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Why the Left Thinks a Woman Can Have a “Male Brain” but a Man Can’t

You probably know by now that Google fired one of their engineers, for writing a memo accusing the company of being closed minded to different viewpoints.

James Damore suggested it might be possible that computer science is a field dominated by men because women, by virtue of being women, actually prefer other jobs.

This was Google’s idea of a capital offense.

One brave female scientist had the courage to write an article discussing the science that explains why he is correct and we collectively wonder whether she will be forced to walk the plank as well.  

What Google’s Firing of Free Thinker Says About the Left

The tolerance movement claims another victim. This time, at Google.

An Engineer named James Damore wrote a 10 page memo claiming that Google has created an environment that is hostile to differences of opinion.

In the memo, he wrote, “This silencing has created an ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed”.

He went on to suggest that the over-representation of men in technology jobs could be,

WA Democrats: If You Don’t Support Abortion, We Don’t Support You

The Democratic party has long been the party associated with abortion.  But Washington State Democrats have taken the next step.

Many Democrats nationally were irked recently  when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington DC said that it will help elect pro-life Democrats in their effort to take back the House of Representatives in Washington DC.

That won’t be happening here in Washington State.

In an interview with The Stranger,

Maybe the Dumbest Headline Ever

Every journalist hates the term “fake news”.

They want to be taken seriously.

But sometimes they justify the label.

For example, this headline.


Transgender man gives birth to a boy?

I could have sworn I saw this headline on the cover of the National Enquirer about fifteen years ago when the line between the intentionally ridiculous and the serious wasn’t quite so fuzzy.

Key State Senate Race A Dead-Heat After Primary

A race that will likely decide the balance of power in the Washington State Senate next year is virtually tied based on early primary results released Tuesday evening.

With the Republicans currently holding a 25-24 majority in the state Senate, this seat, now held by the Republicans, is an opportunity for the Democrats to take back Senate leadership that has been controlled by the Republicans since 2012.

Democrat Manka Dhingra was leading the primary with 11,928 votes (50.54%). 

King County Board of Health Vote Forces “Limited Service Pregnancy Centers” to Post Warnings

The outcome was predetermined, but it was still a little bit surprising.

The meeting began with an hour of public testimony, limited to one minute per speaker, and dominated by those opposed to the proposal targeting pregnancy centers.

Nevertheless, the King County Board of Health voted 10-1 to require “limited service pregnancy centers” to post notices in their facilities, in 48 point font in 10 different languages, that say “This facility is not a health care facility.”

Councilmember Kathy Lambert was the lone vote in opposition.

Three Reasons Progressives Want You to Hate Them

A lot of you have probably had this experience.

Someone is yelling at you. They want answers. They are demanding to know why you hate them.

You’re confused. You’re sure you don’t hate this person because, for starters, you’ve never met them before.

You’re willing to grant that they don’t make an awesome first impression, but what you feel isn’t close to hate.

But the accusation is frustrating,

The Collateral Damage of the War on Reality

As two more recent stories indicate, the war on gender has nothing to do with bathrooms.

In the first story, a Canadian parent wants their child’s birth certificate to be the first to identify a baby as neither male or female. The parent, who identifies as neither male or female, had this to say about the baby.

“I’m recognizing them as a baby and trying to give them all the love and support to be the most whole person that they can be outside of the restrictions that come with the boy box and the girl box.”

While all of this started as a call for compassion for the tiny percentage of the population who feel like they are the “other”

The Charlie Gard Story is the Fruit of a Terrible, Progressive Tree

Charlie Gard is a British baby who has a genetic illness that is probably terminal. He has been on life support, but the British doctors wanted to remove life support.

Not wanting to give up hope, Charlie’s parents raised over a million dollars to bring their child to the US for an experimental treatment that might save his life, though likely wouldn’t prevent him from being disabled.

But the hospital refused to release him to his parents so they could try.

Will a Privacy Law Ruin Washington’s Economy?

Why should you be cool with men undressing in front of girls?

Because money.

That’s the argument being made by opponents of privacy rights in Washington State. They claim that if Washington State adopts rules that require schools to separate facilities based on a students sex then Washington’s economy will collapse.

Their evidence? North Carolina.

You may be recall that North Carolina passed a bill called HB 2 which,