Lesbian Minister in Spokane Says Christians Should Allow Men into Women’s Locker Rooms


An Associate Pastor at the Westminster United Church of Christ in Spokane has penned a Letter to the Editorpublished in Spokane’s Spokesman Review newspaper.  Jan Shannon, a licensed minister in the United Church of Christ, and a professed “same-gender loving granny,” offers her “Christian response” to the debate over men in the women’s locker rooms and showers.

“The idea of a person being born one gender but knowing themselves to be another can sound unusual at first,” she said, before concluding that, “Christians are called to love, and treat others as we want to be treated.”

Her letter, which you can read in its entirety below, serves as a great example of how the “love our neighbors” doctrine has been perverted to condone that which is evil in the eyes of our Creator, and what is dangerous as a matter of policy.

Pastor Shannon’s letter claims to represent the Christian position on this issue. Is this the message that you wish to be conveyed on your behalf?

As a Christian, I try to love our neighbors as ourselves, including those who may seem different from us.

Like many people, there was a time when I didn’t know what it meant to be transgender. The idea of a person being born one gender but knowing themselves to be another can sound unusual at first.

I first met a transgender person four years ago and learned of the discrimination they face. Now I see the suffering of these folks, people whom God loves. Initiative 1515 would roll back discrimination protections for transgender people, and discrimination is never OK with God.

New things can be scary, and when we’re scared, it’s important to know the facts. Washington law enforcement leaders and the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs say I-1515 will encourage strangers to confront anyone in public facilities and violate our privacy and safety.

As a pastor, I oppose I-1515. Christians are called to love, and treat others as we want to be treated. We’re all God’s children and we should all be treated equally under the law. Join Christians across the state against I-1515. Support Washington Won’t Discriminate.


Jan Shannon


Pastor Jan is right on one point: God does love transgender people.  But to imply that he’s created them to be transgender is a terrifying proposition.

What do you think?

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  1. Opal
    Opal says:

    There is a deeper issue at play consider the value of gender principals. As a child we are a little i as we grow and mature we are still a little i and we develop a deeper sense of me. That is to say i want to be recognized as does everyone else want to be a little i or me or maybe i want to be a big Me either way I want identity and gender principal.

    Gender is mixed, it is female and male, biology is showing that i am like my father and my mother and understanding that i am created in my fathers and my mothers image just as my brother Yeshua was created and yet always is and was created and yet has and will always will be.

    My father and my mother are as a result of this a big letter I or I Am: love me and care about me to understand this is a deep understanding of what Yeshua said in paraphrase: love your God Love yourself and love others in me or little i and big I and me. .

    Simply put gender is me and my soul in union with I Am my father in so much as gender is female and male and i am to love myself, my parents and my family in that way that is part of that deep soul self or i-self and we are all little i’s that seek safety and security to only understand that from being apart from I Am when we should be holding hands as what we are both created and creators of a deeper abiding love in the anointing of I Am.

    Listen and discover a deeper sense of God and see the marvelous wonders God’s love to grow in truth in what i am becoming in true love.

  2. Common Sense
    Common Sense says:

    If a prostitute is walking the streets looking for work should I pull over and pay for her services to show my token of love??? Sounds absurd right…well so does showing someone love by allowing a man to shower with a women or young girl who doesn’t want to shower with such a man…When did people loose all their senses?? IF YOU DON”T LET ME SHOWER WITH YOU, YOU REALLY DON’T LOVE ME!!! WAH WAH cried the piggy all the way home!!

  3. Janine
    Janine says:

    Pastor Jan,
    Do you Christian values extend to me? I am a sexual abuse survivor who will be traumatized by have men in the shower next to me. How do you fit the golden rule around the love I need.
    You see love has boundaries or it isn’t love. I love my father but I don’t shower with him to prove it.

  4. Clark Kent
    Clark Kent says:

    ‘Discrimination is never OK with God’? Then why does the Bible state that non-Christians will be going to Hell? Or that sin is morally wrong in His eyes? P.S. Claiming to be a ‘lesbian minister’ is akin to purporting to be a ‘pro-Zion Nazi’.


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