How Far Do “Trans” Rights Go?

Yesterday, the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap County reversed course and instituted a transgender bathroom policy.  A few weeks ago, they covertly passed the policy without informing their members or training their staff.

After public outcry, they reversed the policy.  But yesterday, they reinstated it.

Proponents, like Governor Inslee who tweeted his support of the new policy shortly after it was adopted, believe it’s a necessary step toward tolerance and inclusion.

Inslee Transgender bathroom Tweet

Whatever the rhetoric and whatever your perspective, the fact is, the new policy will allow a man who identifies as a woman to walk into the women’s locker room in the YMCA and undress in front of whoever may be around.  If you object, the management of the YMCA will do nothing about the naked man in the women’s locker room but more likely confront you about your bigotry.

For good reasons, people are concerned.  If you are part of the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties, you should probably take a few minutes to have a polite conversation with them about this.  Silence is agreement.  You can reach them at (253) 534-7800.

However, as we look at this particular case, its a good idea to look beyond the naked man in the bathroom and wrestle with the premise involved; the idea that we all get to define identity in the way that makes us most happy, regardless of what reality is, and everyone around us is obligated to participate in our fantasy.

Where does it end?

We all laughed when it was revealed that Rachel Dolezal, the head of the NAACP in Spokane, WA, was actually white. But since it was on the heels of the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner story, a lot of people said, “why not?”.

We squirmed a little when we read about members of the transabled community; perfectly healthy people who desire to lose their sight, become paralyzed, or have a limb removed so they can live their true identity as a disabled person.

This week, it got even stranger.

A fifty-two year old father of seven has left his family to live his true identity as a six year-old girl.  Transgender and transage.

One doesn’t have to be creative to imagine the challenges involved in letting people choose their own age.  I’m decades away from retirement, but if I can declare myself to be 75 and start receiving social security benefits, why not?  Have a problem with the insanity defense?  Just wait for the, “You can’t try me as an adult for that crime, I’m only seven!” defense.

Should elementary schools be forced to allow grown men to enroll if that’s what makes them happy?

Of course I am skeptical of the trans-phenomenon entirely.  In one sense or another, we all wish reality was different than it is, but that doesn’t mean we can change it. But I know others feel differently.

In an attempt to see if there is a limit to what LGBT advocates will advocate for when it comes to trans-activism, I contacted Dominic Holden, an LGBT advocate and writer for BuzzFeed who previously wrote for The Stranger in Seattle, via Twitter.

When I asked him if he had any objection to people choosing their own age, he couldn’t think of a reason to be opposed. Furthermore, he felt that it would be a problem if schools or employers refused to acknowledge their identified age.


I was, and am, legitimately surprised.  He’s not a dumb guy and in the LGBT activist world he’s quite mainstream.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to let a man undress in front of girls in a locker room, maybe enrolling him in kindergarten isn’t that ridiculous.

When pushed, Mr. Holden was unable to identity any illegitimate ways one could “identify.”

The conversation ended when I asked him if he would water someone who claimed to be a plant.  Though serious, the question is absurd. But the entire conversation is absurd. Rather than explain why identifying as a plant is different than identifying as a woman (because he can’t) he ended the conversation by claiming to be offended by the question.

And that’s how it usually goes.

One of the first plays in the progressive playbook is, “Be offended by questions that challenge your premise because you are relieved of the need to answer fair questions if they make you sad.”

So here we are.

We are pretending that mothers and fathers don’t matter.  We are pretending that men can become women because they want to. We are being told that it shouldn’t concern you if male genitalia is being displayed in the women’s locker room at the local YMCA.  And for some advocates of “trans rights”, choosing your own age seems to be just fine as well.

Where does it end?  No one seems to know.

They seem unwilling to immediately defend the theoretical person who identifies as a plant.  But, that’s almost certainly because they haven’t sat down and heard the stories of heartbreak from the man who knows deep down, that he’s a fern.  Who are you say his struggle for acceptance isn’t real?

This should be fun.

