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Reykdal Showcases Bias, Misinterpretation of Human Rights and Religious Liberty at OSPI

As a former member of the Washington House and Senate, I’ve had many opportunities to work with Chris Reykdal, currently Washington’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. Chris is a very intelligent, genuine, and honest man – someone I, despite our many disagreements, have always respected.

But I will admit that I was a little surprised last week to see Reykdal go so far as to claim that a federal Department of Education rule regarding religious institutions hiring only people who practiced and believed in their religion was,

Women Under Attack by Democrat-Controlled Legislatures

HB 2201, a bill to protect women’s sports in Washington State, has been introduced by Rep. Brad Klippert (R-Kennewick).

Women’s sports have long been a method for women to achieve scholarships or compete on the world stage. If women are forced to continue competing against male athletes, who, in every way other than their own claim, are men and have a clear biological advantage in many cases, women’s athletic achievement will be at significant risk.

FPIW Files Amicus Brief in Case to Challenge Discriminatory State-Level Blaine Amendments

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court begins hearing deliberations in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. Translation: one of the year’s first major religious liberty cases – with serious implications for the future of our public schools – starts today.

Brief History

In 1876, Maine Congressman James G. Blaine proposed a federal constitutional amendment that would forcefully secularize a good portion of what existed as the national education system at that time.

Seattle Times v CRISTA – Pastors Speak Out



The following is an op-ed that several allied, Seattle-based pastors sent to the Seattle Times recently.  Unfortunately, the Times refused to run the piece. Nonetheless, we think it is important and strong enough that you should see it.

If you are so moved, you can send the text to the Seattle Times editorial board at oped@seattletimes.com,

Christians Not Welcome! Speaker selection sends wrong message about Democratic Party

The Washington State House Democratic Caucus made a bold statement, and history, in recent weeks in choosing

Rep Laurie Jinkins (D-Tacoma) to be the first woman, and first lesbian Speaker of the House. She replaced long-time serving (20 years) Speaker Frank Chopp who was recently pushed out mid-term in an unprecedented maneuver by the growing number of radical leftists taking over the Democratic Party here in Washington and across the country.


How to Stop Seattle from Dying: Faith!

Despite politicians taxing billions more for government education, homeless, and human service programs, it is evident that KOMO 4  Eric Johnson’s TV report was correct, “Seattle is Dying.” Emotionally, mentally, physically, and especially spiritually, Seattle is dying with no solutions in sight.

The leaders and opinionmakers who run Seattle and this state continue to blame the “usual” suspects (racism, men, insufficient taxes, inequality, capitalism, Republicans, and Trump) for their failures.

A New Religious War

A new religious war has started in America and WA state, declared by the “Nones.”

The “Nones” (people with No Religious Affiliation), having grown in size and passion the past two decades, and after recently conquering and radicalizing the Democratic Party, News Media, Hollywood, governments, and Academia, have decided to openly battle and defeat their longtime, enemies—Faithful Christians, Orthodox Jews, and Muslims.

Also targeted is the Republican Party and those remaining groups,

Activists, Not Pacifists

Have today’s Christians activists have embraced a stereotypical weak, pacifist (dovish, nonaggressive, appeaser, meek, noncombative) attitude that guarantees failure in the public square? Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, makes a call for real Christian action that is spot on.   We must reject our opponents continued calls and threats for Christians to be invisible, passive, and silent!  The Rev. MLK Jr did not put his light under a bushel basket and back down to his enemies demands.