10 Reasons Trump’s Election Could Be Good for Social Conservatives

So guess what? That guy with the bad hair who yells “you’re fired” at people on the Apprentice? Yeah. He just got elected President.

While the reactions are mixed across the political spectrum, the result could be good news for social conservatives across the country.

Here are ten reasons social conservatives (whether you voted for him or not) have some reason for optimism.

  1. Planned Parenthood can be defunded. The House and Senate both passed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood that was vetoed by President Obama. Trump has said he would sign legislation if it came to his desk which would require Planned Parenthood to go fund themselves.
  1. The Supreme Court will not be stacked with progressives. When Justice Antonin Scalia died, it left a vacancy on the court that remains unfilled. If Hillary Clinton had nominated Scalia’s replacement, the harm to the First Amendment and life could have been devastating. However, if President-elect Trump follows through on his commitment to nominate an originalist justice to the bench, it will likely mean good things for civil liberties and the protection of the unborn.
  1. ObamaCare can be repealed. Multiple times, Congress passed legislation to repeal ObamaCare along with its promotion of abortion and multiple threats to conscience rights. President Obama, however, was in no mood to repeal legislation that is the foundation of his legacy. President-elect Trump has promised repeatedly to repeal ObamaCare and will begin his term with Congressional leadership that has repeatedly shown a willingness to do so.
  1. The open bathroom mandate can be removed. Earlier this year, President Obama issued a memo telling every school district in the country that they would lose education funding unless they forced the girls in their schools to share showers and locker rooms with boys who believe they are girls. A new memo from a new President can eliminate this threat as quickly as it was created.
  1. The Health and Human Service Mandate can be repealed: After ObamaCare was passed, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a mandate that requires all employer health plans to provide free contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs, regardless of any moral or religious objections. This is the mandate that put Little Sisters of the Poor, a nunnery, at odds with the federal government because they did not want to pay for contraceptives. However, since this mandate was simply an agency directive rather than an act of Congress, a new directive from new agency leadership can solve the problem quickly.
  1. The Hyde Amendment will not be repealed. The Hyde Amendment prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion and the abortion industry has wanted to get rid of it for decades. Secretary Clinton had promised to do her best to get rid of the Hyde Amendment if elected. However, with pro-life majorities in Congress and the White House, the Hyde Amendment looks to be very safe.
  1. The Johnson Amendment can be repealed. For years, churches in America have lived under threat of IRS punishment if they did or said something “political”. This is because in 1954, then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson passed a rule prohibiting religious 501(c)3 organizations from engaging in “electioneering”.   While the threat is largely a paper tiger (no church has ever lost their tax exempt status for saying something about politics) it remains a source of great confusion in religious communities. During the campaign, Mr. Trump promised to repeal the Johnson Amendment to clarify that churches are free to speak and act according to their faith without fear of IRS reprisal.
  1. Hope for the Pain-Capable Abortion Act. Earlier this year, Congress passed the Pain Capable Abortion act making it illegal to kill a baby who is capable of feeling pain after 20 weeks gestation. While Trump has not made a public statement about this legislation specifically, it is difficult to imagine him using a veto on it if it were to pass Congress.
  1. Hope for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). Earlier this year, legislation was introduced in Congress that would prohibit the government from discriminating against people because of their beliefs. The legislation is necessary because people like Chief Kelvin Cochran are increasingly being fired from public sector jobs simply because of their beliefs. FADA was well received in Congress but almost certain to be vetoed in a Clinton Administration. Now, it has a very real chance.
  1. Protecting Religious Education. This year in California, progressives attempted to pass legislation that would cut off religious institutions from access to federal loans or aid because of their beliefs about marriage, gender, and sexuality. If that effort was successful at the federal level, estimates are that sixty percent of Christian universities would be forced to close their doors.   While state battles around this issue are likely to continue, yesterday’s election results all but guarantee this assault on religious education is no longer imminent at the federal level.

One election does not solve our cultural or political challenges, but for social conservatives who have been wandering in the wilderness for eight years, there is reason for optimism.

