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Do People Choose Their Religion?

Do people choose their religion? It’s a simple question that has arisen out of an apparent contradiction. On one hand, religious conservatives in twenty-one states do not have the freedom to decline to decorate for a same-sex wedding. However, same-sex couples do have the freedom to decline to provide services for religious conservatives based on […]

Does the Left Love Freedom Again?

It’s Thanksgiving this week, which means we’re all looking for things to be thankful for. One thing I’m thankful for is that our friends on the left may be coming around to the idea that freedom is cool again. Over the past eight years, we have seen a massive shift away from an emphasis on […]

WA AG Continues to Fundraise Off Lawsuit Against Barronelle Stutzman

Yesterday, Barronelle Stutzman, the florist from eastern Washington, had her day at the Washington State Supreme Court.  She argued that the First Amendment’s protects her right to choose which messages she communicates with her art and which events she chooses to participate. On the other side, Attorney General Bob Ferguson argued that, “The state’s interest […]

Barronelle Stutzman Has Her Day In Court

Barronelle Stutzman had her day in court.  Accused of violating the state’s law against discrimination for declining to decorate for a same-sex wedding, today Mrs. Stutzman went to the Washington State Supreme Court to argue that the First Amendment protects her right to decide the kind of messages she supports with her art. She had […]

The Shakedown of Chef John Howie

  A popular chef got cooked last week.  By the tolerance mob. Chef John Howie owns a number of Seattle area restaurants and is also the chef for the Seattle Seahawks.  By all account he’s a really decent guy; generous and active in the community. But isn’t that kind of what you’d expect from the […]

What Makes You, You?

  What makes you, you? And what does it mean to be true to yourself?  On a personal level, we all wrestle with these questions. But the way we answer these questions has cultural consequences as well. One view of “self” claims that “living authentically” means being true to your desires. “If it feels good […]

Why Planned Parenthood is Suing FPIW

  Two days ago, FPIW’s communications director, Zach Freeman, was served legal papers naming him as a defendant in a lawsuit. The suit was filed by 10 unnamed plaintiffs, identified only as “Jane and John Does”, asking the court to prohibit the University of Washington from releasing public records that had been requested by Mr. […]