Trump Acquitted Following Bold Speech in the Lion’s Den

In case you missed it, President Donald J. Trump was acquitted of all charges yesterday by the U.S. Senate. This officially concludes the months-long, bitter, divisive partisan battle that had plagued our halls of government. And it came less than 24 hours after the president delivered the final State of the Union address of his first term.

On the first Article of Impeachment, senators voted 52-48 to acquit, with only U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) joining the democrats, and on the second Article, Sen. Romney rejoined his colleagues and the vote was 53-47, along strict party lines.

It would have taken 67 votes on either Article to remove the president from office.

And on Tuesday night, on the eve of his acquittal, a bold President Trump made his case for the future of the United States. In case you missed it, here is the full text of the speech.

In addition to introducing a number of honored guests, the president spoke on the booming economy, the importance of religious freedom, prayer in schools, ending late-term abortions, jobs for historically high unemployment groups (minorities, youth, and women), and fixing our nation’s bloated healthcare system.

He also brought up school choice, paid family leave, addressing the opioid crisis, ending America’s longest war in Afghanistan, and the need to fund and preserve HBCU’s (historically black colleges and universities). His many invocations to God and his honoring of various Americans were especially emotionally uplifting.

We had hoped that the President would have addressed the crisis of the increasing sexualization of children in our schools and culture, and the moral and ethical corruption of many of America’s increasingly decadent institutions (universities, Super Bowl halftime shows, news media, Hollywood, tech businesses, governments, social sciences, etc), but all in all, President Trump covered all our issues: Life, Family & Marriage, Religious Freedom, Parental Choice, and Christian Social Justice.

The President deserves our praise: he articulated the most Christian-focused State of the Union Speech presented by any President in my lifetime.

You can watch the speech in its entirety here:

Unsurprisingly, President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi shared a noticeable and mutual disdain for each other’s presence. At the conclusion of President Trump’s speech, Speaker Pelosi dramatically ripped up the copy of his speech that he had handed to her at the beginning of the evening, ending centuries worth of decorum, civility, and tradition around the State of the Union Address. Congressional Democrats, many of whom were dressed in white, interrupted the speech with moans and murmurs multiple times, shouting at President Trump and declining to stand and applaud for even the most heartwarming moments of the evening.

It was reported this morning that House Democrats gave Nancy Pelosi a closed-door standing ovation yesterday morning for her post-speech antics.

This, of course, comes as President Trump enjoys his highest approval ratings since taking office in 2016.

I’m appealing to Donald Trump to become the emotional and moral leader of our country, as he so inspiringly demonstrated at the State of the Union last night. The Democrats have applied vulgarity and disrespect, even hatred, to the institution of government, seeking to offend their opponents and establish a dominant rule that crushes the values we hold dear. To win the heart and soul of America, the president must fill the void of moral leadership that exists, by repenting of his past ways and asking Americans to unite behind the principles and documents that make our nation so exceptional.

Related: FPIW’s Religious Freedom Day is in less than one week! Please make plans to join us on Tuesday, February 11 at the Capitol in Olympia to celebrate and rally for the values we all hold dear!

We’ll keep you updated on what’s going on nationally and here in Washington State. As always, we’re grateful to have your support!

Our Votes are an Extension of Our Faith

Making the case for Christian engagement in the culture isn’t a difficult thing to do. Christ’s lordship is over all areas of life and that’s abundantly clear in his word. Our Creator is not to be compartmentalized.

Today is November 5th, meaning tomorrow is the last day to vote in the different races for the various legislative, executive, and judicial offices. When we do so, we are not stepping out of the realm of spiritual things and into the supposed realm of secular things. There is no such thing. God is God over all. Our votes are an extension of our faith and an application of our values. That isn’t something to take lightly.

There are many important issues to account for when voting, but none should direct our decision-making more than the killing of babies in the womb. No one cares about the state of the German economy under Adolph Hitler. Even considering such a thing when taking stock of the state of 1930s Germany would be ridiculous. The German government was killing human beings on an industrial scale rendering other political issues trivial by comparison. Yet, here we are in the 45th year of legalized murder in the womb. Other issues are no less trivial when contrasted with that. 2,600 babies will be killed every day in the United States of America and 47 of them will be killed right here in our state. No political impulse should outweigh our desire for their survival.

