Coronavirus and Our Future: What is Next?

COVID-19. At this point, it’s almost all you hear about on the news. It’s a serious health issue here in Washington State – and it affects some of the most vulnerable people in our society. It’s worthy of our attention and our concern.

If you’re like me, you’ve received dozens of emails from stores, churches, restaurants, and the like explaining what they’re doing to combat the illness. While some of them have chosen to close down altogether, most of them have chosen to deep clean, disinfect, and remain, cautiously, at your service.

These stores and restaurants are protecting you and your family from a threat that you cannot see, hear, or taste. And that’s actually what FPIW is doing, too.

But we aren’t fighting against disease or infection (though we have disinfected our office) – we’re fighting to protecting you from apathy, distraction, and political agendas being pushed as a result of the public’s rightful preoccupation with COVID-19.

I’m not saying that the coronavirus isn’t worthy of our attention – it is. But there are other things that must be watched, too.  

Last week, our Democrat-controlled legislature passed, in the wee hours of the morning, a highly-controversial “SeXXX Education Reform” package. That package, once signed by Governor Jay Inslee, will mean that school children will be learning about sex, genitals, gender identity, and sexual orientation next school year.

While many thousands of concerned Washington parents showed up to oppose the bill, it received almost no attention in the media. Too many parents still don’t know what their children will be facing next year.

Thankfully, this battle isn’t over – we’ve joined with allied groups to file for an initiative to repeal the SeXXX Education Bill, which means we have roughly three months to compile 129,000 signatures to push this issue onto the ballot. We will need your help.

They radical progressives and leftists didn’t stop pushing their agenda just because the public was preoccupied by the coronavirus – in fact, if anything, they did the opposite. They saw an opportunity to impose their agenda and they took it.

My point is this: our political opponents, the ones that will be endorsed by Planned Parenthood, are still running for office this fall. The groups who oppose life, marriage, religious liberty, and parental rights are still going to spend money to advocate against the candidates who support those foundational principles. Radical activists in Hollywood aren’t going to stop investing their money in progressive advocacy groups like the ACLU simply because the stock market is down. Their world isn’t going to stop spinning because of the coronavirus.

If we want to see our culture move in a direction that protects and promotes respect for the constitution, free speech, and limited government, we cannot withdraw or retreat, or become tight-fisted. We have to compete. We have to invest in the future we want to see. We have to push ahead.

If we allow apathy to set in and our side doesn’t turn out to advocate on the issues that matter or show up to vote – if fear motivates them to stay home – conservatives could lose major ground nationwide.

We can exercise caution and still be engaged in creating a world that we are proud to leave to our children. Together, we can protect and preserve the things we care most about, and we must – because the alternative is unacceptable.

SeXXX Education Rally Defies Fear and Brings Thousands Together to Protect Children

Just a few hours before thousands of parents and child-advocates were scheduled to rally in opposition to SB 5395, the SeXXX Education bill, outside the Washington State Capitol on Wednesday, Governor Jay Inslee announced a ban of assemblies of more than 250 people.

But word wasn’t delivered until after nearly 3,000 people had gathered on the Capitol Steps to ask the Governor to VETO this dangerous legislation.

Dozens of schools, churches, and events in Washington State have already responded to Governor Jay Inslee’s blockade ban on meetings of more than 250 people, and more certainly will by the weekend. And while we join others in advocating for hygienic habits and safe practices in regard to crowds and vulnerable populations, we cannot allow the fear to keep us from engaging in government at such a critical time.

Leftist politicians aren’t allowing the coronavirus to stop them from forcing bad legislation ahead while the public is distracted, and we can’t take a day off from fighting them on it.

The present majority-ruling party in our state government has given us no reason to trust their word or judgment on much, if anything. We most certainly can’t trust them to protect the innocence of our children!

The curriculum the OSPI intends to impose on our children, through the passage of HB5395, recommends that fourth graders learn the meanings of words like “clitoris” and “ejaculate.” Another teaches kindergarteners proper names and slang terms for female and male genitalia – along with their sexual function – and then has them use Post-It notes to identify those parts on fellow students.

This bill is dangerous, plain and simple.

If you haven’t already, please call the Governor’s office and ask the governor to VETO Senate Bill 5395. Thousands have already called, emailed, and shown up in person – please add your name to the list.

In the interest of full disclosure, Governor Inslee is widely expected to defy parents and sign this bill – despite outcry from concerned parents. If this happens, we will continue to fight through the implementation phase and ensure that Washington parents have all the information they need to keep their children safe from public school sexual indoctrination.

If you are concerned about this effort and want to support FPIW’s work to prevent leftist sexual ideas from being taught in public school classrooms, please consider pitching in to help us reach more parents. A few dollars makes a big difference.

