Daycare Workers Fired for Refusing to Call Little Girl a Boy

As reported this morning by Breitbart, two daycare workers at the Childrens’ Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy, Texas have been fired for refusing to use male pronouns to refer to a little girl who sometimes says she identifies as a boy.

The girl, who has two male parents, is just six years old.

“I don’t think [daycare workers] should be talking to other people’s children who are under the age of 18 about being transgender,” said Madeline Kirksey, one of the fired daycare workers.  She said that the girl sometimes refers to herself as a little boy, but sometimes tells the other children not to call her a boy or refer to her as “John.”

Following her firing, Kirksey called Texas Child Protective Services expressing concern that the girl’s gender confusion might have been aggressively pushed on the small child by the two male partners.

This story breaks just as nearby Houston, Texas made national headlines for the landslide defeat of a city ordinance that would have allowed people to enter bathrooms for the gender in which they identified that day, with no questions asked.

Why is it acceptable for anyone — especially those who have parental rights — to persuade a young, impressionable six-year old child to question her very existence and genetic makeup?  Under what context would a parent think that a young child could even begin to understand the deep, psychological, and emotional subject of human sexuality?

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  1. Stacie
    Stacie says:

    I just had to eat nearly $5000 in private school tuition because a mother brought her 5-year old boy to an expensive private montessori school in a purple frilly dress, with clip-on pearl earrings, sparkly girl shoes, and red lipstick. My son began to freak-out saying “Mommy, why is that boy wearing a dress? Mommy, he’s wearing a dress, boys don’t wear a dress! Then he asked (as the Mom was dropping her son off at the same time I did) “Why are you wearing a dress???” and the mother had the audacity to say “he’s experimenting with gender identity…”. When I complained to the teacher politely and quietly, expressing concern in large part because my son experienced sexual assault at the hands of another young man a year ago…the teacher responded telling me I’m a bigot, that my son has no reason to be upset that another boy was in a dress, and that if I had a problem with it I could withdraw my son as she “isn’t even going to say a word to the other Mom…she has 2 kids here, you only have one.” REALLY? What is the matter with our Country? I’m becoming more and more disgusted with the color of my passport as each day goes on, and hoping and praying to relocate to a place where common sense, morality, and decency still reign. It’s getting downright dangerous to be a parent, and to be Christian. I’m saddened by all of these stories, and the chaos grows by the minute as the LGBT grows more and more powerful and coercive. I just don’t understand. This kind of parental behavior used to be classified as child abuse…now parents are giving children under age 6 hormone treatments to begin gender changes. These kids don’t even know what they are, not to mention the fact they lack the capacity for such a decision. My two cents, for what it’s worth.

  2. Bob Knows
    Bob Knows says:

    This is a glaring example of a child being abused and destroyed by a very sick society. Two rump riders are NOT “two male parents.” That kind of LIES spreads hate and hurts children. She has a MOTHER around somewhere, her other real parent. The Lighthouse Child Abuse Center should be closed with prejudice.


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