Two Bad Reasons Christians Won’t Get Involved in This Election

We are now less than two weeks from the election. While there is a lot that people are fighting about, the one thing everyone seems to agree on is that we’re ready for it to be over; in a dead man walking kind of way.

Within the church, people are disagreeing as well. One side says Donald Trump is too bad of a person to vote for, while the other side says that we have to vote for him because to allow Hillary to become President is a death sentence for the Supreme Court and many of our civil liberties.

But there’s another voice that sometimes chimes in as a kind of referee encouraging everyone to relax. And they have some really spiritual arguments for why we shouldn’t be that worried about it.

So here are my two favorite “Christian” reasons for being ambivalent.

  1. God is in Charge Anyway

This is basically the sovereignty of God argument. It says that, “God is still going to be God regardless of who is elected, so chill out.” From a strictly logical sense, this argument is the fallacy known as the non sequitur. Which means the conclusion does not follow logically from the premise.

It’s like saying, “Burritos are yummy so I should buy a new car.” Burritos are in fact yummy, but my decision to buy a car should be determined more by things like need and my ability to afford one. Burritos are going to be yummy regardless.

It is true that God is in charge, but our responsibilities and obligations are given to us independent of that fact. After all, God is also in charge if I neglect to pay my mortgage, abandon my family, or set off a nuclear bomb in the middle of a city.

Indeed, if we think it significant that God is always in charge, we should contemplate the implication of the command to occupy until he returns (Luke 19:13), seek the welfare of the city to which he has sent us (Jeremiah 29:7), and cast down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. (2 Cor 10:5).

Of course God’s sovereignty is always relevant to our lives, it’s just not always instructive to our choices and should never be an excuse for passivity.

For those of us who are more inclined to panic at the current state of affairs and live in a state of perpetual fear, the fact that God is good and always in charge should comfort us and allow us to trust Him and be confident regardless of the circumstances.

But ultimately, it should lead us to be more interested in His purposes for us in our current circumstances, not less.

  1. Persecution will be good for us.

This argument says essentially that, “I know things are bad and getting worse, but maybe shouldn’t do anything about it. After all, I’ve read Revelation and the decline is inevitable. Maybe we should embrace the loss of religious freedom and be ok with the government taking control of our churches, universities, non-profits, businesses, and families. After all, a little persecution will be good for us.”

What would your life be like today if our Founding Father’s took this position?

The first reason we know this is a bad argument is that no one would be willing to make it outside America.

Raise your hand if you’re willing to tell a Christian brother in Syria, Iran, or Nigeria how much you’re looking forward to experiencing a little persecution so our churches can flourish.

I’m sure we’d all become a bit sheepish at the sight of the machete scar across his face.

We should be prepared to obey regardless of what happens in the future, but that should never become indifference to what happens in the future, particularly when we are in a position to influence it.

Remember, if persecution happens in any form, that means bad things are happening to real people. In the Middle East, parents are forced to watch their kids be executed unless they recant their faith. In America, businesses are forced to shut down. Different degrees of bad, but still bad.

The church has been created in Christ Jesus for good works (Eph 2:10). We were not created to allow some harm because it will be good for us.

Of course God can take even the worst circumstances and make something beautiful from it, but if bad things start happening to our friends, neighbors, and churches, it should be despite our best efforts, not because of our passivity.

In 2014, it is estimated that only 20 million of the 60 million evangelicals in America filled out a ballot. That’s a lot of influence for good that was never leveraged.

Sometimes the reason we aren’t engaged is that we don’t know how to. We’ve tried to help in this election cycle by providing a voter guide that will help you identify which candidates share your worldview and value system. You can also access it by texting your zip code to 77039.

But sometimes we aren’t engaged because we’ve convinced ourselves we don’t need to be.

There are many things people within the church can disagree about this election season, including what to do with Trump v. Clinton. But we should all be able to agree that we won’t be afraid, we won’t be indifferent to evil, and we don’t quit because it’s challenging.

Why? Because we all want to be like Jesus.

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    In the same way that a person cannot love the Yankees and the Red Sox, follow veganism and devour a supper of Texas barbecue, or adore Joanna Gaines but hate ship lap, one cannot really love Jesus and wish to follow him and also vote for a person who so clearly embodies the opposite of everything Christ taught, died for and demands of us.

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  16. Jhon Simth
    Jhon Simth says:

    I concur we ought not to be self-satisfied. I have composed a few letters to the Herald concerning Planned Parenthood, transgender school issues, WIAA permitting “young ladies” with kid body parts to utilize locker rooms and showers when they play on young ladies groups. These are immediate assaults against young ladies and ladies. None of these letters have been acknowledged by the Herald. This is a current Marvel.

  17. Ray Bateman
    Ray Bateman says:

    We must stand up for the 55 million babies that have been slaughtered it must stop. The otherr post is correct silence and inaction is condoning the act. The progressive Democrats have been given over to dilussion and a Evil spirit. Lets pray for them and Never Vote for them. VOTE TRUMP

  18. Wendy Wright
    Wendy Wright says:

    As a Christian I have been appalled, ashamed and embarrassed at the poor quality of our presidential candidates. I do believe God is in charge, but He wants us to do “good works.” “Faith without works is dead.” I am campaigning and encouraging people to vote for candidates in local elections, who will work for the common good, who will work for the best solutions for the most people. I will continue to work with people from all walks of life to find solutions. I am very worried we, as a nation, seem so divided. I will reach out to people with whom I disagree to try to understand them. I pray President Clinton will be able to bring us together.