One more chance to stop SB 5395! Call Gov. Inslee at 360-902-4111.

No doubt, you’ve heard by now that SB 5395, the SeXXX Education Bill, was amended and passed last week in the wee hours of the morning by the House Majority Democrats and then swiftly adopted and passed by Senate Majority Democrats. As the process goes, this triggered the bill’s journey to Governor Inslee’s desk for a decision. The governor can sign the legislation into law, allow it to become law without his signature, or veto the legislation in part or entirely.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW), alongside its policy allies and thousands of concerned Washington parents, has been advocating against this legislation because it requires schools to begin teaching sex education to children as young as 5-years old. The content of the sex education curricula is presumed to be progressive in nature; it contains elements of pornography, and is wrought with indoctrinating themes about “gender identity,” human sexuality, and sexual orientation. Learn more here.

The bill was originally requested by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Chris Reykdal, who has displayed a strong disdain for religious freedom and the rights of parents to be involved in public education.

The OSPI’s proposed sex education standards that will be enforced through SB 5395, should the governor sign it into law, will be used to sexualize our children. Children should be focusing on learning how to read, write, add, and subtract – not being advised how to have sex and who to have sex with.

This is our last stand on the issue of passage for the SeXXX Education Bill. Please make plans to join FPIW at Informed Parents of Washington’s rally at the Washington State Capitol tomorrow, Wednesday, March 11, at 12pm. Here’s more information about the rally.

Whether you can or cannot attend, please take a few moments to contact Governor Inslee to ask him to VETO SB 5395; you can call his office at 360-902-4111 and/or send him an email by clicking this link.

If the governor approves this law, we will continue to battle on this issue after the legislative session ends and throughout the implementation process.

Please invite your like-minded friends to subscribe to FPIW news and alerts, and follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for real-time updates as news happens. If you’re able, please chip in a few bucks to help us continue to fight on this issue.

SeXXX Education Bill Passes, Others Advance, While Public Distracted by Coronavirus

Very, very early at 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, after a 6-hour debate and several days after Governor Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency over the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, Democrats in the Washington House of Representatives pushed SB 5395, the SeXXX Education Bill, through to final passage.

At the time of this writing, the coronavirus has claimed fourteen lives here in Washington State. Schools are beginning to close as infections pop up around the nation. It is, no doubt, a serious public health concern and, I believe, worthy of the governor’s emergency declaration. It is deserving of our full attention.

Several bills have moved during this health crisis that the public may not be aware of, and due to the concerns, public interaction has been much lower.

  • SB 5395, the SeXXX Education Bill, was moved from committee and passed;
  • HB 1775, which would legalize underage prostitution, has been moved all the way to the Senate Rules Committee – the final step before a floor vote;
  • SB 6037, which would create racist hiring quotas for businesses, was passed by the House and the Senate

Ironically, another one of the bills that has moved during this time of public health concern is HB 1551, a bill that downplays the seriousness of someone intentionally infecting others with a communicable disease. This may demonstrate a disconnect between funding for the coronavirus and good public policy.

Less than one week remains in the legislative session and experts say the coronavirus is likely to spread in Washington – not decrease – during that time. There’s less than one week left in the legislative session, so please do not disengage now.

Mark 12:31 tells us that we are called to “love our neighbors,” and help out in times of public need. And we should continue to do those things.

But we also need to remain diligent in the realm of government, where those who seek to end religious freedom, enshrine up-to-the-birth abortions, and cut down parental rights currently retain a significant amount of power.

Don’t unplug from the public process. Hold your legislators accountable and continue to advocate for you and your family – even during a public health crisis. The Washington legislative hotline number is 1-800-562-6000.

And remember – every member of the Washington State House of Representatives is up for re-election this year. If you aren’t happy with the way you’re represented, do something about it. Reach out to us at to start a conversation.

We’ll continue to keep the FPIW Bill Tracker live and up-to-date.

SeXXX Education Bill Marches Towards Thursday Hearing

The most dangerous and radical bill so far in the 2020 legislative session, SB 5395, Comprehensive Sex Education Reform – also known as the SeXXX Education Bill – is moving quickly towards another series of votes in the Washington State House of Representatives.

First, this Thursday, February 27th, the bill will be heard in the House Education Committee. That hearing will take place at the Washington State Capitol at 8:00 a.m. in House Hearing Room A. The committee is expected to take action on this bill following testimony, meaning that it could move further by the end of this week. It has already been passed by the Senate.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of concerned parents are expected to show up in opposition to this legislation, which would begin teaching children as young as 5 years old about gender identity, sexual orientation, sex techniques, definitions, and more. At this age, children are supposed to be learning how to read, how to count, tie their shoes, and use their fine motor skills.