That’s not to say it’s the only important issue; religious liberty, family rights, school choice, and the economy, among others, are important battles as well. Keep them in mind but also in perspective.

The impact of Christians upon the civil magistrates must be felt if things are going to change for the better. Voting is the most direct way of doing that. Make sure you vote.

Still looking for help with your ballot?  Check out,,, and, and find candidates who reflect your values on life, religious liberties, family, and parental rights this election season.

James Silberman is a guest contributor to the FPIW Blog from Gig Harbor, WA.  James is Created Equal’s Media Relations Specialist and editor of the Created Equal Blog. You can also find his writing at The Federalist and on Twitter.  He can be reached at


Trump To Select Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Interior Secretary?

Several media outlets are reporting that President-elect Donald Trump will select Washington State Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers to serve as Secretary of the Interior.  McMorris Rodgers, from Spokane, has served in Congress since 2004 and is the current chair of the House Republican Conference. She is the fourth-ranking Republican in the House of Representatives.

This appointment would also impact the Washington State legislature; it is expected that several Republican state legislators would be interested in filling her vacant congressional seat in a special election that would take place next November.

To date, State Senator Michael Baumgartner and State Representative Matt Shea, both Republicans, have indicated their intent to run for the seat if McMorris Rodgers gets an appointment

Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart, a Democrat, has already announced his candidacy for the seat in next November’s special election.

If the appointment is confirmed, McMorris Rodgers would be the second member of Trump’s cabinet from Eastern Washington.  Gen. James Mattis, who has been appointed to serve as Defense Secretary, was born in Pullman and graduated from Richland High School and Central Washington University.

Updated at 6:00 am 12/10/16

Why Washington State Didn’t Follow America’s Lead

Following this week’s elections, FPIW’s Joseph Backholm, Zach Freeman, and Chris Plante sat down to talk about why Washington State’s elections didn’t go as well for conservatives as other elections did nationally.

It all comes down to one thing: high voter turnout in Western Washington, and low voter turnout in Central and Eastern Washington. Listen here:

10 Reasons Trump’s Election Could Be Good for Social Conservatives

So guess what? That guy with the bad hair who yells “you’re fired” at people on the Apprentice? Yeah. He just got elected President.

While the reactions are mixed across the political spectrum, the result could be good news for social conservatives across the country.

Here are ten reasons social conservatives (whether you voted for him or not) have some reason for optimism.

