After Fetal Brains Sold by UW, FPIW Files Public Records Request in Indiana

FPIW filed a public records request with Indiana University (IU) on Thursday morning, seeking information related to IU’s relationship with the University of Washington Birth Defects Research Laboratory (UWBDRL).

Earlier this week, FPIW learned that UWBDRL sold aborted baby brains to Indiana University on at least two separate occasions dating back to 2013.


Public records recovered in Indiana show an invoice from UWBDRL charging Indiana University for two aborted fetal brains.

Some critics have questioned whether UWBDRL may have violated federal human trafficking laws that prohibit the sale of fetal tissue.  But this development is especially concerning considering the outstanding questions about UWBDRL’s business arrangement with Planned Parenthood clinics in Washington State.

You can read FPIW’s public records request letter here.

FPIW is being sued by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry following the filing of a public records request with the University of Washington. We must know what financial arrangements UW has with Planned Parenthood, and we won’t stop until the people get the answers they are entitled to.  We’re in this battle. Will you fight alongside us?



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  1. Michele Cotterill
    Michele Cotterill says:

    Also I’m all about getting the truth out there about the abortion industry and want all abortions to cease, but with this, are you sure that it is from aborted babys? Is it possible that these two brains were from a child who maybe passed away, and their parents donated them for science? I don’t know — just am hoping for some more information.

  2. Michele Cotterill
    Michele Cotterill says:

    Is it possible for this to get on the news? This SHOULD be on the news — everyone should know about this. Can you send this information to FOX news? Can you send this information to Mike Pence? He was the governor of Indiana. Let’s get this information in their hands!!!

  3. NANCY
    NANCY says:

    You bet we’ll stand with you. Family Policy Institute of WA is the only organization that we can depend on to hold folks accountable for where our taxpayer money goes and for what state and local government officials and WA public school administrators are doing to uphold (or defy) constitutional law on all levels. FPI is at its best in terms of investigative reporting, a form of classic journalism rarely seen today, based on solid, well-documented facts. Keep up your outstanding work! We feel truly blessed that Joseph Backholm has stayed the course and continued to lead FPI in our wayward state. Thank you so much, Joseph. We pray for you, your family, and the entire staff for protection and that your diligent efforts will be effective in revealing the truth, educating the public, and standing for family values. Well done. . . Please remember to encourage and financially support all of these fine people.


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