Why You Should Run for School Board

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a friend in Colville, WA.

She had recently learned that the Colville School Board was quietly pushing through a transgender bathroom policy that would prohibit schools from requiring students to use the bathroom corresponding to their biological gender.

While the public has been essentially unaware, it is scheduled for a vote tonight (Wednesday, November 18th).

If you aren’t familiar with Washington State, Colville is in northeastern Washington. Geographically and politically, it is a long way from Seattle.

The area hasn’t sent a Democrat to the Washington State legislature in generations.

So how is it that their school board is about to enact a policy that the community is strongly opposed to?

Because in policy, the winners are the ones who show up.

While Colville and the surrounding areas are conservative, the school board is controlled by leftists. According to my friend, three of them were elected in the most recent election without an opponent.

School board isn’t a glamorous job, but it matters.

Colville isn’t the only conservative town in America with leftist political leadership. Why is that?

People have a desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. We all want our lives to be significant. We all want to do something to make the world a better place.

Many, particularly those on the right side of the political spectrum, find meaning and significance by giving their time, treasure, and talent to their church and related ministries.

But for those with a secular worldview, they don’t turn to faith to find purpose and meaning.

They turn to government.

For many on the left, government is their church.

It provides community, significance, and something to believe in that can make things better. So they give their time, treasure, and talent to the cause.

That is why, in a deep red town like Colville, WA, the school board is thinking about letting boys into the girls bathroom at school if they’re feeling feminine. This letter from the Alliance Defending Freedom does a good job explaining not only that the law does not require local school districts to make restrooms genderless but that courts have long recognized that people have the right to privacy in a bathroom.

Christian conservatives understand that government is powerless to solve the world’s biggest problems because the world’s biggest problems are not around us but in us.

But as we have seen in Colville, when we neglect entire sectors of the culture because we are busy doing other good things, there can be consequences.

If you’re frustrated with outcomes like this, maybe you’re the solution to the problem.

If you’re in Colville, you should go to the school board meeting tonight and make sure your voice is heard.

If you aren’t in Colville, maybe you should run for school board. If you don’t, someone else will. And then you just might find your daughter sharing a bathroom with a boy.

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    “Nature abhors a vacuum.”
    François Rabelais (c. 1494-1553)

    I am a former School Board Member.

    I am also a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Jesus worshipping Christian. Every one of the following quotes from this comments section comes from someone who, I presume, would self-describe to be a Christian. Everyone of them seems to indicate that the author is either upset at what they perceive is happening at the School Board Meetings, or they’re “mad as h***” about what is happening at the School Board Meetings.

    Apparently, none of them have actually ATTENDED a School Board Meeting! For them and everyone who is upset about this apparent shameful situation, but haven’t been to a Board Meeting to be a part of and be aware of what’s happening in your schools, the shame is YOURS.

    “I also rather suspect there would be a recall election targetting everyone who voted “aye” on this measure.”

    “I am, however, not qualified to run for the school board…”

    “(I am not) able to drive to Colville to be present at tonight’s meeting.”

    “The point is that if our politically correct, upside down culture wants to run on the belief…”

    “The idea that the government is the left’s (secularists’) church!”

    I just reviewed the Board Meeting Minutes of Oct 28, 2015. The first reading of a policy regarding “Transgender Students” was presented at that meeting. That was three weeks, THREE WEEKS, before this article was published. WHERE WERE YOU, all of you righteously indignant citizens?

    I live in a different State, yet I didn’t have any trouble finding the Meeting Minutes where this policy was first presented. If you live in the District where this is happening, what’s your excuse for not knowing what’s going on a few miles down the road? And don’t get upset because the Board “tried to sneak something through”. Everything the Board does with regard to enacting Policies is done at Public Meetings. It’s not the Board’s fault that you’re not there.

    Come on, people, get up off your blessed assurance and get involved, either by attending the meetings, or at least read the on-line Board Meeting Minutes. If you can’t motivate yourself enough to at least do that, then you’ve got no right to complain when things go in a direction you don’t like.

    The author of the above article got it right:

    “So how is it that their school board is about to enact a policy that the community is strongly opposed to?”
    “Because in policy, the winners are the ones who show up.”

    The saddest, most tragic quote from above is, “the government is the left’s (secularists’) church”. No, it isn’t. I refer to the quote from Rabelais, above, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” If you don’t show up to be a representative for Christ and show forth His Love and Light, then someone else will. And you don’t know who it may be.

  2. Jay Marwick
    Jay Marwick says:

    Wow, I’ve always known that ignorance and fear are a powerful combination, but this takes the cake. Wrapping marginalization and hatred and terms like “Family” and “Jesus” is about as sickening as can be. I refuse to believe that God wants new Jim Crow laws. That sort of hatred is the venue of man…..

  3. V King
    V King says:

    Wow! That is a revelation, Joseph! The idea that the government is the left’s (secularists’) church! That makes perfect sense! Yeah!

  4. NANCY
    NANCY says:

    Sorry, Greg, but I don’t get your drift, and you are not connecting the dots in a logical way. . . You can’t very well win your case if what you say can’t be comprehended. Please don’t fool yourself that Jesus Christ would want to be identified with your argument. He was perfectly clear in expressing what he meant (and it wasn’t “do your thing”). The point is that if our politically correct, upside down culture wants to run on the belief that a person should be able to decide arbitrarily what gender “it” is from one day to the next, expecting everyone to go along with this, we could face having a Mr. President, on a whim, evolving into a Mrs. President. Let’s call this what it is: Nutso! Children are not miniature adults who should have to deal with this wacky fantasy world. And there’s nothing cute about an underage boy exposing himself to an underage girl in the restroom or the other way around. Adhering to social norms make for a lawfulness, stability, safety, and a healthy, thriving society. The Leftists have no one to blame but themselves for partisan labeling of their actions. Their tribal mentality is based on lawlessness, chaos, and rebellion, a recipe for destruction and disaster. Their politics match their delusion.

