What’s Next for the Abortion Industry?

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are facing some major challenges after the November election, including the revelation that groups in several states, including the University of Washington, have indeed been profiting from the sale of fetal body parts.

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Why Washington State Didn’t Follow America’s Lead

Following this week’s elections, FPIW’s Joseph Backholm, Zach Freeman, and Chris Plante sat down to talk about why Washington State’s elections didn’t go as well for conservatives as other elections did nationally.

It all comes down to one thing: high voter turnout in Western Washington, and low voter turnout in Central and Eastern Washington. Listen here:

Podcast: FPIW Pre-Election Analysis

Today on the program, hear FPIW’s analysis of the upcoming elections at the state and national level, and hear more about the story that broke yesterday on Planned Parenthood’s political involvement.

Gender Progressives Make Push Into Education, From Elementary to University

It’s no secret that gender progressives are actively pressing their worldview into schools. Just last week, we reported on a recent story in which the Snohomish School District paid more than $14,000 to Gender Diversity, an organization run by transgender activists, known to advocate and promote transgenderism to children, to conduct trainings inside its schools. We know that the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction has adopted new education standards that begin teaching gender expression and identity education to students beginning in Kindergarten.  These ideas are hammered into our children from day one.

This week, Young America’s Foundation Program Officer Amy Lutz joins Joseph and Zach to discuss how those same progressive ideas are being shoved onto college campuses across America, but why there are plenty of reasons for conservatives to be optimistic.

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Target, We Told You So

Last week, a “trans woman” — a biological man named Sean Smith — pled guilty in an Idaho court to one felony count of voyeurism after he was caught taking photos of a woman in a Target changing room.

Together, we warned Target that their attempt to be progressive was a terrible, horrible, no-good idea that would result in violations of privacy and safety.  We warned that people with bad motives would take advantage of this bad policy.

But Target pushed on anyway, and now they get to taste the bitterness of being wrong along with the pain of permanently losing over 1.4 million customers. On April 19th, the day before the AFA Target boycott petition was launched, Target’s stock price was $83.98.  And since April 19th, the stock price has fallen as low as $65.00 per share, and it has failed to reach the value that it had prior to the Target boycott launch.

Call it a coincidence, but that’s one heck of a coincidence.  Listen to this week’s episode of FYI for more analysis: