Olympia 101 Citizen Orientation Training

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Alternative training dates available upon request, including for non-English speaking citizens.
IMPORTANT: Olympia 101–Interim Trainings are subject to cancellation 
if attendance does not meet the minimum daily requirement of 10 participants.

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Olympia 101 is the Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) signature citizen orientation training to inform, equip and mobilize ordinary citizens for purposeful, authentic and effective action in support of good public policy in Washington State. Olympia 101 accomplishes this by offering citizens the opportunity to learn about their state government through a unique on-site, real-time dynamic experience that uses the Capitol Campus as its "classroom". Since introducing Olympia 101 during the 2013 Legislative Session, FPIW had the privilege of investing in nearly 400 Washington citizens from across the state.

All Olympia 101 trainings take place onsite at the State Capitol Campus in Olympia (map), and are facilitated FREE of charge by the Family Policy Institute of Washington.

During the Legislative Session, Olympia 101 is offered at least once per week while the Legislature is in Session (January–March), including twice per day on the scheduled date. During the interim, Olympia 101 will be offered three times (May-September), but is also available upon request for groups, including for non-English speaking citizens. 
2014 Olympia 101 Interim Citizen Orientation Trainings
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NEW! Tuesday, August 26, 2014 Friday, September 5, 2014
8:30am to 11:45am and 1:15pm to 4:30pm
Morning and afternoon trainings are the same.
Special Training
"Maximize Your March for Life" 
Columbus Day
Monday, October 13, 2014

General Citizen Training
Noon-2pm Washington March for Life Volunteer Training

Special Training

"Serving Those Who Serve in the Public Square"
Olympia 101 for Pastors and Church Leaders
Thursday, October 20, 2014

This special Olympia 101 training is an annual offering designed specifically for pastors and church leaders who want to understand how they can serve those who serve in the public square. The goal is not to turn pastors into lobbyists, but to help pastors understand that the legislature needs the gospel just as much, if not more, than every other part of the culture. Join with other pastors from around Washington State to not only become familiar with the State Capitol, but also discuss how your ministry can simply and effectively reach and serve those who serve in the legislature.
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* IMPORTANT: Olympia 101–Interim Trainings are subject to cancellation ​if attendance does not meet the minimum daily requirement of 10 participants.

Olympia 101 helps citizens know how to confidently navigate their Capitol Campus, both inside and out.
  • Where to park. (Map)
  • How to ride the DASH, Thurston County's complimentary Intercity Transit shuttle service that takes you everywhere you need to go in Downtown Olympia, from the Capitol Campus to the Farmer's Market, cafes and shops, to area offices and parks.
  • How and where to reserve meeting space for both casual and official legislative business.
  • Where to eat lunch, buy a cup of coffee, purchase gifts or souvenirs, locate restrooms, accessibility options, etc.
Participate in the Legislative Process
  • Where and how to utilize the bill resources available through Legislative Information Center.
  • How and where to testify at a legislative hearing.
  • How to read and track bills.
  • Using the tools available for citizens to effectively interpret and follow the legislative process.
  • Participating in grassroots networking activities.
  • How and where to receive advanced training.
  • Preparing citizens for leadership roles within their own circle's of influence.
Build Meaningful Relationships with Lawmakers and their Staff
  • Legislator's roles within the context of their Olympia offices.
  • How and when to contact district lawmakers about legislation.
  • Promoting good public policy through servant leadership.
  • Providing accountability through constituent action.
Please contact info@fpiw.org for further information or assistance.
"Living in Olympia  most of my life I felt intimidated by the capitol. Now I can walk through the doors, literally, that I felt were off limits. [Olympia 101] has opened so many thoughts, doors and prayers." 
– Tom from Olympia, WA

"Really appreciated focus on God and how we can serve Him by praying for our leaders and getting involved in issues." 
– Beth from Puyallup, WA

"Thank you very much for the Olympia 101 class today. I enjoyed it very much and will encourage as many as possible from my congregation to go to the next one." – Pastor TL from Olympia, WA

"Eliminated the intimidation of the law making process/passing process. -- This is our place. -- God is the Lawmaker. As evil is corrupting our government, it [Olympia 101] actually gave me hope to know how to express my voice." 
– Erica from Puyallup, WA

"The power of knowledge, mixed with heart wrenching appeals that our presence/participation really does matter, and that the church really has largely checked out of the public square." 
Puget Sound Pastor
"Great reminders of citizen obligations as good Christian examples. Reminder of how important it is to approach legislators with love, not anger." – Puget Sound Pastor
"Two aspects really touched me: first, the call to begin with prayer and personal conversion of heart before chasing any specific action plan. And secondly to approach this work as did Jesus: to be about "the Father's business,: even when that might mean remaining constant in obedience to "the Father's plan" and that not getting my way is not a game changer. Thanks so very much!!" – Penny from Bellingham, WA

"Very well organized and a very informative session. I feel better prepared for meetings with my Legislators" – Puget Sound Pastor

"The best way to communicate with my legislators/senators through snail mail. Also - God is the lawmaker- even when I am frustrated am still called to stand." – Elizabeth from Puyallup, WA

 "Legislators are not my enemy and I need to pray for them and build bridges. I can be influential by encouraging them, praying for them, and remaining in contact with them." – Susan from Clinton, WA
"Thank you very much for the Olympia 101 class today. I enjoyed it very much and will encourage as many as possible from my congregation to go to the next one." – Pastor TL from Olympia, WA
"How excited people get about being involved in positive change for our state when they realize that there are practical, simple steps individuals can take that will make a big impact on our future."
 – Jennifer from Kennewick, WA


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