This legislation is far outside the boundaries of what is useful to young children – and in many cases, even children in middle and high school — and serves only to indoctrinate children into progressive worldviews while they’re young and impressionable.

We’re also tracking a number of other pieces of legislation on our bill tracker:

HB 1775, if passed, would decriminalize underage prostitution and undermine law enforcement’s ability to correct juvenile behavior. It has been passed by the House and awaits further action in the Senate.

HB 1783, if passed, would create the Office of Equity for the State of Washington. We are concerned that this office could begin enforcement of progressive ideas on Washingtonians, including the restriction of free speech on issues of marriage and sexuality, and/or impose hiring restrictions or quotas on companies in an effort to force diversity among protected classes.

You can see the remaining bills on FPIW’s Bill Tracker, here.

Additionally, we are still keeping tabs on the situation developing at Kennedy Catholic High School. The School’s president spoke to media last week and explained that towards the end of 2019, the teachers who recently resigned had approached him about transition plans. They stated that they wished to become engaged to their same-sex partners, and knowing that it would make them ineligible for employment at the school, notified school administrators that they would be leaving. The teachers knew “those who teach in our schools are required to uphold our teaching in the classroom and to model it in their personal lives,” he said.

The “breaking news” of the school’s “forced resignations,” as was portrayed by the media, he claimed was a complete surprise to him.

We’ve launched a petition to support Kennedy Catholic High School and encourage them to stand strong in their faith and continue their fight for the First Amendment for their own school and for the thousands of faith-based organizations and schools that call Washington home.

If you’d like to support our efforts to defend Kennedy Catholic, or to be your voice on any of the bills listed above, please click here to make a one-time or recurring donation to FPIW.

Religious Freedom Rally Highlights “SeXXX Education” and Child Prostitution Legislation

Last Tuesday, hundreds of Washingtonians rallied together on the steps of the Capitol in Olympia to speak up on behalf of religious liberty and to denounce several radical and dangerous pieces of legislation being crammed through the legislature by the extremists that control it.

Some of these bills are so extreme they almost sound like jokes.

First and foremost, the fact that the majority Democrats think it is appropriate to overhaul our state’s sex education curriculum to the point that kindergarteners will be learning about subject matter most adults have a difficult time reading, is a problem. These children are five years old – they should be learning how to read, write, count and tie their shoes, not about who should be having sex with who and how to do it!

The state’s effort to take over on this issue shows that they have absolutely no regard for parental rights whatsoever, nor do they have an interest in presenting a balanced, fair, and honest approach to sex education. Sex education is now merely another method to indoctrinate children at the earliest age possible.

It’s estimated that over 800 people showed up in opposition to Senate Bill 5395, the Comprehensive Sex Ed bill. We were pleased to learn nearly 700 signed in as opposed to CSE!

FPIW was grateful to be able to work in partnership with Informed Parents of Washington, Human Life of Washington, Slavic Votes, Students for Life, and hundreds of our likeminded Washington friends who took a day off from work and drove long distances to attend the hearing. God bless all those moms who had to stroller their children between buildings, crowds and elevators. Watch the hearing: together, WE DID make a difference!

The second bill we’ll be prioritizing next week, House Bill 1775, is a bill that would legalize underage prostitution. Yes, you heard me correctly. Shockingly, the bill has actually made a lot of progress and may be practically knocking on the Governor’s door if legislative leadership has their way. It is almost half-way through the legislative process already. This bill is scheduled for a public hearing this Tuesday, February 25th, at 1:30pm in the Senate Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee.

The only thing that will stop these terrible bills is if concerned parents step up and speak out.

Attending hearings and providing your thoughts is a critical part of the public process, but it isn’t always possible to drop everything and head to Olympia like those who showed up last week on the SeXXX Education Bill. If you want to participate in the process but aren’t able to attend in person, there are several ways you can make a difference:

  • You can designate FPIW to be your voice during committee hearings. We have trained lobbyists and citizen-advocates who can and will show up to committee hearings to make sure your views are represented clearly and decisively. You can support this effort by making a one-time or recurring tax-deductible and confidential donation to FPIW.
  • You can provide written testimony for the record by emailing committee members. Please note that there is no guarantee that your written testimony will be read aloud during the committee hearing – in fact, it is highly unlikely.
  • You can share your positions with your legislators by calling the legislative hotline at 562.6000.

FPIW also offers free citizen training programs, called Olympia 101, that teach Washingtonians how to be effective advocates at the State Capitol. We still have seats available for some of the sessions this spring. Please feel free to sign up, bring your family, bring your friends, and get ready to battle against the radical leftist ideas that are being proposed in our state.

