OSPI Responds to Concerns About New Education Standards


It seems that the Office of State Public Instruction’s idea of damage control is using semantics to confuse the parents of students.

Last week, the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) released its health and physical education standards for the 2017-2018 school year.

The document clearly instructs public schools districts to begin teaching students — beginning in Kindergarten — about gender expression, gender identity, gender roles, and sexual orientation.  The state expects this area of education to be completed by the seventh grade, so that students are able to “distinguish between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”

OSPI Page 29

Predictably, parents were outraged.

Following the public discovery of these standards last week, OSPI Communications Manager Nathan Olson said that the specific learning outcomes outlined on page 29 of the standards are merely recommendations to local school districts, not requirements, and that all curriculum is determined by the local school districts.

“State learning standards are the required elements of instruction,” said Olson. “Outcomes provide the specificity to support school districts in meeting each standard in each grade level.”

Here is where OSPI is trying to hide: by stating that curricula are determined by the local school districts, which is true, they are deflecting attention from the fact that all public school districts must use OSPI’s standards and outcomes to determine what to teach students.

You can equate OSPI’s use of semantics to Henry Ford stating that you can buy any color car you want, so long as it’s black.

OSPI’s assertion that state education standards are simply recommendations does not comport with Washington state law or the Superintendent’s introduction to the health and physical education standards document. According to Washington law, district curriculum is expected to be aligned with the state’s education standards and outcomes.

According to RCW 28A.655.070,

“The superintendent of public instruction shall develop essential academic learning requirements that identify the knowledge and skills all public school students need to know and be able to do based on the student learning goals in RCW 28A.150.210.”

According to the health and physical education standards (emphasis added),

“The Washington state learning standards are the required elements of instruction and are worded broadly enough to allow for local decision-making.  Outcomes provide the specificity to support school districts in meeting each standard in each grade level. The 2016 health and physical education standards and outcomes provide the guidance to teach, reinforce, and apply all of the state’s learning goals” (Page 2).

“By implementing grade-level outcomes, educators will help students meet the learning standards. All districts, schools, and educators in Washington state are expected to implement the state learning standards and outcomes for all students” (Page 10).

While it is true that state education outcomes leave flexibility for schools to determine the best way to teach the required concepts, OSPI’s main concern is that students understand the concepts enumerated in the standards document.  School districts and local schools must use the state education outcomes to determine whether they are implementing the state learning standards, as they are required by the state to do.

OSPI is using the definitions of standards and outcomes to confuse you.  But make no mistake – come 2017, public schools across the state will be teaching students, beginning in kindergarten, about gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation.  It is foolish and deceptive for OSPI to claim that schools will not be expected to teach these concepts because these requirements are “outcomes” and not “standards,” hiding behind semantics as a means of avoiding public backlash.

OSPI conceded that it does not plan to issue a press release or otherwise inform parents of these radical changes.  By now, they must be aware of their overreach and are preparing for blowback from the parents of students across the state.

Sign the petition, and call OSPI State Superintendent Randy Dorn (360-725-6000) to let him know that you’re not on board with not being notified of these new standards.

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  1. P Erickson
    P Erickson says:

    Everyone needs to inundate the school board meetings in Washington state. Let them know this is not acceptable. Calling all Parents, grandparents and concerned members of the community whose tax dollars pay for public education! Let’s go!

  2. Philip Wilson
    Philip Wilson says:

    This is really a religious, non-Christian, world view that is being shoved down our children’s throats.

    • Casey
      Casey says:

      Nay, it is an anti Christian world view. It is the beginning of what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany. Their viewpoints and traditions were systematically repressed and they were made to look stupid and backwards by the media and the government. They were then rounded up and forced to live in ghettos. Eventually they were taken to concentration camps and executed. Do not be deceived something similar is coming for Christians and “patriots”in the United States in the not-too-distant future.

  3. Mary Joan Florence
    Mary Joan Florence says:

    This is so beyond age appropriate. When I was in 5th grade, and years later when my children were (2010, 2013) sex education in the 5th grade consisted of information about puberty. I couldn’t have told you how HIV was transmitted, because I did not know that anal sex was a thing. Fifth-graders and younger should happily be playing with each other and not worry about sexual orientation or gender identity because they are not sexually mature. They do not need to know how to prevent HIV, because they should not be having sex when they are 10! They are below the age of consent so any sexual activity should be reported to the police.

  4. Helen Andvik
    Helen Andvik says:

    God made males and females, and you were born one or the other. You have out plumbing or in plumbing and God doesn’t make mistakes that you , the human, need to correct! We need to learn to love and respect others but others need to love and respect those who know who they are and are proud of it. My nephew says that transgender people by their complaints and actions accuse God of making them wrong and now they need to fix His mistakes. What audacity that we humans that can’t even heal ourselves or control the weather should presume to contradict the God who makes all things. I Know a person who I love very much , who is gender confused thanks to a mother who painted his toenails when he was a two years old and dressed him in girl’s sandals because she wanted a girl, not a boy. He wrestles with self love every day and is doing transgender to please his mom and all the weirdos who have molested him. I have three little great grandkids who neither I nor their parents want them taught such foolish things and I am educating everyone I know that doesn’t want their little one’s brain washed into thinking confusion identity is is a new normal. I hope many parents will pull their kids out of public schools and home school and teach them God loves them, He knew every part in their mothers womb, (Psalms 139) and “He does not make junk! How dare the education system teach morals and not the things we hired them for long ago. That’s my thoughts and opinions and it is America , I am entitled!

  5. Adam Frank
    Adam Frank says:

    Local school boards are free to reject these standards under WAC 392-410-140(1). http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=392-410-140

    We should be organizing parents to visit a local school board meeting and urge school boards to reject this curriculum. At the very least, make it clear to them that under Section (8) of this same WAC, schools must allow for excusal of students from these lessons.

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent says:

      ‘In the first place God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made School Boards’ – Mark Twain.

    • Casey
      Casey says:

      At Adam Frank:
      If you read a couple of lines further in that W RS you’ll find that it only applies to guidelines and standards based on the 2005 sexual health education got li if you read a couple of lines further in that W RS you’ll find that it only applies to The 2005 sexual health education guidelines. The only thing the local school board has control over is what curriculum it chooses to meet these standards and outcomes.

  6. Francie Mendes
    Francie Mendes says:

    Yet another right being taken away from parents. Our representatives are not only undermining how we raise our children, they are intruding in to our homes by demanding our children are taught principals against our morals. And these are our Representatives? Representing me and my values? No, this is yet another way of cramming evil down our throats.


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