Activists, Not Pacifists

Have today’s Christians activists have embraced a stereotypical weak, pacifist (dovish, nonaggressive, appeaser, meek, noncombative) attitude that guarantees failure in the public square? Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, makes a call for real Christian action that is spot on.   We must reject our opponents continued calls and threats for Christians to be invisible, passive, and silent!  The Rev. MLK Jr did not put his light under a bushel basket and back down to his enemies demands. Rather, he put on his armor (Eph. 6:13) and redoubled his public witness to the Gospels of Jesus Christ and challenged his enemies! So, must we! – Mark Miloscia, FPIW Executive Director

As Christians, we are compelled to be activists, not pacifists. But in the midst of our activism to affect positive change on mankind, sadly we are more frequently coming into conflict with others also claiming Christianity.

Many of those CHINOS (Christians In Name Only,) are not willing or interested in affecting change if that change requires personal action. They hold to the name of Christ, but they do not keep the commandments.

A critical rub between Christian activists and Christian pacifists is occurring because of that resulting disparity of emphasis placed on spiritual works.

We call upon all brothers and sisters in Christ, to join us in our activism. Join the actual spiritual war for souls. Not an academic or metaphorical one, but instead join us in the escalating civic and cultural one that is preventing the lost from hearing the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Duty in this war requires more than occasional attendance at praise and learning services. Duty in the war for souls, in this year of our Lord, 2019 and beyond, requires more personal action than in any time in American history.

Duty still requires daily prayer, prayers that God will clothe us in his full armor. But those prayers must now be prayed with the expectation that the armor will be utilized.

They must now be prayed with the expectation that our armor will become muddied, and dented, and torn, as the enemy’s tactics are intensifying. Our church walls have been breached.

Christian duty now requires previously-unsummoned courage. For decades, spiritual “battle” for American Christians, mostly meant resisting personal temptation, while working to round up individual, bedeviled souls who were lost.

But the enemy has now organized those wandering souls, into civically armed regiments, intent on silencing Christians from ever publicly speaking, Biblical truth. The American Christian church has never seen this tactic.

God’s gracious peace has blessed American Christians for almost all of our 242 years. That in part has caused many to forget Satan is a lion seeking whom he may devour.

Through those centuries the American church allowed and even encouraged, the flourishing of Christian pacifists. “Blessed are the peacemakers,” became the central orthodoxy. Now under a coordinated barrage of hate-speech accusations from every direction, the church is woefully unprepared to launch counter-offensives.

Preparation for this new assault requires a major reformation of Christian church-thought and practice.

A simple example: going forward, as we sing the hymn, Onward Christian Soldiers, the lyrics – marching as to war – must take on literal meaning. 

The times demand a redefinition of duty for Christians. We must move beyond prayer and into activism, to keep our rights to minister in the future.

James 2:26 says, “Faith without works is dead.” An army without offensive tactics, is little more than the uniformed, walking dead. A religion that is unwilling to retake offensively cultural ground, that’s been lost in spiritual battle, will also soon be dead.

Christian duty, now must include engaging in inevitable verbal conflicts. These conflicts are escalating as we speak Biblical truth to an ever-expanding legion of reprobates. A reprobate is a soul that can no longer hear spiritual truth.

And perhaps above all, for our mission to survive through this war, Christian duty now requires a specific daily prayer; “Lord help me to overcome the satanic temptation to desert my post.”

General Patton in WWII said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

Rest assured, during the battle:

  • As Christian activists, if you fatigue and lag behind, we will assist you.
  • If you hesitate, we will encourage you.
  • If you begin to grumble about your duties and the unpleasantness of being attacked for our beliefs, we will remind you of our Savior and the power of His blood.
  • If you demand that we lessen our pace, or perhaps alter our mission, to include capitulation, to strike a compromise with enemies of truth… we will critique you
  • If you dig in your pacifist heels and jeopardize unity of the army of God, we will rebuke you.
  • And if you reject our Christian mission for one of liberal apostasy, we will pray for you.

But we will rigorously resist your misperception that we are less Christ-like for our bold activism, and we will chastise you for it.

And we will not apologize for the discomfort, that our condemnation of your apostasy, is causing us all.

We will be undeterred in our mission to fight on every plane, spiritual and physical, for the souls of men.

When Christ calls us, he calls us to sacrifice, even unto death, but always to action. That duty shall be daunting and virtually impossible for the Christian pacifist.

May we be found faithful and may we be found active.


Allen Whitt is the President of the West Virginia Family Policy Council and Family Policy Institute.  We thank him for sharing his essay with us.

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  1. Reggie
    Reggie says:

    “Have today’s Christians activists have embraced a stereotypical …” should probably be either “Have today’s Christian activists embraced a stereotypical …” or “Have today’s Christians embraced a stereotypical …” Poor copy editing undermines your message.

  2. Andrew Fouche
    Andrew Fouche says:

    You lost me at the first sentence.
    Other than bad grammar, trying to infer that meekness and being noncombative are weak traits doesn’t line up with the words and actions of Jesus himself. Check out the beatitudes for more on that.

    Also, the author from West Virginia is horribly ignorant when he says, “But the enemy has now organized those wandering souls, into civically armed regiments, intent on silencing Christians from ever publicly speaking, Biblical truth. The American Christian church has never seen this tactic.”
    As was pointed out earlier, MLK was an activist for this very reason. A huge subset of the American church was silenced and has dealt with these things in the past.

    In conclusion trying to pit pacifism against activism is a false dichotomy. MLK was in fact a pacifist AND an activist. Pacifism is simply resorting to non-violence, not inaction. Please, at least understand the words you are using if you’re going to write an article.

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent says:

      Sorry, but MLK was a known adulterer whose affairs were legendary. Why else were his tapped FBI phone recordings sealed for 40 years by a federal judge? In real life, MLK was a class ‘A’ phony. And as far as Jesus being noncombative, why would he fashion a whip to drive out the money lenders from the temple? Please, at least understand both USA history and the Bible if you are going to respond to an article.

      • Brian
        Brian says:

        Well, I guess that qualifies you to throw the first stone. God uses broken vessels to further His kingdom. Apparently you’re not boken…just judgmental.

      • Jeanne Hipp
        Jeanne Hipp says:

        David committed adultery & had a man killed to cover it up. Abram lied about his wife being his sister. Moses killed an Egyptian. Noah got drunk. Jacob was a liar. God has never chosen perfect people (where would he find one, to begin with?) In fact, He has always chosen the weak & flawed to show HIS righteousness & strength. He wants our righteousness & strength to come from HIM. If we wait to find a perfect person, then Satan will win because that person will never show up! God wants our faithfulness & willingness, & he wants us who fall to get up again & keep being his soldier, to keep fighting. He KNOWS we are dust & incapable on our own but he gives us his Spirit to convict us WHEN we sin; he gives us his FAMILY & his shepherds (church & pastors) to encourage, strengthen, offer light for our oath through his Word & solid teaching) & pick us up, correct us & set us back on the right path. And his Spirit reminds us that we are in a battle, every day & every moment – with an enemy that wants to tear US down personally, cripple us in our role as warrior & destroy us corporately so that we become limp & spineless, cowards to run from instead of TOWARD the battle to save souls & our country from the destruction & havoc that Satan wants to wreak on us – with ever-increasing intensity, knowing that his time is drawing to a conclusion soon.

        More than EVER in our history, we need discernment to see what tactics our enemy is using, and need to put on our spiritual armor, KNOW & USE the truth of God’s word, & be willing to be ENGAGED in the battle, not sitting back & posting pretty pictures about how blessed we are on Facebook!


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