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A Good Week at the Supreme Court

This is the last week for the justices of the US Supreme Court to issue opinions on cases that were argued this term.  Two cases we’ve been watching closely, beside the already issued Masterpiece Cakes, are NIFLA v. Becerra and the disposition of Barronelle Stutzman’s case in Arlene’s Flowers.   Yesterday and today the Court issued good decisions on both.

On Monday, in the wake of Masterpiece,

Which World Will You Choose?

Last Wednesday’s hearing on Senate Bill 5320 (Viewable here on TWV), parental notification in cases of a minor seeking an abortion, was relatively staid affair where opponents of parental notification argued that, while a minor cannot get a tattoo, visit a tanning salon, nor drink or smoke legally, and while parental consent is needed for every other simple medical procedure or exam, somehow teenage girls in crisis should be trusted to make their own medical decisions about their pregnancy.

Action Needed: Support Senate Bill 5320

Senate Bill 5320 requiring parental notification when a minor is seeking an abortion is being heard in the Senate Law & Justice Committee this Thursday at 10 AM.

Please take the time to learn about this important bill and issue, then call the members of the Law & Justice Committee urging them to pass it out of committee and onto the floor for a full Senate vote.  If you can be in Olympia on Thursday to testify or just show your support for this important pro-life and pro-family bill that would be great as well.