A New Religious War

A new religious war has started in America and WA state, declared by the “Nones.”

The “Nones” (people with No Religious Affiliation), having grown in size and passion the past two decades, and after recently conquering and radicalizing the Democratic Party, News Media, Hollywood, governments, and Academia, have decided to openly battle and defeat their longtime, enemies—Faithful Christians, Orthodox Jews, and Muslims.

Also targeted is the Republican Party and those remaining groups, businesses, politicians, and other organizations who publicly support life, marriage, children, family, and public religious believers.

Danny Westneat, an influential Seattle Times writer and self-declared None, is not shy about sharing his hostility for Christians and their supporters, like the Republican Party.  Brazenly, Danny recently advised the GOP that they needed to “dump God,” if they ever wanted success. Danny’s friendly advice is one thing, but the real bullying, intimidation, and economic or political terrorism being practiced by the Nones, the Democrat Party, and the libertine, LGBT, Abortion, Feminist, and Socialist movements are real.

The Nones now automatically attack or silence all religious believers, their businesses and organizations, and public supporters until they are either co-opted or destroyed.  It is not enough for a person or government or leader to be a neutral or silent, one now must openly support these issues or beliefs, or you will be marginalized or ruined.

Trust me on this, I was a 24-year Democratic Party member and seven-term legislator, and I saw up close how the Nones and their “take no prisoners” allies took over the Democrat Party, the shrinking left-leaning Christian denominations, and related groups the last 40 years.  Now, they’re coming for everyone else!

Today, the great majority of religions still believe, and the science agrees, that lifelong, monogamous, heterosexual marriage, lived within a faith tradition that promotes marriage, family, and children, better assures prosperity and true happiness for a person, their children, family, and community.

These also believe that parents, local communities, and governments should discourage deadly vices like drugs, abortions, child sexual activities, and improper sexual promiscuity, such as adultery and LGBT activities. They are sinful to God and harmful to children, marriages, families, and society. They also believe that children must listen, honor and obey their parents and “God.” These are the “facts” of most religious organizations in America and across the globe.

Our country was founded on these principles, and they are the foundations for Western Civilization and American culture. These values and truths were so successful, that the vast majority of countries and cultures on every continent have embraced them.

Unfortunately, things have changed here in WA and the state capitol. The Nones, now owning the Democrat Party and recently having elected large majorities in both the House and Senate, have unleashed a wave of legislation that will reverse the progress of 3000 years of Western Judeo-Christian Culture and Civilization.  This legislation is directly aimed at harming children and religious believers.

The worst of these bills is SB5395, The Child Sexual Indoctrination Bill moving ahead in the legislature. The “Nones” and their Democrat allies, will soon teach all school children that their parents and their religious beliefs and communities are sexist, bigoted, homophobic, and hateful because they reject the secular libertine culture that the Nones want to force into our culture and country.

Even worse, with SB5395, even the words and the reality of “men” and “women” have been replaced by the never-ending number of gender categories. Soon, just calling men and women what they are and using the related pronouns will be considered a firing offense or hate crime in WA.

The advocates say this bill is “inclusive” and is just presenting sexuality information the students want “discussed.” That teachers will just present “facts” and is concerned about “school safety.”

Hogwash! They will only teach and indoctrinate the “facts” that support their libertine culture. The “facts” that most religions accept will never be “inclusively” taught by the “Nones” running our public schools and government agencies!  With SB5395, they will usurp local control to indoctrinate children starting in Kindergarten on their destructive beliefs about sex, gender, abortion, family, religion, and morality. Gender Disorder, historically a serious delusion and mental illnesses until seven years ago, is now considered normal behavior where school children will be encouraged to undergo irreversible genital mutilation.

The Nones radical agenda attacking religious believers will also be advanced with ten other bills moving in Olympia.  To highlight two bills, under the guise of helping children avoid punishment or shame, with HB 1775, children under age 18 would be able to legally engage in prostitution, and by HB 1742 they will be allowed to possess freely, distribute, print and display child pornography of themselves without consequences.

How soon before we can expect child pornography and prostitution to be “factually” taught in the school’s Sex Ed, Business, or Photography programs because the students want it “discussed” or for “school safety?” How soon until “safe child prostitution sites” are colocated with the safe heroin injection sites currently being set up in King County under the guise of “public health safety?”

These destructive bills will encourage and teach children to hate, disobey, and rebel from parental and faith community authority. Instead of bringing children closer to moms and dads and extended family, they will bring division and separation. They will end up destroying the two most critical relationships a child needs as they transit the turbulent and dangerous teen years into mature, stable adulthood—their relationship with their mother and father.

