The Self-Defeating Logic of Transgenderism

By now you are fully aware that Bruce Jenner would like to be a woman.  He has had some work done and is now presenting himself to the world as “Caitlyn.”

Earlier this week, we stated the obvious.  Bruce Jenner is still a man.

However, there are a few less obvious points worth making as we try to wrap our heads around the bizarre world that is America in 2015.

The argument in support of transgenderism is that sex and gender are different.  While proponents are forced to acknowledge that DNA determines anatomy, they deny that anatomy is necessarily connected to gender.

Gender, they argue, is a social construct determined more by the way a child’s parents, siblings, teachers, and friends treat a child rather than any innate, fixed difference between the biologically male and female.

The irony is that a sex change itself reinforces the gender stereotypes they claim to be rejecting.

You can’t become a woman if being a woman doesn’t mean something and the moment you try to switch your gender, you are acknowledging that male and female are distinct.

“But gender is determined by the way you feel, not by your anatomy,” they respond.

And they still have the nerve to call other people “anti-science.”

But this is just the start of the confusion.

While the transgender world poses on the front of a magazine with “come hither” eyes as if to say, “See, I’m in lingerie. How much more woman can I be?”, the feminist and lesbian wing of the family is making the argument that women need not be feminine in order to be fully woman.

The caricature of femininity being presented by Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is typically insulting to the feminist world.

Feminists could be insulted by the idea that womanhood can be purchased by a man with enough money.

One of the rare times they missed their cue to be indignant.

But feminism isn’t the only movement that abandons its core principles to support transgenderism.

It seems that once you are willing to change your gender, the implication that one can choose their sexuality is no longer offensive.

The Vanity Fair article discussing Jenner’s makeover included the following: “Bruce Jenner as Bruce Jenner had a sexual appetite exclusively for women. Caitlyn has no idea what the future will hold as Caitlyn Jenner. But, she adds, it is not important to her right now. ‘If you have a list of 10 reasons to transition, sex would be number 10.'”

Of course the implication that choice has ever had anything to do with sexuality provokes outrage in any other context.

While feminism, transgenderism, and homosexuality hold positions that cannot be reconciled with each other, it is of no concern to them because their goal is not to discover what is true. Quite the opposite. They are united by a common desire to make the world embrace their belief that nothing is true except the things they want to be true.

They are declaring independence from a fixed reality.

Unlike Martin Luther King Jr’s civil rights movement, which was rooted in the notion of a fixed natural law that the racist laws of the time were incongruent with, the goal of these movements is to demonstrate that there is no natural law.

“Being born a man doesn’t mean I have to be a father if I want to be a parent.  I can be a mother if I want to.”

If there is no standard, there is nothing to be incongruent with.

While they see themselves as pioneers, they are in fact the current players in the oldest campaign in human history.

Ever since Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden, convincing herself that it would make her like God, man has been fighting for the idea that there are no rules except the ones we like.

We shouldn’t be too harsh in our critique because this is a campaign we have all been part of to varying degrees.

But we don’t do anyone any favors by telling the person who is frustrated by the rules that there are no rules.  Because sooner or later they will confront reality, even if they spent all their life convinced it didn’t exist.

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  2. The Internet
    The Internet says:

    I’m confused by one of your arguments in particular:

    “The irony is that a sex change itself reinforces the gender stereotypes they claim to be rejecting.”

    I think that would be a contradiction if someone said “my appearance doesn’t matter”. I don’t think that’s the case. What they say is “my appearance doesn’t match my gender”. If someone didn’t care how they looked like, I don’t think they would undergo surgeries, years of hormone therapy, making themselves targets for assault, etc.

    I think what is being rejected is that your physical appearance should determine how you act and see yourself. I can definitely relate. I think the ideas we have of “real men”/”real women” are pretty stupid overall. I am often left out at work, because I don’t enjoy the same typical “bro” activities, rather do sports than watch it, not into football, etc. Also, let’s face it: most men are real jerks IMHO. I really wouldn’t be opposed to us starting to question some of the century old gender stereotypes, mind you.

    I think if there was less of a rigid system in place for how boys/girls are supposed to BE, the world would probably be a much better place. I think it already has become better by lessening gender expectations and striving for more gender equality and self-determination. Actually, I thought that’s what Americans are so proud of?

    Anyway, it would be really nice if you could clarify some of the points you are mentioning in this article. I don’t feel they are completely consistent (?) Hope you can clarify/get back to me on that! Thank you!

