Forced to Sell Abortion Drugs? Olympia Pharmacy in Court Today

This afternoon in Portland, OR the owners of Olympia based Ralph’s Thriftway will be in front of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals defending their right not to sell Plan B, a drug that causes early term abortions.

No CGs – ADF: Govt shouldn’t force Christian pharmacists to dispense abortion-inducing drugs from ADF Media Relations on Vimeo.

 Ralph’s Thriftway has been embroiled in a legal mess with Washington State since 2007 after the state took the position that Plan B be sold by every pharmacy.

Their policy was to refer customers looking for Plan B to nearby pharmacies that carried it.

In 2012, a federal district court in Washington suspended the state’s regulations requiring them to sell Plan B. The court said the regulation existed “primarily (if not solely)” to ban religiously motivated referrals.

The court noted that while attempting to require Ralph’s Pharmacy to stock Plan B, they permit pharmacies to refrain from stocking and delivering drugs for “almost unlimited” business, economic, and convenience reasons.

Attorneys for the state were joined by attorney’s from Planned Parenthood in appealing the decision.

Organizations like Planned Parenthood have been working hard to leverage their political influence gained through political organization and campaign contributions to create state policies that prohibit people who do not share their enthusiasm for abortion from making a living on an equal playing field with those who do.

Their primary argument is that it is “discriminatory” for pharmacies not to sell abortion drugs. Of course that’s true in the sense that the pharmacy is making a choice not to sell something they disapprove of.

Taco Bell doesn’t sell hamburgers. Christian books stores don’t sell the Koran.

If you’re looking for an item that one particular store doesn’t sell, you’re free to go to another store. At least that’s how it used to be.

All choice (which abortion advocates once claimed to support) is discrimination.

For groups like Planned Parenthood, discrimination isn’t the real problem. After all, they discriminate against birth and mammograms.

They object to the fact that people still have the freedom to make choices that reflect moral disapproval of abortion. Which also explains why, for three years, they have been working hard to require every private insurance policy in Washington State to cover abortion.

So today, they’ll be partnering with the Washington State government doing their best to make sure that businesses and citizens in Washington State have fewer freedoms than they did yesterday.

Unless you’re one of the lawyers or one of the judges, there isn’t much you can do about this case.

But what you can do as a citizen is make sure you know how those you vote for feel about conscience rights. This case could be done away with immediately if Washington State passed legislation protecting the rights of businesses owners not to violate their conscience.

But for years, the majority in the state legislature has been either cheering or standing idly by while state agencies harass grandparents because of their beliefs about marriage or abortion.

We can do something about that.

We better.

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  1. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    I am the owner of a business that provides professional services to other businesses. As a business owner in the United States, I don’t expect the government made “by the people” to interfere in my business financial or marketing decisions by requiring me to sell certain products. It’s one thing to have to deal with all of the regulatory and taxing issues that small business owners much add to overhead expense but to be told what our business must sell? That’s not freedom to run my business as I see fit.

  2. Kristine Stevenson
    Kristine Stevenson says:

    From Duck Dynasty to the Duggars; from primary school to post secondary; from church pulpits to college campus ‘free speech zones’; the Judeo-Christian foundation of our country is being assaulted and shredded right before our eyes. But the Good news is, God never loses and good men ARE standing up so that evil will not triumph.

  3. Rick Layton
    Rick Layton says:

    I’m a bit puzzled by the comment that “This case could be done away with immediately if Washington State passed legislation protecting the rights of business owners not to violate their conscience.” Aren’t business owners “individuals”?
    Washington’s constitution guarantees to every individual the “absolute freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment” (Article 1, section 11) So if the law already exists and they are refusing to acknowledge it, why would passing another law matter? Lawlessness is an illness which ends in death for our nation and our state.

    • Joseph Backholm
      Joseph Backholm says:

      Rick, we agree with you that this matter should already be settled.

      But what the law means has always been a matter of interpretation. The left claims to believe in conscience rights, but they believe the right they invented a few years ago not to be “discriminated” against trumps those rights the rights of conscience and religious expression.

      That is a brand new concept and will either go away because we saw the folly in it or take us into an even greater degree of fascism than we are currently dealing with.

      The legislature is the place where the law is made and they could easily clarify that the non-discrimination laws currently used to take away so many freedoms do not mean what some on the left think they mean. But so far they have not done that. Therefore, right now the right not to be discriminated against is the super right that is trumping every actual right recognized in the constitution.

  4. Penny Lulich
    Penny Lulich says:

    Since when is it the business of the state to force people to participate in murder? Or to be providers of any kind of services that facilitate the murder of our most vulnerable and innocent citizens. This madness must be stopped. All good people must stand up and defend the right to life. No longer can we just turn a blind eye.

  5. Pearl
    Pearl says:

    Contact Rep Denny Heck urging him to legislate against money-making for PP Abortion via webcam prescribing RU 486 for $500 leaving the mother to deliver her dead unborn child at home, risking her life and killing her baby!

  6. Tionico
    Tionico says:

    I have a LOT of respect for the storman family, who have faithfully stood their ground since Queen Christine beat up the State Pharmacy Board to dreft regulations specifically removing a shop owner’s right to NOT carry certain products. I was unaware our tax dollars had been conscripted to appeal this further. And I abhor our state elected “representatives” who steadfastly refuse to pass legislation freeing business owners from the burden of discrimination. As an individual I canno be FORCED to buy or use abortion services….. yet. WHY cannot that same liberty be enjoyed by a closely held family business tnat, in the thrity five years I hav lived in Olympia, ave clearly upheld the same set of values in serving the public?

    If someone wants one of those drugs, and Ralph’s do not have it for them, the answer is simple: hop back in your car and drive for less than ten minutes, and you will be able to purchase that product from any one of a dozen OTHER vendors. In no way does Storman’s decision limit the choices of any potential customer. Not only is this a threat to this family, it is a theat to eVERY business in the State of Washington.

    One more thing to consider:

    FASCISM defined: government control of the private means of production. In this instance, government (the State of Washington) is controlling (by demanding a certain product be sold) the private means of production that is the Storman family business.

    • john robel
      john robel says:

      Communism made a larger impact on Washington than almost any other state. “There are forty-seven states in the Union, and the Soviet of Washington,” Postmaster General James Farley joked in 1936. The remark, for all its exaggeration, had some foundation I have lived in Wa for most of my 58 years. I am ashamed of the king county death grip on our state We live in a police state. Stupid laws are passed that serve no purpose other than empower law enforcement and politicians. Does anyone believe that a foam and plastic bicycle hat will do anything against an SUV? Is any of their damn business? If Rowe V Wade has given women dominion of their bodies, then isn’t it sexist for me to have to wear a helmet on my Harley? Don’t get me started on the DUI INDUSTRY in Wa. A felon can have his records sealed but a misdemeanor DUI cannot be sealed or expunged. Law has been changed so that even ON PRIVATE PROPERTY, you can be charged with DUI. The list goes on and on. I hate what has become of Wa, and would move if not for family..

      • Cynthia
        Cynthia says:

        John — I couldn’t agree more with you. And what’s awful is the 3/4 of the state lives to the east of the Cascades and is Red but we are forced to adopt the mindset of the liberal Californians who have taken over the Seattle/Olympia area and now outvote us by sheer population size. The latest law on gun has me frothing as it may work for city folks but it sure is a PIA for country folks. I have given more and more thought to the words of many who have talked about secession. Someone told me that if we could take 3/4 of Washington state, meld it with Panhandle Idaho and Montana, we would have a state of people that are united in their culture and values. I keep wondering if it’s possible to move from talking about it to actually doing it — what would it take?


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