But do not be naïve enough to believe the work is over now that the election is over. Political pressures will once again pressure those who talked a good game during campaign season to take the path of least resistance during legislating season.

As the saying goes, if it is to be, it is up to me. Let’s make it happen.

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  1. Todd Dierdorff
    Todd Dierdorff says:

    One of the most important reasons, one not enumerated here, will be the preservation of the Second Amendment. Under Hillary, that would have gone away. Ultimately, the Second Amendment protects all our other freedoms.

  2. Carol Black
    Carol Black says:

    Praise the Lord. I’m interested in learning about your program that lets people contact their church people and remind them to vote. I heard about it too late for this time. Thank God we will be able to have another election in this country!!

  3. Sharen Patterson
    Sharen Patterson says:

    Who among social conservatives are personally volunteering to pay for a birth mother’s prenatal care; & adopt the baby to assure total love care & education either high tech or college to guarantee an affordable wage job? The only way to eliminate throw away unwanted kids or back alley abortions; & women wanting abortions in the first place. It’s obviously impossible to prevent intercourse; incest; rape 100%. How about education on contraception & access to free contraceptives?
    Finally our founding fathers included necessity of separation church & state; not seeing any evidence of that basic tenet in your 10 points.
    Also: founding fathers mentioned necessity of separation of church & state.

    • Pam McDonald
      Pam McDonald says:

      My understanding of separation of church & state is that the government will not CREATE a church/religion and force it upon the people. Our founding fathers were from England & knowing that freedom of religious choice was not allowed there was the reason for this inclusion. If you look back at the beginning they included God in everything.

    • Todd Dierdorff
      Todd Dierdorff says:

      Sharen, your talking points are such left wing BS. There are thousands of couples out there wanting to adopt infants. There are multiple programs available to help pregnant women get through the pregnancy. The Nurturing Network is one such program. It provides financial, emotional, educational and housing support.
      In regard to separation of church and state, your opinion is, again, baseless. The point of separation of church and state was to keep the state out of the church and the church’s business, not the other way around. Of course, being a lefty, you wouldn’t know that. If you did, you would deny it. I’m guessing you’re clueless on such matters.

    • Karen
      Karen says:

      I volunteer that the birth father pay the costs of his new child. Also, if/when healthcare reform takes place, those cost ought to go down. Healthcare costs are so inflated it’s not even funny. So are education costs. It’s unreal.

    • Embee
      Embee says:

      Too few of us do personally make the necessary sacrifices to support a pregnant woman and her child before and after birth. Only one couple out of all my friends have. After providing a safe, nurturing place for several women to stay till their baby was born and given up for adoption, they adopted one. He ended up having special needs, so they will continue making sacrifices till they die. But they agree with you in this: that if we are going to insist on abortion being illegal even for those who do not agree with us that it is murder, therefore wrong, it is only right that we help bear the burden of caring for and raising those children, and helping those women through their time of pregnancy.

  4. Tatyana Lupulyak
    Tatyana Lupulyak says:

    thanks God Trump got elected, we all prayed for him, and now hoping he will help to cure this country. Even my 16 years old son, who doesn’t have rights to vote yet, on the selection day was on his phone all day long watching if Trump is up or dawn. He didn’t go to his bed till he was not sure that Trump won, and you should see how happy he was for Trump, he was screaming at the middle of the night: ‘yeeees, Trump, you are my Man!!!!!”
    I love America, but I strongly believe this country will be successful only if it wont go against Bible, other way the ship will sink. And I believe Trump will work on all that abnormalities that was induced in the country during Obama time. It was a shame, and I know for sure God’s patience is long but not endless.
    Go live Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Karen
        Karen says:

        Yes, the rest of the State is Red (and further impoverished by our new minimum wage law). I live in King County and made a bumper sticker for my car that says “giddyDeplorable”. I drive a Leaf so I figure it really messes with their preconceived notions of who elected this President. But remember two things: Bernie Sanders had a strong following here, and Trump was no favorite of the Republican Party. So things are in flux. We must stay in prayer.

  5. philip irvin
    philip irvin says:

    While there is good news at the federal level we are still in a terrible swamp in Washington. Much bad news about what is ahead here.


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