Our Mission

Our Mission

Uniting a growing alliance of Churches, Pastors, businesses, allied partners, and individuals we’re helping prepare a new generation of Christian marriage and family-affirming leaders. Working closely with Pastors and other faithful Christian leaders, we help Churches, citizens, businesses develop and boldly promote effective Christian public policy, while providing true accountability for elected officials and public agencies.

Our Values

Value People: We believe that each person has inherent value. Therefore, we believe the way we talk, write, and think about other people should reflect their intrinsic worth and value, regardless of philosophical, religious, or ideological disagreements.
Be Positive: We believe we live in the greatest nation on earth. While we will fight vigorously for the things we hold dear, we will conduct ourselves in a way that reflects the gratitude we hold for the unmerited favor we enjoy as Americans.

Be Professional: We believe that excellence is crucial to effectiveness. We believe our conduct, our speech, and any work product should be professional and are committed to ensuring that everything we do meets the highest standards of professionalism.

Be Thoughtful: We believe personal and emotional issues should be dealt with in a considerate and thoughtful way. We do not believe anyone is obligated to agree with us. Therefore, as we endeavor to persuade others of the rightness of our cause, we are committed to focus our discussion on ideas, not people.

Have Integrity: We believe it is imperative to the success of our mission that we maintain a united front that exemplifies the integrity and character of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only by supplementing our faith through virtue, excellence, knowledge, truth, and self-control, that we will be able to serve the needs of Washington State Christians and families, and boldly and confidently represent biblical family values and moral standards in the State Legislature. (2 Peter 1:5-8)

Our Vision

To be our nation’s leading statewide Christian public policy & political advocacy organization that is successfully transforming Washington State, where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, marriage and families thrive, and life is cherished.