Seattle City Council to Vote to Ban Same-Sex Attraction Therapy


The Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development and Arts Committee of the Seattle City Council has unanimously approved a measure that would outlaw all therapy or counseling for minors that does not fully affirm their chosen sexual orientation.  The legislation is expected to be approved by the full Council at its August 1 meeting.

The therapy in question, often called sexual orientation conversion therapy, or conversion therapy, generally involves a licensed therapist or counselor working with a client who is experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction.  This move by the Seattle City Council would block parents and guardians from allowing their children to participate in this type of treatment.

Mayor Ed Murray stands in full support of the legislation.

Once adopted, the City of Seattle would levy fines of $1,000 on any licensed therapist caught offering any sort of counseling or therapy to children that doesn’t affirm their chosen lifestyle and sexuality.

With passage, the City of Seattle would join just three other cities in the country — Cincinnati, Ohio, Miami Beach, Florida, and Washington, D.C. — in efforts to remove the rights of parents to seek proper and appropriate treatment for their children.

Seattle residents and concerned citizens are encouraged to contact the Seattle City Council to share thoughts on why this ban would be harmful to children and to the promotion and benefit of healthy sexuality.  The public is also welcome to attend the Seattle City Council meeting on August 1st from 2-3pm.



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    • Genesis to Revelation
      Genesis to Revelation says:

      Ed Murray has his own world. It”s called Seattle.
      How can a parent be banned from doing what they think might help their child?
      Why does the mayor of a city have the right over parents to interfere with their child, a minor?
      Where in any job description of a mayor does it say a mayor has the authority to define “abuse” as Murray defined it?
      Likewise in regard to the “rights” of transgender to use the restrooms of their choice because they “feel” like the opposite sex.
      Discern the truth through knowledge, not “feelings.”
      “Feelings” should’nt be the measure that gauges our life.


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