  1. Planned Parenthood can be defunded. The House and Senate both passed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood that was vetoed by President Obama. Trump has said he would sign legislation if it came to his desk which would require Planned Parenthood to go fund themselves.
  1. The Supreme Court will not be stacked with progressives. When Justice Antonin Scalia died, it left a vacancy on the court that remains unfilled. If Hillary Clinton had nominated Scalia’s replacement, the harm to the First Amendment and life could have been devastating. However, if President-elect Trump follows through on his commitment to nominate an originalist justice to the bench, it will likely mean good things for civil liberties and the protection of the unborn.
  1. ObamaCare can be repealed. Multiple times, Congress passed legislation to repeal ObamaCare along with its promotion of abortion and multiple threats to conscience rights. President Obama, however, was in no mood to repeal legislation that is the foundation of his legacy. President-elect Trump has promised repeatedly to repeal ObamaCare and will begin his term with Congressional leadership that has repeatedly shown a willingness to do so.
  1. The open bathroom mandate can be removed. Earlier this year, President Obama issued a memo telling every school district in the country that they would lose education funding unless they forced the girls in their schools to share showers and locker rooms with boys who believe they are girls. A new memo from a new President can eliminate this threat as quickly as it was created.
  1. The Health and Human Service Mandate can be repealed: After ObamaCare was passed, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a mandate that requires all employer health plans to provide free contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs, regardless of any moral or religious objections. This is the mandate that put Little Sisters of the Poor, a nunnery, at odds with the federal government because they did not want to pay for contraceptives. However, since this mandate was simply an agency directive rather than an act of Congress, a new directive from new agency leadership can solve the problem quickly.
  1. The Hyde Amendment will not be repealed. The Hyde Amendment prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion and the abortion industry has wanted to get rid of it for decades. Secretary Clinton had promised to do her best to get rid of the Hyde Amendment if elected. However, with pro-life majorities in Congress and the White House, the Hyde Amendment looks to be very safe.
  1. The Johnson Amendment can be repealed. For years, churches in America have lived under threat of IRS punishment if they did or said something “political”. This is because in 1954, then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson passed a rule prohibiting religious 501(c)3 organizations from engaging in “electioneering”.   While the threat is largely a paper tiger (no church has ever lost their tax exempt status for saying something about politics) it remains a source of great confusion in religious communities. During the campaign, Mr. Trump promised to repeal the Johnson Amendment to clarify that churches are free to speak and act according to their faith without fear of IRS reprisal.
  1. Hope for the Pain-Capable Abortion Act. Earlier this year, Congress passed the Pain Capable Abortion act making it illegal to kill a baby who is capable of feeling pain after 20 weeks gestation. While Trump has not made a public statement about this legislation specifically, it is difficult to imagine him using a veto on it if it were to pass Congress.
  1. Hope for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). Earlier this year, legislation was introduced in Congress that would prohibit the government from discriminating against people because of their beliefs. The legislation is necessary because people like Chief Kelvin Cochran are increasingly being fired from public sector jobs simply because of their beliefs. FADA was well received in Congress but almost certain to be vetoed in a Clinton Administration. Now, it has a very real chance.
  1. Protecting Religious Education. This year in California, progressives attempted to pass legislation that would cut off religious institutions from access to federal loans or aid because of their beliefs about marriage, gender, and sexuality. If that effort was successful at the federal level, estimates are that sixty percent of Christian universities would be forced to close their doors.   While state battles around this issue are likely to continue, yesterday’s election results all but guarantee this assault on religious education is no longer imminent at the federal level.

One election does not solve our cultural or political challenges, but for social conservatives who have been wandering in the wilderness for eight years, there is reason for optimism.

But do not be naïve enough to believe the work is over now that the election is over. Political pressures will once again pressure those who talked a good game during campaign season to take the path of least resistance during legislating season.

As the saying goes, if it is to be, it is up to me. Let’s make it happen.

2016 Washington State Elections Results

Aside from the national implications, much is on the line here in Washington State tonight.

The Washington Secretary of State’s office has announced the first round of results from tonight’s elections, giving us our first look.  These numbers are not final.  Votes from drop-off and mail-in ballots will continue to be counted in the coming days.

Statewide Offices

Governor’s Race

Bryant, Bill (R) – 848,681 (43.68%)

Inslee, Jay (D) – 1,094,123 (56.32%)


Lieutenant Governor’s Race

Habib, Cyrus (D) – 1,051,024 (55.81%)

McClendon, Marty (R) – 832,186 (44.19%)


State Auditor

McCarthy, Patrice (D) – 998,802 (54.03%)

Miloscia, Mark (R) – 849,758 (45.97%)


Attorney General

Ferguson, Robert (D) – 1,248,789 (69.23%)

Trumbull, Joshua (R) – 555,038 (30.77%)


Secretary of State

Podlodowski, Tina (D) – 884,471 (46.86%)

Wyman, Kim (R) – 1,003,067 (53.14%)



Davidson, Duane (R) – 958,664 (58.64%)

Waite, Michael (R) – 676,078 (41.36%)


Insurance Commissioner

Kreidler, Mike (D) – 1,102,232 (60.04%)

Schrock, Richard (R) – 733,627 (39.96%)


Commissioner of Public Lands

Franz, Hilary (D) – 1,018,495 (54.90%)

McLaughlin, Steve (R) – 836,703 (45.10%)


Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jones, Erin – 784,961 (48.84%)

Reykdal, Chris – 822,184 (51.16%)

District Battleground Senate Races

5th District – Senate

Magendanz, Chad (R) – 20,525 (46.62%)

Mullet, Mark (D) – 23,499 (53.38%)


17th District – Senate

Probst, Tim (D) – 20,305 (45.94%)