    • James Chambers
      James Chambers says:

      President Clinton will kill the babies. She defends late term abortion and the slaughter of innocents. Pray all you want but remember God helps those who help themselves. Standing by to let this holocaust continue is a blight on this nation and an act of cowardice if you do not take a stand.

  19. Bea Christophersen
    Bea Christophersen says:

    I clicked the Voter Guide link to find that they showed the Wa State Treasurer’s race shows Davidson and Waite both equally somewhat conservative. I have just found out that Planned Parenthood has endorsed Waite. He sends out literature to his liberal contacts with that claimed, but to us conservatives, we get the scrubbed version, no mention. He’s been unknown to Republicans before this race and I think that could be part of it. I sent an email to the voter site about this too.
    Excellent letter, Joseph!

  20. R.
    R. says:

    That’s Bullcrap! Vote for Trump! He’s a great business man and the government (no longer for the people) is a big business ready to tip over and when it does, the average people (90%) will then be hurt. Forget the illegals being taken care of by the government if you do not vote in Trump. Everyone should know that Hillery is a criminal and she works in her own best interest and not for yours. Wake up America and vote Trump.

    • GKB
      GKB says:

      I will not vote for someone clearly unfit to be president. This vile, misogynistic, bigoted, amoral narcissist will NOT be commander in chief. I will not vote for Trump, and I will not vote for Clinton. I’m writing in EVAN MCMULLIN,

  21. Gerriann Reko
    Gerriann Reko says:

    Thank you so much for this post – you are absolutely correct and we appreciate your commentaries! Our prayers have been that His people will VOTE! Thanks

  22. Pat Jack
    Pat Jack says:

    I agree we should not be complacent. I have written several letters to the Herald concerning Planned Parenthood, transgender school problems, WIAA allowing “girls” with boy body parts to use locker rooms and showers when they play on girls teams. These are a direct attacks against girls and women. None of these letters have been accepted by the Herald. This is a recent phenomenon. In prior years they have accepted letters from me concerning abortions, etc. There appears to be a real clamp down on freedom of speech, money talks.

  23. Laurel Christiansen
    Laurel Christiansen says:

    Thank you, Joseph, for your truthful comments. A few years ago a politician came to my door and when I said I was a Christian he said, “Jesus would not have been a Republican or a Democrat.” I replied, “Maybe, but he would never vote with a party that encouraged a mother to kill her unborn child.” He was silent. God gave us the freedom to vote and He will hold us accountable for not exercising it when so many people around the world do not live in freedom and face persecution everyday; or if our vote can stop the taking of innocent human life and the moral decay that is sweeping our country. We can made a difference if we vote, get those in our circle to vote, and stand by those elected Christians who give so much to be our voice in our State and Nation.

  24. David Anderson
    David Anderson says:

    Why it’s important that people speak up, vote, get involved was illustrated by the Seattle Mariners.

    In a tightly-contested pitcher’s duel July 2, 2011 at Safeco Field, San Diego Padres Cameron Maybin tossed aside his bat and sauntered on down to first base in the top of the fifth inning.

    It was ball three.

    But nobody said anything.

    Everyone knows you can’t walk on a full-count unless you’ve been hit by a pitch which Maybin wasn’t.

    Even – and especially – the umpires know that. But they didn’t say anything.

    Mariner’s catcher Josh Bard didn’t speak up. Nor did pitcher Doug Fister.

    Eric Wedge, Mariner’s manager didn’t storm out of the dugout, get in home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi’s face, and shout about how he could be so blind.

    Nobody said nothin’.

    Somebody should have said something. But nobody did. And because nobody said anything, Maybin would go on to score the only run of the game and the Mariners would lose.

    For something that never should have happened.

    Because nobody spoke up.

    After the game Maybin was interviewed and asked, ‘did he know it was ball three?’

    His answer reveals a great deal about the result when we don’t get involved, vote, speak up.

    Maybin’s answer?

    “Things happen.”

  25. S. Forbes
    S. Forbes says:

    In Isaiah it says: Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Silence implies consent. Please do not stay home hiding your light under a bushel. Be silent no more, vote and vote Trump.

    • GKB
      GKB says:

      How is voting for Trump, a person who feels no need to ask God for forgiveness, any suitable choice?? The man boasts of committing sexual assault on tape, then vehemently denies ever committing such in a national debate, only to have an ever growing number of women accuse him of that very same thing. Add this to the voluminous amount of hateful rhetoric he has already spewed, and you still insist he is our answer for the good over evil and darkness over light? I think not. I will not be conned into voting for someone just as terrible as the alternative. We still have a choice this election, to reject the horrible. Vote your conscience.

  26. Janet
    Janet says:

    An administrative comment: When I click on the voter guide link, I get sent to a web site that defaults to North Carolina, with no way to change the state. In fact, none of the links on the voter guide page seem to work. I am anxious to see the voter guide!

  27. Clark Kent
    Clark Kent says:

    It is the book of Revelation, not ‘Revelations’. And the number one reason to vote is to honor the thousands upon thousands of Americans who died face down in the mud of a battlefield in order to preserve our right to cast a ballot.


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