faiths and referring them to religiously identifying pro-abortion organizations. The objective of this spiritual counseling is to figure out “what is getting in the way of [the mother’s] feeling like a good person,” and finding a way to justify child sacrifice within the framework of her religious beliefs.

Nowhere in the “Pregnancy Options Counseling Techniques” section of the guidebook is any alternative to abortion addressed. These people would have you believe they’re “pro-choice.”

Of course, that’s nonsense. They are abortion enthusiasts and profiteers. No money is made and no ground taken in the sexual revolution by referring pregnant mothers to adoption agencies or legitimate, non-murderous hospitals.

Their objectives are clear and the necessary response on our part, equally so. We must relentlessly call abortion what it is, murder, and call the abortionists at UCSF and elsewhere what they are, murderers. Many have given up the pretense of even denying these accusations leaving no good reason for us to let them off the hook by choosing soft language.

Further, we need to act like abortion is murder. Act as though you live in a society that has killed 60 million innocent babies because you do. There are people all over the state doing great work to expose the evil of abortion. That message needs to be amplified and your involvement helps accomplish that.

James Silberman is a guest contributor to the FPIW Blog from Gig Harbor, WA.  James is Created Equal’s Media Relations Specialist and editor of the Created Equal Blog. You can also find his writing at The Federalist and on Twitter.  He can be reached at

The reality of Planned Parenthood’s tweets about the imaginary lives of children

PHILADELPHIA — Last week Planned Parenthood Keystone in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania posted a tweet proclaiming, “We need a Disney princess who has had an abortion. We need a Disney princess who is pro-choice.”

Glancing at Disney’s online princess store, we see product marketing focused on toddlers to early school-aged children. As Planned Parenthood aims to present their organization as trusted women’s healthcare providers, perhaps they felt the need to advise corporate America on setting good examples for the next generation of women.

However, experts on children’s health do not necessarily think this kind of message would be helpful. In fact, some believe it may be harmful.

“Introducing the concept of abortion to a toddler would not only be confusing but potentially traumatic causing possible fears of abandonment,” said Dr. Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills family and relationship psychotherapist, author, The Self-Aware Parent. 

Walfish went on to further explain, “The likelihood is that a toddler would not understand the concept of abortion. However, if it were explained in any way that described the killing of a child, this could trigger a tremendous amount of conflict and anxiety in the youngster related to ambivalence about whether he or she is wanted.”

Gayani DeSilva, M.D., a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and author of A Psychiatrist’s Guide: Helping Parents Reach Their Depressed Tween, concurred with Walfish’s assessment saying, “Introducing those concepts too early may cause confusion and conflict. The idea that a parent would stop a baby from being born may cause the child to wonder why he was allowed to be born. He or she may wonder how abortions occur and the details of the process may be overwhelming for the child.”

When Planned Parenthood Keystone was asked who was responsible for creating their Twitter content and also if tax dollars were directly involved in their digital marketing efforts, they did not respond. However, the national organization declares, on their tax return for the calendar year beginning July 1, 2015, and ending June 30, 2016, that they spent $129,202,742 on what they describe as, “Increase access – Programs.”  According to Planned Parenthood, these programs are designed to, “improve access to reproductive health services and information by leveraging technology, enhancing existing capacity, and securing the role of  women’s health centers in the evolving healthcare system.” Nearly half of these funds or $61,737,493 came from taxpayer-funded grants.

So yes, its a poorly kept secret that directly and indirectly taxpayer dollars subsidize the creation of Twitter content for Planned Parenthood–much of which has nothing to do with improving “access to reproductive health services and information,”–as was the case with the now deleted Disney tweet.

On a day-to-day basis, they tweet plenty of other information that doesn’t fit this description either. Some additional content samples from the Planned Parenthood Keystone twitter feed are featured below:

What does John Bolton have to do with women’s reproductive health?

How about attacks on faith-based, crisis pregnancy centers? Does the disparagement of other groups addressing reproductive health issues accomplish their stated goals?

According to Yale University, the percentage of out-of-wedlock births in the United States has risen from almost 10% in 1960 to nearly 40% of all births in 2014. An interesting phenomenon to accompany the expansion of sex education as well as the reach and funding of organizations like Planned Parenthood who claim to care about family planning.

US Supreme Court: Can Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers be Forced to Advertise Abortions?

Can an organization that exists to prevent babies from being aborted be forced to tell people how to get free abortions?  That is a question the United States Supreme Court will consider on Tuesday when they hear oral arguments in the case of NIFLA v.Becerra.

In 2015, California legislators passed a bill called the “Reproductive FACT” Act, which forces pro-life pregnancy centers to tell women who come into their center where they can receive free abortions. It also requires pregnancy centers to post a notice in their facility that says, in 48 point font, that ”This facility is not licensed as a medical facility by the State of California and has no licensed medical provider who provides or directly supervises the provision of services.”

The same disclaimer is also required to be on every advertisement.

That requirement makes many forms of advertising impossible.  Web ads, for example, often don’t allow that many words.  Billboards or other large advertisements would also become impractical.  A message that said “Pregnant? Let’s Talk” would be forced to include the 29-word disclaimer in the same or larger font making the purpose of the advertisement useless.

Repeated efforts to put similar regulations on pregnancy centers in Washington State were defeated five years ago.

It is worth noting that California recently legalized marijuana. While the now-legal pot stores are regulated, they don’t have anything close to the restrictions on advertisements that pregnancy centers have.

It seems in California that the advertising restrictions for non-profit organizations that give away baby clothes may be more onerous than those for stores that sell drugs.

It is also apparently unprecedented to require an establishment to advertisement what they do not do.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington, along with other state-based policy organizations, filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court urging them to strike down the regulations as an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment’s right to free speech.

You can read that brief here.

While the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Tuesday, a decision is not expected until June.

FPIW’s president, Joseph Backholm, will be covering the oral arguments on this case from the Supreme Court in Washington DC.  You can find Facebook live coverage of the events on our Facebook page at or follow the blog at as well.