SeXXX Education Bill Passes, Others Advance, While Public Distracted by Coronavirus

Very, very early at 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, after a 6-hour debate and several days after Governor Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency over the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, Democrats in the Washington House of Representatives pushed SB 5395, the SeXXX Education Bill, through to final passage.

At the time of this writing, the coronavirus has claimed fourteen lives here in Washington State. Schools are beginning to close as infections pop up around the nation. It is, no doubt, a serious public health concern and, I believe, worthy of the governor’s emergency declaration. It is deserving of our full attention.

Several bills have moved during this health crisis that the public may not be aware of, and due to the concerns, public interaction has been much lower.

  • SB 5395, the SeXXX Education Bill, was moved from committee and passed;
  • HB 1775, which would legalize underage prostitution, has been moved all the way to the Senate Rules Committee – the final step before a floor vote;
  • SB 6037, which would create racist hiring quotas for businesses, was passed by the House and the Senate

Ironically, another one of the bills that has moved during this time of public health concern is HB 1551, a bill that downplays the seriousness of someone intentionally infecting others with a communicable disease. This may demonstrate a disconnect between funding for the coronavirus and good public policy.

Less than one week remains in the legislative session and experts say the coronavirus is likely to spread in Washington – not decrease – during that time. There’s less than one week left in the legislative session, so please do not disengage now.

Mark 12:31 tells us that we are called to “love our neighbors,” and help out in times of public need. And we should continue to do those things.

But we also need to remain diligent in the realm of government, where those who seek to end religious freedom, enshrine up-to-the-birth abortions, and cut down parental rights currently retain a significant amount of power.

Don’t unplug from the public process. Hold your legislators accountable and continue to advocate for you and your family – even during a public health crisis. The Washington legislative hotline number is 1-800-562-6000.

And remember – every member of the Washington State House of Representatives is up for re-election this year. If you aren’t happy with the way you’re represented, do something about it. Reach out to us at to start a conversation.

We’ll continue to keep the FPIW Bill Tracker live and up-to-date.

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  1. Lucille Scott
    Lucille Scott says:

    I have never felt so violated by those elected to our government in Olympia Washington. I feel betrayed. You are always saying it’s for the kids, it’s for the kids and then you go and pass bill SB 5395 the sex Ed bill. Devastating. How could you do that even as parents and grandparents. Some of you will not have your jobs when Nov comes. Then to know the wrong and pass the bill at 2am. Wow!! Disappointed
    Then you pass bill HB1775 About underage prostitution. Most of you are parents. Think about what you are doing and what you are doing to our kids, your kids. It’s hazard enough growing up today without you guys destroying their lives before they have a say about their lives and you are taking away more parent control. Help us don’t destroy our families

  2. Lacynda
    Lacynda says:

    HB 1775 does not legalize child prostitution. It prevents the prosecution of the child, instead treating them as the victim of the crime, instead of the perpetrator. Readers I suggest you look at the actual bills before buying into the propsganda on this site.

    • Mark Miloscia
      Mark Miloscia says:

      Engaging in prostitution under 18 is no longer a crime for the male or female child prostitute–please read the bill. Soon it will be legal for those over 18. We currently have diversion programs for those prostitutes who are victims to avoid prosecution. This makes it harder for a parent (or police) to stop their child from engaging in the “worlds oldest profession.” Think, who else benefits from making it easier to procure child sex workers?

    • Jesse Schilling
      Jesse Schilling says:

      This is the verbiage in bill 1775: “The department shall convene a work group to study, analyze, and issue recommendations regarding how decriminalizing prostitution and prostitution loitering for persons under eighteen will impact law enforcement and prosecutor efforts and ability to discover and access the victim’s cell phone records to aid in prosecution of the perpetrator or abuser. The work group must issue recommendations to appropriate committees of the legislature by October 31, 2021.”

      Logically, I do not see a victim being criminalized in the first place if these minors are being viewed as victims. So who is the task force studying? Minors engaged in prostitution. The question is who gets charged with a crime? Was if forceable prostitution? This language is unclear to me, perhaps someone could weigh in.

  3. Michael
    Michael says:

    Doesn’t matter who’s up for re-election in this deep blue state, King County decides who wins what election and what laws pass and even if one doesn’t go their way a judge steps in and starts making laws instead of interpreting them.

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent says:

      “I can see all the votes I need from the top of the Space Needle’ – former U.S. Senator Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson.


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