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Macy’s Employee Fired After Questioning Man in Women’s Bathroom


Javier Chavez, a Macy’s employee in Queens, New York, has been fired over his questioning of a man entering the women’s bathroom.

A concerned customer and her daughter had reported that a man had entered into the women’s bathroom.  They sought out Chavez, the store’s Senior Detective, to check on the situation and ask the man to leave the women’s bathroom.  Upon being questioned about his intentions, the man informed Chavez that he was really a transgendered woman,

Gentleman: Let’s Not Be Afraid to Name Our Enemies


Yesterday, on Bastille Day, another tragic terrorist attack occurred in Nice, France.

31-year old Mohamed Bouhel drove a rented delivery truck through a crowded street, running down men, women, and children along the way.  Authorities have reported as many as 84 people have ben killed and over 200 seriously injured.  Although no particular terrorist groups are claiming responsibility for this incident, social media accounts linked to both ISIS and Al-Qaeda celebrated the horrendous act.

Opinion: ‘Knock Someone Up in Texas’ Tweet Displays Left’s Logical Fallacies


On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-3 that Texas cannot place restrictions on abortion clinics on the basis that it would create an “undue burden for women seeking an abortion.”  With that ruling, Texas’ HB2 was overturned.

Had this not been the outcome, opponents had said that Texas’ law would have shut down abortion clinics all over the state. Justice Ginsburg even insinuated that the law was intended to close options for abortion to women rather than provide them with safe and accessible facilities.

New California Proposal Puts Pressure on Faith-Based Colleges


Title IX of the Civil Rights Act prohibits a person from being excluded from any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance on the basis of his or her sex.

Additionally, the Equity in Higher Education Act prohibits a person from being subjected to discrimination on the basis of specified attributes — namely sex — from any program or activity offered by postsecondary education institutions that benefit from state financial assistance or whose students accept state financial aid.

Alaska: Running Alongside the Lower 48 in Gender Inclusivity


Gender neutrality and transgenderism are certainly hot topics in the realm of bathroom and locker room policies, but high school sports are now starting to see the impact as well. Despite President Obama’s threat to remove federal funding from schools that did not facilitate gender neutral bathrooms, the official law as it relates to gender still differs from state to state.

For example, while a high school in Illinois is happy to have a biological female on their boys’ lacrosse team,