Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest - Washington State Survey 2014
A look at Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest's candidate questionnaire.

Women's Protection Project
This booklet, put out by the  Americans United for Life,  outlines the risks of abortion to women and includes some of our key model legislation that protects women’s health along with unborn babies.
Exposing planned parenthoods protection of pedophiles
Warning: graphic but true pictures that depict the real horror of abortion in America
Bible Verses on Abortion
What does the Bible say about abortion
Abortion Survivors
True stories of victims of abortion who lived
Abortion Injury
Facts on abortion risk and abortion lawsuits
Churches and abortion
What churches can do to be a meaningful witness against the evils of abortion
Elliot Institute
After abortion services
American Life League
Largest Catholic pro-life organization
Baptists for Life
Bible based pro-life arguments and pro-life ministries
Black genocide
Exposing the disproportionate number of black babies killed by abortion
Christian Homes and Special Kids
Providing homes and opportunities for life for children with special needs.
Help for abortion clinic employees
Center for Life and Hope
Empowering women through knowledge to choose life
Child Protection Project
Get Planned Parenthood out of schools