  5. Clark Kent
    Clark Kent says:

    ‘God made the Idiot for practice. Then He made the school board’ – Mark Twain. Greg: The ‘massive wealth/income transfer destroying the middle class’ is coming from the middle class down to the welfare recipients. Way, way too many ‘takers’ vs. the ever smaller ‘producers’.

  6. Penny
    Penny says:

    Thank-you, Joseph. This is so well written and points made are excellent. I have been so impressed with the job you are doing at the Family Policy Institute in Washington. You have been a blessing to the state of Washington.

  7. Kenneth Chang
    Kenneth Chang says:

    This transgender issue can be settled in the Courts. Our Society has only two Genders, and can recognize only two Genders. Ether Male or Female. One or the other. For someone, a transgender, who was born one Gender, feels or wants to be the other Gender, is a Right onto himself. but for him/her to go into a facility specifically designed for one Gender for privacy, is a DECEPTION on Society. In other words, Society is looking and recognizing one Gender, and in essence is another. Whether it is known or they make themselves known is irrelevant. To be one Gender and portray to be another, is a deception on their part, unbeknownst to the General Public. What to do about it and how to solve it, is another and different issue. The issue presently is the entering of a specific privacy area for one Gender, to be entered by the opposite Gender, incognito. Pity

  8. Kaeley Triller Haver
    Kaeley Triller Haver says:


    With all due love and respect, I have to disagree with your assumption that this is somehow “a less significant issue.” As the survivor of sexual trauma who has seen and lived the devastation wrought by failure to protect women and children, I can tell you that not only does this sentiment exacerbate a lie many abuse victims already believe (ie. Their dignity and worth is not important enough to aggressively defend), it also fails to contend with the reality that a quarter of our nation’s women and children will be affected by sexual trauma at some point in their lives. The valuable time they could be spending living out their God-given potential is, instead, all too often sitting in therapy sessions or rehab centers. If THIS isn’t a family issue, then I don’t know what is. And should you be interested, I do have several pages of documented abuses of similar policies. This isn’t fearmongering; this is logical thinking.

    That said, I am eager to help fight these policies in any way I can. I am, however, not qualified to run for the school board, nor am I able to drive to Colville to be present at tonight’s meeting. Are there any other resources/practical action steps the FPIW can recommend? Are there any bills we can help pass through to protect people from these hideous policies? I want to DO something substantial to help.

  9. Tionico
    Tionico says:

    It will be amusing to observe how the local conservative townsfolk, they who foot the bill for those schools, will respond when some of their daughters are denied the security of keeping unclothed and deviant male children out of their bathroom and showwer facilities. When I was growing up, any MALE child caught undressing in the presence of the girls would be summarily captured and sent off to Juvvy for a spell. Next time he’s be sent out for a more permanent solution, a “Boy’s Home” until he was 18. If caught doing such again, it would have been a guaranteed admission ticket to the county GreyBar Hotel for a few years. By the time he’d get out, the sex offender registries would have been in effect, and he’d be close to the top of the list, being one of the “new kids”.

    The people of Colville, being honest hardworking folk, would not tolerate this foolishness no matter what “law” anyone would pass. I also rather suspect there would be a recall election targetting everyone who voted “aye” on this measure.

  10. Greg
    Greg says:

    While the issue of restroom/shower use by identified transgendered students is significant, for you to play partisan games with a significant issue is pathetic and anti-Christ. Somehow designating the Colville school board as “leftist” (those evil commie rats who believe in everything you hate and most surely all Democrats) is simply a lie. Liars shall have their part in the lake of Fire.

    How about trying on Jesus Christ and providing an honest meaningful discussion about what most of recognize as a significant issue (albeit not nearly as significant as the massive wealth/income transfer destroying the American middle class – a far more significant issue for the family that you don’t touch at all…). How about simply stating that they are people making bad policy that circumvents the CHOICE of gendered people rather than playing evil little partisan games?

    In the Lord Jesus Christ

    Greg Logan

    • Tionico
      Tionico says:

      Before you write him off as playing petty politics in the name of Christ, or whoever else, maybe you should consider that the terms “leftist”, “socialist”, “liberal”, “special interest rights”, Democrats” are all pretty much synonymous. Or so most folks will understand them. He is right….. since the people of Colville have been concerning themselves with other matters, the henhouse (schoolboard) has been overtaken by wolves and this stupid policy may well result from it.

      Part of the wealth transfer destroying the Americna Middle Class is in direct result of school boards just like this one wasting huge amounts of money on perversion and fringe issues… as well as sweet teacher pension deals that could never be found in the non-government sector. If this board are unfaithful in approving of this perversion, they will surely be unfaithful in approving some perversion of a teacher contract, benefits both costly and unnecessary for those who do thew ork, and other school policies that cost taxpayers needless money. I believe he has “tried on Jesus Christ”.. What do you suppose HE would think about young males.. first, thinking they are female, and thus that His Father had erred in their creation, and second , that those confused deviant males should have unfettered access, unclothed, to femals students, also unclothed, as a matter of policy. I can guess what HE would say about this: “Crooked and perverse generation, how long……”.


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