Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tour Visits Olympia Wednesday


Evangelist Franklin Graham will be in Olympia on Wednesday, June 29th, as part of the Decision America Tour.  The rally will be held on the Capitol steps at 12:00pm.

The event will serve as a time to pray for our state, our nation, and our leaders.  You can see the video below:

You can find more information about the event, including practical information such as where to park, here.  We invite you to attend!

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    NICOLE says:

    What Family Policy Institute of WA is doing is exactly in line with what Franklin Graham said Christians today must do to counter the lawlessness of the (atheistic) progressives who are out to destroy the heritage of our country and the American church. We must pray, study God’s Word, stand up, speak out, and serve wherever we can on the local community, state, and national levels in our churches, schools, and government. We must become social and political activists intent on instilling and inspiring righteousness.The scarcity of Christians running for political office has created a void for Christian expression and representation meant to create and defend the better laws and enforce the Constitution and the moral values in our land. Playing the wimp role has no place if we wish to look forward to a future worth living for our children and grandchildren. Our busyness must be driven by a passion for God’s Kingdom and other distractions laid aside.


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