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  1. Kristine Stevenson
    Kristine Stevenson says:

    I live in Texas now, but still have a membership w/Clallam County YCMA where my husband currently lives.

    Just spent 22 minutes on the phone w/YMCA at the number listed. Very pleasant conversation and the lady was very cordial. She listened to everything I had to say and I appreciate that. And Joseph, you’re right – those that show up are the ones who make the policy!

    I was told they are allocating $1,000,000 to build/remodel additional space for those a) wishing more privacy (of the general population) and b) specifically to accommodate so-called transgendered indivduals. I pointed out the Y has blown an incredible opportunity to stand up to the law and say “Not only no, but hell no! We would rather spend $1,000,000 in court to stand up for the rights of the vast majority of our community and protect the biological reality as well as the psychological, mental, spiritual, and emotional health of our members!”

    I pointed out the Christian origin of the Y and stated the bible clearly states our bodies are ‘temples of the Holy Spirit’ and to be cared for on all levels. She stated the Y was following it’s Christian duty to follow the law, whether they agree with it or not.

    She stated they will and have created policies to prevent inappropriate behavior in the lockerrooms and they, they Y, still retain the right to arrest people if need be. I pointed out there is NOTHING in any law, rule, regulation or statement the Y could come up with to prevent a grown male from entering the female locker-room, undressing to full nudity, walking by a group of 10 year old girls, and saying ‘hi girls how are you today?’ on his way to the toilet that would be in violation of their rules and regs.

    The YMCA is opening themselves up to a huge potential lawsuit, but worse, the potential to FOREVER damage and violent young minds (both male and female) to potential behavior of deviant (predominantly) male sexual behavior.

    Where are the fathers on the board of directors!?!??!?! They are allowing the potential for this to happen to their own daughters.

    God help us.

  2. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Question is, why would u want to change and be butt naked in a room of women anyways??? I have and always will be private and change in the bathroom. My choice, people are mad because they can’t walk around naked and worry that a “man” is looking at them. To tell you, nobody is looking at you…..

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent says:

      Nicole: How in the world do YOU know what people are looking at? Perhaps you should focus your attention on predicting lottery numbers.

  3. Louise Christensen
    Louise Christensen says:

    Go, Joseph! You are right, the carnival of the ludicrous is going to get even more fun. As a botanist whose spiritual struggle is: ‘People are more important than plants. But plants are more pleasant than (many) people,’ the last line was great. “They (the trans crowd) seem unwilling to immediately defend the theoretical person who identifies as a plant. But, that’s almost certainly because they haven’t sat down and heard the stories of heartbreak from the man who knows deep down, that he’s a fern. Who are you say his struggle for acceptance isn’t real?”

    But mental health is not funny. The definition of delusional is seeing, believing, understanding things that aren’t there, aren’t real, aren’t true; in other words, being unrealistic, having a disconnect between what’s real and what’s not true, i.e. having a reality gap. Depending upon just how great the gap is and how much it interferes with living, is where mental health issues come in. Those of us not experiencing someone’s else’s reality gap are being asked to accept as true, or much worse, forced to accept as true, the unrealistic self-assessments of others. This asking/demanding is also delusional on the part of the askers and demanders. I hope it is not too delusional to ask in return, maybe even demand (!) more science training, and less indulgences in pop-psychology, media-fueled fantasyland. Don’t we all know that just because you desperately wish it were so doesn’t mean it is so?

    Asking, demanding, and forcing others to participate in someone’s personal fantasy of who he/she/it is, is like the patient, the ill one, telling the psychiatrist, the healthy one, what to believe, and the psychiatrist acquiescing because the doctor doesn’t want to hurt the patient’s feelings, feels sorry for the patient, or just doesn’t want to get called an uncaring, bullying bigot of a doctor. Which would hurt the doctor’s feelings, of course.

    Mass delusions are a reality.

