Barronelle Stutzman Hearing, Rally Scheduled for November 15

Barronelle Stutzman, the 72-year old floral artist and grandmother being sued by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the ACLU for exercising her constitutionally protected freedom to act consistent with her faith, will be in Court on Tuesday, November 15th as the Washington Supreme Court hears oral arguments.

Stutzman served her longtime friend and customer – and his partner – for nearly 10 years, but could not participate in and design floral arrangements for his same-sex ceremony because of her love of Jesus and his teachings about marriage. Barronelle faces losing everything she owns for acting consistent with her deeply held convictions.

The arguments begin at 9:00 am, but we will begin gathering at the Carlson Theatre at Bellevue College at 7:30 am. We recommend arriving early to get in line to ensure a seat. Some of us will remain outside for a peaceful prayer gathering during oral arguments. We will provide signs and refreshments. A debrief will take place after the arguments conclude with Barronelle (location TBD). Please bring your family and friends and join us in supporting Barronelle!

The Carlson Theatre is located at, 3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Bellevue, WA, 98007-6406.  You can let us know that you plan to attend by RSVPing to the rally Facebook event.

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  1. bernadette quinn
    bernadette quinn says:

    I will continue to intercede for Baronelle and all who suffer persecution for their faith in this great nation that was founded and dedicated to Almighty God. I saw a presentation on CSPAN this week where Baronelle and other persecuted Christians were sharing their lives
    God bless all of us but particularly those who are being persecuted for loving God and following his commandments. And God bless the United States of America In God we trust.

  2. Clark Kent
    Clark Kent says:

    Ever hear of the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights? What part of the free EXERCISE of religion don’t you understand? So now the government can force a Christian gynecologist to perform abortions? Or a kosher Jewish deli into serving ham sandwiches? Or making a Muslim bookstore sell Bibles? By the way, the Bill of Rights limits the power of the GOVERNMENT, not the rights of CITIZENS.

  3. Bob Burke
    Bob Burke says:

    Stutzman is in this case as the business owner not personally to do the floral arranging herself. Another employee could have made them, one quit on the spot when ordered to treat customers illegally, I bet they would have.

    This business owner violated both the state constitution and the law – the Supreme Court will have no real choice on how to rule so she will have to pay her dollar fine and continue running her business legally as she has for the last 3+ years.

    I’ll probably see you there.


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