Inslee Says Economy “Not Close” to Re-Opening While Abortion Clinics Remain Operational

As the number of new COVID-19 cases in our state begins to rapidly decrease, Washingtonians are beginning to realize the economic impacts of more than month of statewide shutdown. “Non-essential” workers are still being required to stay at home, and all “non-essential” businesses and non-profits required to close – that is, except for abortion clinics.

Our governor had previously extended the state’s mandatory shutdown to May 4, but with that date rapidly approaching, he is thought to be mulling yet another extension, which would force the economy to remain closed and people to stay at home for even longer. Fortunately, some of our state’s larger employers, like Boeing, are actively planning to return to normal operations as early as Monday.

Scientific data has shown that social distancing has been effective, but the economic cost of that gain is significant. Finding the right balance between economic stability and smart policy as it relates to COVID-19 is essential if we are to mitigate the trickle-down economic effects of the shutdown.

Yet another angle to this story, however, is the puzzling continuation of the abortion industry’s grip on “essential” status. Despite an ongoing statewide ban on elective medical and dental procedures, abortion clinics have been allowed to remain in operation, despite more than 98% of their procedures being elective in nature, and not medically necessary. Many states have forced their abortion clinics to close because of the competition for scarce personal protective equipment (PPE).

Governor Jay Inslee allowed them to continue operating as if nothing has changed, but he continues to expect other medical and dental clinics to remain closed, as well as other businesses the government has deemed as “non-essential.”

FPIW believes that every business is essential to the owners and employees who are sustained by it. So long as social distancing measures are not completely cast aside, Washingtonians who want to work should be allowed to resume. In order for that to take place, the forced closure of businesses should cease. We believe it would be prudent to shift the created burden of economic weight from the government and back onto the strong national economy, where it belongs.

Government safety nets are useful for a short time, but an indefinite economic shutdown will surely fray those nets. We are calling on Governor Inslee to announce a plan to re-open our state’s economy as soon as possible, balancing the advice of disease experts with the advice of qualified economists.

We cannot fully know how long COVID-19 will continue to exist, or whether the effects of the illness may be felt for years to come. In order to fully recover, Washington State will need to ensure that the policies we implement to flatten the curve don’t simultaneously cast able-bodied members of the workforce and the vulnerable individuals we are trying to protect from illness into poverty.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to get Washington’s economy working for Washington’s families again. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section and we will be sure to share those with policymakers in our state.

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  1. Cher Miller
    Cher Miller says:

    It’s a ridiculous demand to expect that ‘we can’t go back to work UNTIL anyone/someone can guarantee (I heard that word used today) that ‘no one will get sick’. There are no guarantees in life. No one can guarantee that. Sickness has ALWAYS been on the Earth! Everyone knows that. How come all of a sudden a President is being told that ‘he must guarantee everyone that no one is going to sick or die if we ‘open up the United States for business’ again! Dems keep trying to put ‘impossible obstacles’ in this President’s way! When in America’s History has there EVER been a time when we were ‘illness-free’, much less ‘guaranteed’ it! It’s ridiculous! Americans have always taken risks – that’s why we have a Stock Market! That’s how we ‘won the West’. That’s how we entered into impossible wars and conflicts – to fight Tyranny and Wrongs. To gain our Liberty. To preserve our Nation! Loss of life has all but been ‘guaranteed’ in any fight we have ever undertaken – and this is no exception! Experts have even told us that ‘when we open up the country, the Virus is going to still be there’, and because we have locked ourselves up has NEVER BEEN to ‘kill the Virus’, but only to ‘slow it’s spread’, which we did. No matter how LONG we stay inside, we eventually have to ‘come out’. Other countries are doing it. We can do it, too. The ONLY REASON Dems are AGAINST it, is to ’cause havoc’ on the country that then they HOPE will recoil on this President, who has worked his tail off for US while the Dems have been relaxing in their mansions eating ice cream while still getting paid as though they were working. Wouldn’t you like that? But you haven’t gotten that, have you. No. But THEY DO! And they don’t have any problem with YOU losing everything! while they continue getting paid by YOU! It’s a double-whammy! They don’t care. Do they ACT like they care? No. All they seem to want to do is to spend YOUR $$$ on EVERYTHING BUT YOU, and just waste it and give it away to their political friends and Planned Parenthood, who always give Dems lots of $$$ in ‘donations’. I wonder why… I give to you from the Govt., and then you give it back to me, and we’ll give you ‘perks’ from the Govt. How about that? Well, it’s working out well for Planned Parenthood, isn’t it. But the People are ONTO Dems now, and we’re looking ahead to Elections, and we’ve learned lessons from all this, as to how Dems really HATE everything that is Good about America, and ANYONE who WANTS what’s Good for America, and for WE the People. So you go ahead and make your fake claims about ‘how we have to go slow, and wait…’ while we are out here DYING, not from the Virus, but because our Businesses are DYING, and our PEOPLE are out of Work because there IS NO WORK because THERE IS NO BUSINESS, and just keep on talking about ‘going slow so the Virus doesn’t get us’, knowing that it WILL no matter what we do, while YOU and YOUR FAMILY are just FINE while you continue to ‘get your full paycheck’ without doing much work for it! and we are SUFFERING! You go ahead. But we’ll not forget this!

  2. Donna G
    Donna G says:

    We know its all about control and once you’ve got it, its very difficult to let go.
    Our civil liberties are being stomped on in a major way, our civil, constitutional rights are being denied and the dems like it like this. Stay home if you’re afraid, we absolutely need to reclaim our lives and our land.

  3. Judy Lagerwey
    Judy Lagerwey says:

    It’s really quite simple! Those who are sick, susceptible, or scared, stay home! Those that do not fall into any of those categories can get back to work. We should have NEVER let big brother tell us what to do. Our civil liberties have been violated. If people’s right to work and earn an income to support their families is not restored ASAP, many problems WAY worse than the “Coronavirus” will ensue.


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