These bills will accelerate the growing nihilism, narcissism, despair, broken relationships, drug use, and suicide which are not just harming our educational and human service systems, but also children, families and our wider society.

What a horrible legislative agenda! Promoting child pornography and prostitution, encouraging child abortions and infanticide, advancing sexual libertinism and gender confusion and self-mutilation, increasing throwaway parents/families/marriages, endorsing anti-religious bigotry and parental hatred, boosting drug use and hiding runaway children from parents and foster care—no wonder our society is sick!

I am reminded of the scary fable about the Pied Piper from Hamlin from my childhood. “Eat Drink, and be Merry kids, dump God and parents, and come follow me!” cried the Pied Piper of None as he leads our children away, “Government, not mother and father, Knows Best!”

This ideological war the Nones are fighting is not new but is part of a longer 3000-year-old culture fight that began with the early Jewish prophets. It was thought won over a millennium ago with the rise of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization, but now they are back.

How can faithful Christians and faith believers win this fight?

We must unite and let our light shine!

Recently in England, hundreds of Muslim parents stormed a school meeting and demanded the anti-Muslim LGBT sexual agenda not be taught to their children or they would take their children out of school.  It took weeks, and the parents did take their children out, but now it looks like the school has temporarily backed down. The Nones can be beat!

We must do the same!

First, “a house divided cannot stand.”  It is time for Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews to wake up to the common threat, put aside our differences, and unite to defend our common values against the Nones.  All religious believers desire a state and community that allows God and faith to flourish without fear of persecution, so we must unite, and we must work together!

Next, we must recognize that we have failed our God by placing our light under a basket. We fight not just against the Nones and the Democrats this session, but against forces we can’t comprehend.

So, join this fight to save our children and family, and fight for our God, and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth!

Let us go forth two by two, into every town and place, into the town halls, school board meetings, legislative committee hearings, social media sites, letters to editors, parades, and rallies and demonstrations.

Let us meet our enemies with prayers, kindness, and love, and loudly and boldly, proclaim the “Good News” to the Nones and our neighbors, and let our light shine brightly in the public squares of our communities!

Let us make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that Jesus has commanded.

If God is for us, who can be against us!”

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  1. Lorie Lucky
    Lorie Lucky says:

    Contrary to the erroneous title of SB 5395, the “Child Sexual Indoctrination Bill” as used above, the bill is actually “Comprehensive sexual health education”. The writer seems to be pitting non-believers against “the religious” by insisting that passing such a bill will cause the decline of the family. More likely, passage of the bill will ensure that teenagers know how to avoid unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, and learn healthy practices for engaging in sex. The writer sounds hysterical over this idea, which, if sexual practices are part of a parent’s conversations with their children in the home, will only serve as supplemental information to those conversations. This is not an “us vs them” situation, with “nones” forcing any information which is improper on children…unless, that is, your particular religion is one that is homophobic, which is NOT where most mainstream religions are these days. Framing these bills in such hysterical terms is rather comical, but not rational.

    • Lyubov Petrovych
      Lyubov Petrovych says:

      For years schools provided classes to older children/teens on how to protect against STD and other issues that may arise from being sexually active. There is absolutely no need to pass these bills that actually intend to teach younger children, kindergarteners, how to engage in sexual acts. There is time for everything under the heavens. We don’t make our five-year-olds to go to college or army because they are too young for that, they need to be prepared. These bills, instead of protecting children, actually put kids at danger of destroying their little, fragile minds. So, please read more carefully the details of these bills before calling them safe! In addition, making sex education for kids mandatory deprived families of freedom! So, where is democracy then if many families are forced to do things that go against their beliefs and values?!

      • L Lucky
        L Lucky says:

        SB 5395 states that any sex ed classes must be “age appropriate”, so that doesn’t mean “teaching 3rd or 4th graders how to have sex”. It is also possible for parents to “opt out” so their kids don’t have to participate in such a class; it is not ‘mandatory’. If you want to teach John or Jane about sex on your own, have at it. Here is where you find the current prose for SB 5395 – http://lawfilesext.leg.wa.gov/biennium/2019-20/Pdf/Bill%20Reports/House/5395-S.E%20HBA%20ED%2019.pdf .
        There is nothing in this bill that suggests that kindergarteners will be having sex ed – the bill just happens to be before committees which approve education for the K-thru-12 group.


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