  3. Ben Schuldt
    Ben Schuldt says:

    You’ve used one data point to disprove the varied experiences of the entire transgender community that doesn’t necessarily fit the mold and who aren’t neccessarily presenting as “stereotypically” male or female. Congratulations.

    And you’ve managed to take good evidence that there are people who are born with a different gender identity than their biology might otherwise indicate and decide that them comprehensively doing something about it refutes the experience. Bravo.

    It’s bad enough that your god couldn’t have been bothered to put the right soul in the right body to begin with, but then you have to go and add the insult to the injury.

    *slow clap*

  4. Penny
    Penny says:

    To the writer: you are a very smart. perceptive and compassionate man. Thank you for a very wise and lucid article. There aren’t many out there

  5. NJ
    NJ says:

    What is pathetic is that it is in large part the popular culture intelligentsia (the self-proclaimed “mental giant” celebrities of our society) who are driving these crazy thoughts and promoting these untested, irrational ideas as truth. The social and political elite today view themselves as superior to any god and even above science because the lowest common denominators of our population, lacking discernment, believe them. This gets the “geniuses” off the hook from having to ground and support their absurd notions with facts, and the media plays along, selling their stories. The uninformed and rebellious elements in our country feed and thrive off this garbage. Any responsible parents with concern for their children’s psyche and their sense of who they are in God’s sight must give strong consideration to pulling them out of the dark abyss known as the public schools. Educators are rewriting curriculum as fast as the liberals spin out their tales. What kind of learning does this impart? Chaos. Let’s admit it: A majority of the American people voted for a dysfunctional, maladjusted, narcissistic and manipulative alternative “prince” to change our nation because what he said tickled their ears. They are using their same delusional brains to live out their mindless existence and to elect our congressmen, governors, judges and the like. How many people do you personally know who display remarkable knowledge, a solid sense of history, and wisdom based on self-examination and reflective thought? We’re running way below 50%, folks, and we’re allowing our country to be flooded with terrorists, legal and illegal immigrants who fully intend not to assimilate with the American way (like our president), and utter kooks living on pot, drugs, and alcohol who have no intention of doing anything in life except taking up space. Even many of our churches have decided to drop the notion of sin and hell because it is such an inconvenient and unpleasant bore. Our nation is reaping exactly what has been sown. Bible prophesy is 100% accurate that when a people group turns away from the light of God and His ways, it will stumble in darkness. That’s exactly where we are, sloshing around underground in the sewer. Only those who humble themselves and submit to God’s authority can rightfully hold hope for the future.

    • The Internet
      The Internet says:

      I always get concerned when people use the Bible as an argument for anything in this day and age … If you want public life to be governed by a religious text, you should probably pick some country in the Middle East? Until then: actual logic is required.

  6. daniwitz13
    daniwitz13 says:

    While I am against Homosexuality, for what it wants to gain, It is a different matter to be against who they are, and to have the freedom to be what they want for themselves. It is when they impose what they want to be on others. It seems to be counter productive to interfere with People’s Orientations, provided that that Orientation does not impose it upon Society in demands and recognitions.

    • Tionico
      Tionico says:

      the thing is, creatures like this DO impose their ways on society, an often unwilling society. I believe I read somewhere that Medicare will be paying for at least part of his “treatment”? If this is the case, his selfish desires ARE indeed lacing a burden upon ME, a taxyaper. I can also imagine that at some point in the future, this male’s masquerading as a female will place some other male in a compromising situation as he learns what he thought to be female is actually male. Then there will be (as certain as the sunrose on the morrow) others who follow his path but toward different goals: a large strong fit male, an expert at some sport that can be quite lucrative, will sudeenly decide he really IS “female”, will pay the monty to the doctor to play God and make hum female, then so excel at that sport in competition with wonem….. the question hAS come uo in high school sports in a few places. It won’t be long before it happens in a number of women’s sports at te pro level.

      Like the olsd saw goes: on what a tangled web we weave when once we practice to deceive It would be about as fair as a 27 year old elite cyclict wanting to race against the 60+ year olds in the Master Master’s division. He’d finish first, but so what? Racing men two and half times your age will get you across the line first, but there is no hnoour no victory, in that.

  7. Paul austin
    Paul austin says:

    This is so sad, but you can’t give people truth, if they won’t receive it from you. So what can we do? Pray for them and for our selves, for kindness along the way, until God opens a door for patient understanding, and healing to happen.


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