Written Endorsements

I have been receiving your email updates for some time now. I appreciate how they help me stay informed about current political issues including protecting our religious liberties.

Yesterday, I read a letter to the editor  in our local paper about the Arlene’s Flowers case that angered me. I knew the author’s argument didn’t ring true but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the problem. I went to your website and looked up Arlene’s Flowers and got the information I needed. I was able to write a letter to the editor in response and hopefully those who read it will better understand the truth about the issue.

Your concise information helped me, a busy homeschool mom, to be a little more involved in the fight for religious liberties. Thank you for your work!

Marilyn W.

Public Statements

I appreciate your time and all the information you provide in your news letters. You help me make informed decisions that empower me when I vote, and when I am talking to or email my representatives.
Alethea E

Surely, as its logo portrays, FPIW is a lighthouse that helps citizens know how to successfully navigate their way through the culture war. We are fortunate to have FPIW standing for truth on the front lines in Olympia.
Dr. Joseph Fuiten

I can tell that [FPIW] commits a great deal of time, energy, prayer, and spiritual fervor in these efforts and I greatly value that from… leaders who are sensitive to the direction and leading of God’s Spirit. Thank you for being a great example in this area.
Pastor Mark Geer

Thank you for this WONDERFUL news and for all YOU and Family Policy Institute are doing to restore religious freedom to our state.
Linda B.

Thank you for your leadership in such things and for making it easy for us to participate in the political process.
Connie R.

With FPIW and God — the stand needed to be made is indeed doable.
Michelle A.

Thank you for being in Olympia this past session, standing for marriage and the family and faith. It is an honor and a privilege to support FPIW.
John & Louise

I am so glad you are a warrior for God, and for giving me the opportunity to help.
Austin & Rachelle

Thank you for sharing wonderful wisdom. Thank you so much for your undying efforts.
Dahn C.

Thank you for all the work you do helping to protect freedoms in our state and keeping us informed. Also helping us direct our prayers appropriately.
Vicki T.

I so appreciate your Mobilization Monday mailing. I am embarrassed to say I have only been involved once. It is so user friendly and does all the required work for us. Please keep up the service. It is so user friendly. God bless you.
Dennis A.

FPIW is an exceptional voice for the traditional family in the Washington State government. They are an outstanding organization which fearlessly stands up to protect and defend the vales of pro-life, pro-traditional family, parental rights and religious freedom. I strongly recommend you support the work FPIW does for you and your family.
Rep. Brad Klippert

I depend on your site … to send information out to several pro-life groups who in turn send out to others.
Mary M.

It is my conviction that FPIW is one of the most essential organizations in our State. Without them, the church lacks the voice and organization to stand for righteousness and to stand against wickedness in our state government.
Pastor Randy Leskovar

Your daily commentaries are priceless!
Roger L.

Thanks for all your work, your refreshing viewpoints, and your non-inflammatory tone. Please don’t stop.

Thank you for your vigilant watch in Olympia. I read your email alerts faithfully and depend on them.

You are doing excellent work in Olympia. Keep it up!

Thank you…for your perseverance.
Donna K.

So keep up the good work! The sweet aroma of the knowledge of Christ is being manifested through you!
Branette R.

Thank you for what you do in keeping us informed on issues and the like and for being the light there at the Capitol.
Pastor Dan