WA Florist Sued for Beliefs About Marriage

Yesterday, newly elected Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against a florist in Richland, Washington because she declined to provide floral arrangements to a same-sex wedding ceremony.  Arlene's Flowers is a small business whose owner, Barronelle Stutzman, had served this customer for years.  She knew he was gay, and it was never an issue, because she's happy to serve everybody.

But she isn’t willing to lend her services to every activity, and when it came to a same-sex wedding, she just couldn’t do it.   According to her statement, she explained herself, he said he respected it; they hugged and he left.

No one notified Ms. Stutzman that under the new regime, kindness and understanding, while holding true to your convictions, cannot be tolerated.  After all, we’re on a mission to make the world more tolerant.  

The suit asks the florist to promise to never again be so naughty and pay a fine of $2,000 for stepping out of line.  Should a pacifist web designer be fined for telling the National Rifle Association he would rather not design their website?  Should the Republican printer be required to print campaign literature for the Democrats?

During the debate over the redefinition of marriage last year in Washington State, proponents of natural marriage argued repeatedly that this was not simply about people having the opportunity to form relationships, but that redefining marriage had consequences for education, parental rights, and religious liberty.  Despite dozens of examples from around the country, they rolled their eyes.     

“This won’t make any difference for anyone except for the loving, committed couples who will no longer be treated as second class citizens,” they argued.

One wonders how many of those who assured us that no one would lose their liberty will come to the defense of Arlene’s Flowers.

Of course this lawsuit isn't due exclusively to the redefinition of marriage.  The non-discrimination statute that this suit has been brought under existed previously.  It was bad then, it is bad now.  The difference, however, is this.  Now that the law says marriage is genderless, those who think otherwise are much more likely to be confronted with the Hobbesian choice to conform or be punished. 

This isn’t an isolated case.  All over the country photographers, court clerks, doctors, psychologists, bakers and others are facing a similar dilemma.  State and local governments have decided use their power to prevent people from violating government etiquette standards.

In the 1960’s, the liberals were fighting for the freedom to burn flags, protest, be profane, and generally express themselves in ways that they knew were offensive.   “I may not like what you say,” they shouted, “but I will defend to the death your right to say it!” Almost seems noble.
I miss liberals.

Back in the day, a liberal who was denied service from a business for reasons he didn’t appreciate might express his thoughts with his middle finger, which would be his right, but at the end of the day he would still appreciate the fact that in America people are free to be themselves even if he finds it annoying, inconvenient, or offensive. 

Now they believe they are legally entitled to someone else’s labor.       

There was a time, not that long ago, that you didn’t have to pledge allegiance to a certain political philosophy in order to have the right to the pursuit of happiness.  Let’s do that again.

Friends, you may not be a florist, and you may have made a different decision, but liberty is at stake for all of us.   Draw your line in the sand right here.  Don’t ignore the bully just because he hasn’t punched you in the mouth yet.   A small business owner is looking at years of litigation and huge legal expenses because she won’t bow to the political elites.  

Stand with Arlene’s Flowers.      

If you would like to be part of an effort to do something about this, please send an email to info@fpiw.org and let us know.  We will be helping to assemble Washington citizens to support this small business and communicate to our elected officials that this harassment is not being done with the consent of the governed.  

Then, forward this, like it, share it, etc… Someone needs to tell the boss what’s going on.  