    Sign me,
    Feeling kind of ‘fernish’ about America’s mental health

  4. Ida Mae
    Ida Mae says:

    I currently do water aerobics three times a week at the Bremerton YMCA because I am unable to do floor exercises. With this new policy I wonder where my rights of privacy are. I will not use the same locker room with a male regardless of what they claim their gender is their bodies are still male. I feel I am being deprived of my right to privacy and the ability to get the exercise I need to keep me active. Will the YMCA provide me a private locker/shower room so I can continue to stay active?

  5. Tionico
    Tionico says:

    The point of thie gender vonfusion article is NOT to “compare” plants and gender. No, the point is that when men rise up, shake their fist at God and swy GOD< YOU BLEW IT, I am NOT the creation YOU made thus I wil make myself as I please in spite of YOUR work", there is no end to where that can go. The whole sodomite, gender confused, age confused, race confused, nonsense is rebellion against what God has created.
    The point of the whole fern identity question is "where is the limit?" We see males refusing to be males, deciding instead to "be" female, or at least becoming sexually involved wiht other males as if they were female, or the other was. Or older people deciding they've taken a quarter as many trips round the sun as they really have. Wait for the sevenyear old boy who now thinks he's twenty seven, wants to drive himself to work and buy a house and buy a handgun to carry for his protection. With this line of thinking WHERE ARE THE LIMITS? So, if a male can shake his fist at God and declare himeslf female, despite what he and everyone else sees when they look "down there" when his clithes are off, hw is that different, in principl,e from the same man deciding he's six years old and wants to start kindergarten, or that he's a dog and wants to mate with that cute lab down the street, or a gorilla and wants to move to Azmbesiland and move in with them, or he wants to be a fern up in the Hoh River Rainforest?

    It goes back to an impeachpent trial we all watched wiht disgust and amusement some years back.. then the main subject of the trial famously stated "it all depends on what the meaning of "is" is". He got ONE word right in that sentence.. the word "depends". His mental acumen reveals that he probably wears them on a regular basis. Senility can do strange things. We used to institutionalise these sorts. Instead, we now let them walk into the showerrooms, the very ones that, ten years ago would have gotten one arrested for entering, and now will punish those who belong there for their "intolerance" of the misfit who should not be there.

    Next some dogs will be filing anti-discriminatoin lawsuits against the housekeeper for "discriminating against, and being phobic over" the brown piles of smelly stuff the dogs like to leave lying randomly about on the carpet in the livingroom. Same principle. Its only a matter of degree separating those two types of "discrimination".

  6. Penny
    Penny says:

    You are a blessing to the state of Washington, Joseph. So glad we have such a clear voice of reason in our arena.
    God bless and protect Joseph and his family! Amen

  7. NANCY
    NANCY says:

    All good points, Joseph. And what about the folks who claim they are disabled when they are not and those who file law suits because they say they have been traumatized by a mere comment that would be taken by others as benign or helpful? When truth is rejected and lies celebrated, we have lost our foundation as a nation for right living and solidarity. Until many Americans remove their blinders, evil will prevail. We seem to have a growing population of delusional, narcissistic individuals who believe their mission in life is to be a bully and trample on others to assure their identity. Being a freak is the politically correct thing to do. Thank you, God, for your Word which reveals your righteous mind and points the way to what is worthy and honest and leads to eternal life. We pray for our nation that its citizens will tire of these childish games and mature to seek out your steadfast will for our good.

  8. JC Omlid
    JC Omlid says:

    Governor Inslee and County officials, Get some common sense! I’m appalled that a few people in America for whatever motivation can declare what age and gender they are at any given time, which allows them extra rights that invade all other American citizens’ rights of privacy in public restrooms and dressing rooms. The inclusive, tolerance rhetoric has now encroached on all other American citizens, children and adults. The constitution allows for tolerance, but not when that tolerance impacts the rights of others. Common sense doesn’t tolerate every whim, but sets healthy boundaries for all Americans to live in society together. How do you think this will impact the YMCA foundation and members?

    • Tionico
      Tionico says:

      If this decision stands, or spreads to other locations, my bet is that a huge number of folks will cease to patronise those places, and withdraw their support. Maybe its time for a quiet takeover of the YMCA organisation. Their name used to mean something.. that letter “C” had, at one time, some significance.


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