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Comprehensive Sexual Education: There is an alternative

One reading of most modern Sex Education materials makes parents cry aloud, “What can I do?”

After reading materials, parents say, “This makes me uncomfortable.” Explaining why is difficult without spending hours and finding something more comfortable as a replacement is nearly impossible. When a parent expresses their concerns to school personnel, they are told one or more of the following comments.

  • We are required to teach this.
  • We tone the materials down.

Composting Humans

Substitute Senate Bill 5001 has already been passed out of committee and is ready to go to the floor for debate. It’s companion bill in the House, HB 1162, will be debated this afternoon. While this bill does not require composting of human remains, it brings up serious questions about the dignity of the body and the extreme positions of some in the legislature. These bills are garnering national attention, and Laurie Higgins from the Illinois Family Institute graciously granted FPIW permission to reprint her article here.

What to Say to Your Elected Officials About Contract Surrogacy

By Katy Faust

The “Uniform Parentage Act” in Washington State is some of the most radical and dangerous legislation regarding the rights of children. PLEASE SHARE this post and tag your Washington friends.

According to Senate Bill 6037 there are no limits on the number, sex, marital status, or genetic connection of the adults who can become “parents” of a child. Six men could, for example, draft a contract,

Six Reasons Why Washington State’s “Uniform Parentage Act” Should Die A Terrible Death

By Katy Faust

The Washington State legislature is planning to ring in the new year by violating children’s rights as they consider SB 6037, “The Uniform Parenting Act.”  

In discussions on family structure- whether you’re talking about marriage, divorce, or the booming fertility industry- the desire of adults takes center stage.  SB 6037 is no different. If you peruse the 55-page bill you’ll discover that any consideration of the rights or needs of children is shockingly absent.  

Trans Activists Trying to Make Parents Decide: Castration or Suicide?

By Silence*

Disagree with transgender activists for very long at all and they’ll probably accuse of you of causing the deaths of transgender people.

That was the case when a feminist conference planned an event where they would sell cupcakes decorated to look like women’s genitalia. The organizers were told that linking the idea of women with female reproductive organs was, “literally the primary tenet of trans-exterminatory feminism* and that branch of feminism has literally killed** trans women.” They were told,

Donald Trump Could Make This One Problem Go Away Today

by Silence*

trumpIf you’ve found yourself outraged by the story of Donald Trump walking in on beauty pageant contestants in their changing room, while they were undressed, including minor girls, consider this:

Donald Trump could make this story go away tomorrow if he came out as a trans woman or non-binary and, in our current media climate, no one would ever bring it up again.

The Important Difference Between Sex and Gender

By Silence*

Second trigger warning: Zack Ford

Earlier this week, we talked about how Zack Ford at ThinkProgress, an editor at one of the most respected publications in left-wing politics, has begun advocating forcible genital amputation for children.

Let’s get back to wondering how anyone can be as cheerfully self-satisfied as Zack Ford about promoting the sterilization of minors as an uncontrolled exercise in off-label intervention for body dysphoria,

Gender Warriors Advocating Forced Genital Amputation of Children

by Silence*

Trigger warning: Zack Ford

Zack Ford’s recent post at Think Progress, where he comes out strongly in favor of sterilizing and/or amputating the genitals of minor children in response to the American College of Pediatricians, is so reflexively contrarian, I worry about what would happen if the ACP released a statement opposing jumping off cliffs.

Ford is the LGBT Editor at ThinkProgress.org,

Women and the Politics of Pornography

by Silence*

Content Warning: Every Link

Feminists used to be famous for speaking out against pornography. Then the left got mad at them for it. Liberals even accused them of working with conservatives in the 1980s, though it wasn’t true. Gradually, men affiliated with the left found more compliant women to be the public face of feminism, many of them either drawn from the sex industry or groomed by porn-worshipping male liberals to expect no better for themselves.