Seattle Times v CRISTA – Pastors Speak Out


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  1. Barb Beal
    Barb Beal says:

    Thank you for sharing what is going on in this State against the Christian’s. I had no idea how bad it is with Christian and Messianic believing community. I know how anti Semitic it is just from different family members.

  2. Laurie Coykendall
    Laurie Coykendall says:

    When people are ridiculed for their Christian beliefs, we are told in the Beatitudes that they are blessed, especially if suffering for hatred of Jesus Christ. However, we live in a land where religious freedom and the freedom of speech are the first rights listed in the Bill of Rights. As we watch politicians, media and everyday people promote silencing Christian voices through means such as not printing letters, not giving voice to those who disagree with anti-Christian rhetoric and deny even basic biological truths such as when life begins and heterosexual marriage as good, it is time for those who believe in Truth to stand up and be present. We must first unite in prayer, but then let out light shine, and not hide it under a bushel basket. When I attempted to share this important story on Facebook, I was unable to do so, indicating possible media censorship or blockage. Please share this story in an email today to your list of subscribers, as it is shocking news. Thank you at FPIW for being a voice for Christians, the marginalized and the preborn. Sincerely, Laurie Cpykendall, Western Washington Coalition for Life


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