Tuesday, Nebraska joined the list of states that have raided abortion facilities as part of an investigation into the illegal sale of abortion-harvested baby parts from Planned Parenthood and other abortion-providing facilities.

Last week, the Ohio State Senate passed a measure stripping government funding from the abortion provider.  Texas followed suit, and raided several Planned Parenthood clinics in the process, joining Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Utah, and left-leaning New Hampshire on the list of states that have already successfully stopped taxpayers dollars flowing to Planned Parenthood.  Investigations into the wrongdoing have been launched in 13 states to date, as more videos emerge showing the extent of the issue.

In a video also released Tuesday, an abortionist at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas was filmed admitting to completing a partial-birth abortion, a federally-illegal procedure in which the baby’s life is terminated only after being partially removed from the mother.

Washington State is not on the list of states investigating Planned Parenthood.  Sign our petition today to demand Attorney General Bob Ferguson launch an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s activities here in our state!