The Sanctity of Life

We believe life is sacred and should be protected at every opportunity.  We believe from the moment of fertilization to the moment of natural death, human life is intrinsically and eternally significant.  We believe that comfort, cost, convenience, mental capacity, or the inability to comply with societal expectations of what people should be able to do is never a justification for terminating a life that would otherwise continue to live.

We have serious concerns for next year’s session relating to the aggressive agendas put forth by the pro-abortion and the gay marriage lobbies in Washington State.

The FPIW opposes:

  • Legislative efforts that would force family-owned and operated pharmacies to violate deeply held religious and moral convictions by stocking the controversial “morning after pill.” 
  • Legislation that would disregard the consciences of healthcare providers to opt out of participation in abortions or assisted suicide.
  • Legislation that would mandate the purchase of health insurance that covers abortion. 

The FPIW Supports:

  • Legislation that would require parental notification for abortions and inappropriate medication or contraception.