Proposed New Rule Would Allow “Third-Gender Option” on WA Birth Certificates

The Washington State Department of Health has announced its intention to adopt a new rule allowing a “third-gender option” on birth certificates.

If implemented, the new rule would formalize the department’s process for changing sex designation on birth certificates and add an option for a “non-binary” sex designation.

The Department of Health plans to begin gathering comments on the proposed rule next month. It hopes the rule will be adopted and implemented by January 2018.

In 2009, the Washington State Department of Licensing made it more difficult for Washingtonians to change their gender designation on driver’s licenses in an effort to reduce identity fraud and aid policing. The department has since reversed its policies.

Washington State isn’t alone in its proposal to offer a “third-gender option” on government documents. Oregon became the first state to offer the option on driver’s licenses and state ID cards in June, and California will shortly follow suit if a bill recently passed by the state legislature is signed by the governor.

The California bill faced opposition from the California Family Council, which “believes government documents need to reflect biological facts for identification and medical purposes,” said Greg Burt, the organization’s director of capitol engagement.

“Eye color, hair color, height, weight, and Sex: These are all listed on a driver’s license because these physical characteristics can be independently verified by physical evidence,” he said. “If you allow someone who is physically male to list themselves on a government document as a female, or vice a versa, then the government will be legalizing a lie.”

Up north, Canadians can now choose the “gender X” designation on their passports after their government changed its policy earlier this week.

Commenting on the “gender X” designation now available on Canadian passports, Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition told LifeSiteNews that “the government is trying to force its citizenry, en masse, to deny scientific fact and biological reality.”

According to Fonseca, the “sexual revolutionaries” pushing for these changes “are willing to put our country’s national security and our privacy at risk.”

House Committee Debates Bringing Obamacare Mandates to Washington

Should controversial mandates from Obamacare—which many believe are on the way out in Washington, D.C.—be made a permanent part of Washington State law?

That is the question the House Healthcare and Wellness Committee considered this morning.  The committee heard public testimony on HB 1523, which would require all health insurance plans to cover all preventative services required under federal law as of December 31, 2016.  It also bans plans that would share the cost of any of those services with employees.

Even before public testimony was heard, members of the committee expressed concern about the details of the bill.  The one-page bill is remarkably short.  However, it incorporates hundreds of pages of federal law and an untold volume of “guidance” into Washington State law.  No one seemed to have an understanding of exactly what the mandates do and do not cover.

Some of those who came to Olympia today to express concerns about HB 1523. From left to right: Brett Kinney, Electric Mirror; Michael Pauley, Human Life of Washington, Arina Grossu, Family Research Council, Luke Esser, Washington State Catholic Conference

Proponents of the bill argued that mandatory coverage for “preventative care” would make it easier to detect diseases like cancer at a time when it was most treatable.

But concerns about the legislation focused on very different issues.

Arina Grossu, from the Family Research Council, testified that the mandate to cover “preventative services” includes requirements to pay for abortifacients like Plan B and Ella, which destroy human embryos and are therefore objected to as a matter of conscience by many.

Brett Kinney, Director of Business Operations for Everett-based manufacturer Electric Mirror, explained the concerns of businesses owners in being forced to pay for a product that violates the beliefs of business owners:

“We offer a comprehensive affordable medical plan to our nearly 400 employees that does not include abortifacients. Not once have we heard complaints that our medical plan or the prescriptive drug plan was not adequate to serve the needs of our employees which includes over 100 women ages 18 to 70.  This bill is trying to solve a problem that is not a problem and forcing us the employer to add cost which reduces our ability to grow our business and put more people to work.”

The Washington State Catholic Conference also offered testimony stating that they will not comply with legislation that forces them to pay for abortifacients, regardless of what the law says.

In addition to concerns about conscience rights, insurance industry representatives expressed concern that the bill appears to be an attempt to preempt a change in federal law before those changes actually take place.  They expressed a preference for waiting to see what happens in Washington, D.C., before reacting to it.

Obamacare mandates involving abortifacients led businesses like Hobby Lobby to sue the federal government, claiming that such mandates violate their religious beliefs.  In the Hobby Lobby case, the Supreme Court held that the mandates were invalid because they violated the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).  However, Washington State does not have a state RFRA, which means the protections for conscience rights in Washington State are less robust than those that restrain actions of the federal government.

To advance, this bill needs the support of a majority of the members of the House Healthcare and Wellness Committee.

If that happens, it would need to receive passage from the entire House of Representatives before moving to the Senate for consideration.

Please contact your legislators and share your thoughts about this and any other issue through the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 or email them by clicking here. 

As always, be respectful but be heard.  If you don’t speak for yourself, someone will speak for you.