Wilson, Lynda (R) – 23,895 (54.06%)


24th District – Senate

Turissini, Danille (R) – 21,281 (41.26%)

Van De Wege, Kevin (D) – 30,292 (58.74%)


28th District – Senate

O’Ban, Steve (R) – 15,309 (52.33%)

Peloquin, Marisa (D) – 13,947 (47.67%)


41st District – Senate

Litzow, Steve (R) – 19,531 (44.85%)

Wellman, Lisa (D) – 24,015 (55.15%)


District Battleground House Races


5th District – House, Seat 2

Burner, Darcy (D) – 21,654 (49.70%)

Graves, Paul (R) – 21,912 (50.30%)


17th District – House, Seat 1

Kim, Sam (D) – 21,748 (49.45%)

Kraft, Vicki (R) – 22,229 (50.55%)


26th District – House, Seat 1

Seaquist, Larry (D) – 18,617 (45.13%)

Young, Jesse (R) – 22,639 (54.87%)


28th District – House, Seat 2

Kilduff, Christine (D) – 15,980 (55.04%)

Wagemann, Paul (R) – 13,052 (44.96%)


30th District – House, Seat 1

Kochmar, Linda (R) – 12,688 (44.70%)

Pellicciotti, Mike (D) – 15,694 (55.30%)


30th District – House, Seat 2

Hickel, Teri (R) – 13,555 (47.79%)

Reeves, Kristine (D) – 14,806 (52.21%)

Election Day Resources and Results

Today is Election Day!  If you haven’t yet returned your ballot, you have until 8pm PST to do so. You can print a replacement ballot here, and find a list of drop-box locations here.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date on the elections results, here’s your best bet:

  1. Follow FPIW on Twitter for up-to-the minute updates on federal and state elections.
  2. Washington’s state elections close at 8pm PST.  Visit the Secretary of State’s page for live election results.  You can also download the WA Election Results app from the Google Play or the App Store.
  3. Tune into FPIW’s Facebook page tomorrow morning, Wednesday, November 9th at 9:00am PST for a livestream recap of tonight’s election results.

Opinion: What Would Life for Christians Look Like Under a Clinton Presidency?

During the second presidential debate, Gorbah Hamed, a Muslim woman, asked Donald Trump to address her fears about living as a Muslim in the United States following the presidential election.

This isn’t the first time the media has asked questions about what life for Muslims would look like under a Trump presidency, and rightly so. Ever since Trump infamously proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States, journalists have been eagerly raising questions about whether the Republican nominee is a closeted Islamophobe, anxiously awaiting the opportunity to deny Muslims their constitutional rights.

Ironically (or not, depending on your opinions about the news media), I haven’t yet heard journalists ask an analogous question of Secretary Clinton: What would life for Christians look like under a Clinton presidency?

What reasons has Mrs. Clinton given for Christians to be so concerned about their constitutional right to live according to the precepts of their faith and the dictates of their consciences?

First, Clinton supports coercive non-discrimination statutes that trample upon the consciences of religious organizations and Christian business owners.

In remarks made to an event hosted by the militantly anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign, Clinton voiced her support for the Federal Equality Act. Critics warn that the Federal Equality Act would dismantle the essential pillars of religious liberty protections by amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

If signed by President Clinton, the Federal Equality Act could be used to compel Christian colleges to allow transgender biological males to live in female dorms. Likewise, Christian ministries should expect penalties if they refuse to employ practicing homosexuals. And Catholic adoption agencies could lose their licenses to operate if they follow their Church’s teaching by refusing to provide their services to same-sex couples. (Catholic adoption agencies have already stopped operating in both Massachusetts and Illinois because of similar state non-discrimination laws – an unfortunate development for the tens of thousands of children waiting to be adopted every year).

Mrs. Clinton also decried the Supreme Court’s ruling that allows Christian-owned companies like Hobby Lobby to refrain from providing abortifacients to employees. She called the Supreme Court’s affirmation of the business owners’ right of conscience “deeply disturbing.”

Under a Clinton administration, religious organizations and Christian business owners who don’t agree with the federal government’s revolutionary legal assaults on life, marriage, and gender should anticipate being given two options: repudiate the doctrines of your faith or expect the fist of government to squash you.