Posted by Jana Shumate on August 26, 2013
To me this florist should have the same right as any business, which is to choose who they do business with. They aren't taking government money, they aren't under some agreement with the government. A sad day for free enterprise and a sad day for separation of church and state which our country was founded on. I think the politicals used this as a band wagon for their gain, and had no interest in any of the parties involved frankly. I suppose it is the wedding parties right to sue if they choose, but the government needs to but out. And this simply ads one more reason companies do not like to locate their businesses here, on top of a myriad of other "non friendly to businesses" polices, taxes, etc. in this state. I may not agree or disagree with gay marriage. However, as far as I know we are a free country and small business owners don't have to do business with people! This should never have been allowed to go to court. I will continue to utilize this flower shop, great products and years of great service. I don't like being bullied by self serving political groups trying to get me to not use somewhere because they don't believe as me. As a Christian, yes I utilize many businesses with Christian owners, if they do good work, and I go to many who aren't Christian, if they give good service, and a good product, fair price. As a Christian we aren't to isolate, but to be a bright light. Not a judgement light - a bright one. I find the whole lawsuit thing inappropriate and totally none of the governments business. I am sure she may loose customers by choosing not to do flowers for gay couples, I am sure she knows that. But what's different about this than from a restaurant that doesn't serve beer or wine, or a caterer that doesn't do beer or wine out of those convictions. What's the difference? Some political jerks found something to latch on and make it political. The governement needs to but out!
Posted by Patty on May 30, 2013
Wow, it is really hard to believe what some folks here are posting. People STILL regard being gay as a choice? I've only ever heard that ridiculous claim from folks who then immediately admit that they don't know any gay people. I can tell you, this foolishness would never happen in the enlightened northeast. No kidding. Washington must be full of T-partiers.
Posted by Bill on May 20, 2013
It appears Bob Ferguson's action shows his need to read our Declaration of Independence, The American Soul: Rediscovering the Wisdom of the Founders by Jacob Needleman, and Blood of Tyrants: George Washington & the Forging of the Presidency by Logan Beirne to better understand what has made America the light and hope of so many on this earth.
Posted by Caleb on April 19, 2013
No Shirt. No Shoes. No Service. No difference between that and Arlene's flowers.
Posted by Thor on April 17, 2013
Dear elected officials of which most of you I know, Strongly encourage AG Ferguson to withdraw his lawsuit over Arlene's Flowers for refusing to provide flowers to a homosexual couples wedding. So if a gay flower shop were to refuse service to a hetrosexual couple, would you file suit on that? Whenever one group gets more rights than another, you no longer have equality. Here is a bad example, so say a bar owner refuses service to someone, would AA come forward and file discrimination for being an alcoholic? We have 1A Free Speech still. A business owner has the right to refuse service to anyone. In this case, it is their religious beliefs to which I agree rejection to this (homosexual) depraved lifestyle. Further more, as Dr. Ben Carson stated, "You can not change the definition of something. Marriage is between a man and a woman. You can't hold a banana in one hand and an apple in the other and offer the banana telling them to take this apple. It is a banana." The same thing would apply to non-married couples living together "playing house" and think they get the same rights as a married couple. Rights granted to married people such as US Tax code breaks, retail discounts, shared medical insurance plans, etc. Is that the next "discrimination" law suit?
Posted by Loretta on April 16, 2013
The truth is ALL sin seperates us from a loving, yet just, GOD. Whether it is two men or women having UN-NATURAL sex, or me, sitting in front of my television night after night, worshipping it like a graven image, while stuffing the third "temple-poisoning" Twinkie into my already ample frame. This "fight" is not about what two people do in "the bedroom"! It is about the removal of personal freedom! People have been given the right to have sex with whomever they want! They should also have the right to say, "No, I don't want to sell flowers to you." for whatever the reason! History has shown us over and over and over again, what happens when freedoms are removed from a society. Why can't this couple go buy product from someone who WANTS to sell them flowers. This is ridiculous. We live in a Capitalist Society. If certain individuals are not happy with a certain business' practice's or belief's--DON'T BUY THERE! TELL OTHERS NOT TO BUY THERE!! Hit them in their bottom line. That is how it is SUPPOSED to work! As long as people are not being physically hurt--then let freedom ring. Lots of people get there feelings hurt. Myself included I am a 275 pound woman. There was a time when I was in a dressing room trying on a bathing suit, and I overheard two young female sales personnel, making fun of me. What did I do? I didn't sue--I'll tell you that! I put the bathing suit back;commented to the girls that they needed to learn how to WHISPER, and respectfully left the the store. I went home and told everyone I knew what had gone on. EVERY SINGLE PERSON I told, said they would never go back to that store again--due to their obvious inadequate practices in hiring. Should I be part of a "protected class of the obese"? NO! NO! NO! We all have free choice. Well . . . not anymore I guess. It's getting scary now!
