Legislators Ask Attorney General to Investigate Planned Parenthood

Last week, seven legislators sent a letter to Governor Inslee demanding that Washington State stop funding Planned Parenthood. Since then, 34 legislators have sent a letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson requesting him to investigate whether Planned Parenthood in Washington has been selling organs from aborted babies for financial gain.  You can read the letter and see who signed it below.

If your legislators signed this letter, let them know you appreciate their efforts to investigate Planned Parenthood. If your legislators did not sign the letter, call the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 or email them here and ask them to join their colleagues in compelling the Governor and Attorney General to investigate and stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Then call Attorney General Ferguson’s office at 360-753-6200 and ask him to investigate Planned Parenthood. Be respectful, but please be heard.

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  2. that guy
    that guy says:

    I’m curious if the fact that the videos were deceptively edited and completely debunked have any sway on the opinions of our legislators.

    The fact that i actually know some of these Reps makes me even sadder that they fell for this shameless propaganda.

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      I don’t believe the videos were deceptively edited or completely debunked. Where did you get this idea? I believe you’re the one who has fallen for shameless propaganda.

      I’m very grateful for all lawmakers who have concern for human life and the laws of our land. I will contact my representative as I did not see that name on the list.

  3. Dena
    Dena says:

    “Yet” everyone gets so upset with animal cruelty, I too get upset. Yet, killing babies and doing selling unborn children body parts is pushed away and ignored. What a gruesome society we live in. Planned Parenthood should have been shut down years ago and we certainly should not allow our tax money to fund them.

  4. Dena
    Dena says:

    It is appalling that this is going on in the United States. Yes everyone gets so upset if animals are treated in a cruel way. This needs to stop now.


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