Second, consider Hillary Clinton’s comments at the 2015 Women in the World Summit regarding abortion. In her keynote address, she expressed her regret that too many women are “denied” reproductive healthcare [code word: abortion] and expressly stated that “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Christians find Clinton’s radical positions on abortion even more frightening when they realize that the Progressive Left, which is financing Clinton’s candidacy, supports using the federal government to force Christian doctors and hospitals to provide abortions, violating the most sacred human right protected by the First Amendment.

Third, Mrs. Clinton would nominate far-left judges who share her vision to limit the constitutional rights of Christians. The battle for religious liberty will be fought in court – and if Hillary Clinton is able to nominate judges of her choosing, that battle for religious liberty will be lost.

Christians have a lot to fear from a Clinton administration concerning their rights. Mrs. Clinton has made it clear that she’s not going to respect the constitutional protections of religious liberty, freedom of conscience, free speech, free association, and liberty of contract.

The mainstream media’s silence about Mrs. Clinton’s hostility toward the rights of Christians is revealing. Muslims are justifiably concerned about Mr. Trump rising to our nation’s highest office, and it is appropriate for the media to share those concerns with the public. So, too, are Christians justifiably concerned about Mrs. Clinton winning the election – but their concerns are being dismissed and buried by journalists with a political agenda.

Blaine Conzatti is a columnist and 2016 Research Fellow at the Family Policy Institute of Washington. He can be reached at

Podcast: FPIW Pre-Election Analysis

Today on the program, hear FPIW’s analysis of the upcoming elections at the state and national level, and hear more about the story that broke yesterday on Planned Parenthood’s political involvement.

October Surprise: Planned Parenthood Dumps $253,069 Into WA Elections

Public Disclosure Commission records show that at least twelve different Planned Parenthood-affiliated entities directly influenced Washington elections in October.

Three of these entities, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest, Planned Parenthood Votes! Washington, and Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest Washington PAC, made a total of 170 separate independent expenditures totaling $243,769.26.

This total does not include an additional $9,000 in direct cash contributions that these entities gave to campaigns.

State law allows certain types entities to spend money to influence campaigns through independent expenditures, however, Planned Parenthood, an organization that routinely receives $500 million or more every year from government sources, is already under scrutiny for giving $75,000 to the Planned Parenthood Votes Washington PAC in September.

Previous PDC records showed that “Planned Parenthood” in New York City made the contribution.  Senator Mike Padden sent a 45-day letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson formally asking the AG’s office to investigate if this contribution was made using taxpayer funds, a violation of federal law.

The Attorney General himself has received $2,717.05 in support from Planned Parenthood.

Other races Planned Parenthood spent money to influence in October include:

  • $56,467.21 to promote Democrat Marisa Peloquin over Republican Steve O’Ban in District 28
  • $43,332.08 to promote Democrat Lisa Wellman over Republican Steve Litzow in Senate District 41
  • $20,083.28 to promote Democrats Mike Pellicciotti and Kristine Reeves over Republicans Teri Hickel and Linda Kochmar in House District 30
  • $19,721.40 to promote Democrat Tim Probst over Lynda Wilson in Senate District 17
  • $7,401.15 to influence the State Supreme Court elections
  • $5,574.26 to influence the Superintendent of Public Instruction Race
  • $4,293.94 to influence the Insurance Commissioner’s Race
  • $2,694.78 to influence the State Auditor’s Race
  • $2,467.05 to influence the Secretary of State’s Race
  • $1,738.02 to influence the Minimum Wage Initiative and Gun Access Reform Initiative

You can see the full list of contributions here.

All contributions were made on behalf of Democrats, with the exdeption of Republican Michael Waite who is one of two Republican candidates running for State Treasurer.

Planned Parenthood is spending vigorously to protect their power and influence in Olympia.  They’re continuing their federal lawsuit against FPIW as well, hoping to keep public records from being released about the group’s activities in Washington.

If you’d like to help counter the influence of Planned Parenthood in our state, and would like to invest in pro-life, pro-family causes, please consider financially supporting our work.