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Conzatti: Free Speech Being Squelched in Europe, Headed Our Way Next?

On May 31, the European Commission announced a partnership with tech moguls like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft to combat “racism, xenophobia and all forms of intolerance” on tech platforms by reviewing and removing hate speech within 24 hours.

Conservatives like myself voiced concerns about the agreement, which has been roundly denounced by digital rights groups and government watchdog organizations. Members of European Parliament have gone so far as calling the initiative “Orwellian.”

In my June 1 blog for FPIW,

Conzatti: Supreme Court Disregards Own Standards in Abortion Ruling


In a devastating 5-3 loss for pro-life advocates, the Supreme Court just overturned two provisions of Texas’ HB 2 law that placed restrictions on abortion providers. The law was designed to improve the safety of women by requiring abortion providers to meet surgical center health and safety standards and maintain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt struck down both of the law’s provisions,

Statistics Show Delaying Marriage Hurts Families, Incomes

Not only are married men healthier and happier than their single peers, but statistics show they are also more financially successful.

“Becoming a husband means growing up, making a transition from prolonged semi-adolescence to true male adulthood,” says Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow in Domestic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation and the author of a study exploring the relationship between marriage and poverty in America.

Holding other variables constant, men earn 0.9 percent higher wages for each year they are married.

Opinion: Why Schools Aren’t the Place to Learn About Transgenderism


The state’s new health and physical education standards have provoked a strong backlash from parents and citizens who are outraged that children will be taught about gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation in elementary school. For example, children in third grade will now be taught that they can choose their own gender. Their fourth grade peers will learn about the range of sexual orientation.

Astonished by what their children will be taught under the new standards,

Opinion: Internet Pact to ‘Combat All Forms of Intolerance’ Raises Concerns


In a move denounced by some as “Orwellian,” Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Microsoft have all pledged to review and remove illegal hate speech from their platforms within 24 hours of receiving notification.

This initiative signifies the beginning of a partnership between major tech giants and the European Commission, which is encouraging the tech companies to “combat all forms of intolerance” by cracking down on what the Commission considers to be hate speech.  

Opinion: School Districts Should Kiss Federal Education Funding Goodbye


The federal government is threatening to withhold federal education funding from local school districts that disobey the recent Obama administration bathroom directive.

The directive, issued via letter from the Departments of Education and Justice, mandates that public schools affirm a student’s chosen gender identity by allowing the student to use whichever showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms correspond to his or her chosen gender identity, regardless of his or her biological sex.

Planned Parenthood and NARAL Surveys Call For Restrictions on Crisis Pregnancy Centers


Planned Parenthood and NARAL have distributed their surveys for the upcoming election cycle to candidates seeking political office here in Washington.  The content of the questions demonstrates the radical policy positions advocated by two of the more prominent pro-abortion groups and the candidates they will ultimately decide to support.

Political advocacy organizations use candidate surveys to gauge a candidate’s position on the issues.  The survey responses enable these special interest groups to determine which candidates they will endorse and support financially.

Opinion: Distracted colleges fail to equip workforce, hurt families

Seattle University students are occupying the lobby of the school’s college of humanities, demanding the resignation of its dean.

The offense? According to the students’ petition, the college’s faculty and curriculum “traumatize,” “tokenize,” and “pathologize” students, resulting in a “profoundly damaging” student experience that has “lasting effects on [their] mental and emotional well-being.”

The students contend that the problems they are facing will only be corrected once the Seattle University humanities curriculum is replaced with a “non-Eurocentric interdisciplinary curriculum,” taught by staff from “marginalized backgrounds,”