Posted by Samuel on April 15, 2013
"If we cannot have moral feelings against homosexuality, Can we have them against other things?" Antonin Scalia I.e. murder, theft, fraud etc. If the state can force the citizens to act against their moral feelings (conscience) concerning "homosexual marriage" then can they force us to murder, etc.?
Posted by Margaret on April 15, 2013
I thought our state constitution provided absolute " right of conscience.
Posted by Glenn on April 15, 2013
Religious liberty my ass. She's a bigot, just like the owners of sweet cakes in Oregon that pulled the same crap. These business owners are not true Christians. If they were, they would require verification that neither member of ANY weding party were never previously married and divorced,as per the bible, and every bride would need medical verification of her virginity, as per the bible. The lie of practicing religious "liberty" is an excuse to practice bigotry, and she deserves to be fined. She is NOT following the teachings of Jesus. She is following the teachings of the Family Research Council...the biggest anti-gay bigots in the country that are listed as a hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Posted by Boo on April 14, 2013
And when a business owner refuses service to an interracial couple based on their sincere religious belief that race mixing is a sinful behavior against God's will, all of you will be right there defending them, right?
Posted by Richard Aksamit on April 13, 2013
I support Arlenes Flowers. Thats what the people get when you vote for a liberal Democrat like Bob Ferguson. This is only the beginning. Look at the Democrats mascot a Jackass.
Posted by Dennis Anderson on April 13, 2013
It is unfortunate that we debate this never ending issue on our feelings and our ever moving contemporary moral standards. Homosexuality is a sin just as: cheating on you wife, drunkedness, murder, lying, disrespecting your parents, worshiping money, fame, and fortune. No sin is any worse or better than another. Fortunatley God will open his arms to you and forgive you and love you as he has me. Your arguements are with the Bible and Torah not with me. These florists have the right to honor their loving and forgiving God by refusing to support the sins of their convictions
Posted by Steve on April 12, 2013
Perhaps you all didn't get the memo or you are too lazy to look at the law as it currently stands. To comply with that law, you can't offer any floral arrangements to any wedding event otherwise it's considered discrimination. It has nothing to do with same-sex or traditional marriage, it has to do with marriage altogether. For those of you that say that being gay is a choice, so is being Catholic or Baptist or Atheist.
Posted by C G King on April 12, 2013
Being Gay is a lifestyle choice, not unlike being a recluse, being a hippie or not wearing a shirt or shoes. So if that lifestyle violates your convictions you should be able to refuse service.
Posted by constance on April 12, 2013
The greed and abuses of the liberal/democrat administration in Washington State and all over the US have gone beyond the scope of their power. Religious rights and freedom are protected by the most important document that guides our behavior and decisions. State rights are subordinate to the Constitution. No law must be created to infringe the religious liberty of the citizens.
Posted by Thomas Clough on April 12, 2013
We need to speak truth to the secular world with first-rate secular arguments against gay marriage. I have published many such arguments. They are free for the taking at WeirdRepublic.com
Posted by Alana on April 12, 2013
So can someone tell me what happened to tolerance??????? Or does tolerance mean you have to agree with me????
Posted by Patsy on April 11, 2013
We support the decision to not provide flowers to support the wedding event of the homosexual couple. Jesus did tell us to love the sinner, but He also told us to hate the sin. If my brother was a doctor and provided abortions to people - and I was a tool maker, he might ask me to build a tool to assist him in performing abortions - I would refuse to make the tool because I believe a human being is pronouced dead when their heart stops beating and as such, they are considered alive when their heart starts beating, which is at 8 weeks. Do I still love my brother? Yes, of course, but I do not condone what he is doing and will not use my talents that God gave me to help kill babies. That is my free will and choice.
Posted by Pastor Mitchell L. Vann on April 11, 2013
We go inside many businesses and read signs we have a right to refuse service.So we don't turn around and sue them we just go somewhere else. Their are just money hungry and filled with a unclean spirit.
Posted by Docey on April 11, 2013
I live in Wyoming, the first in the USA to grant WOMEN equal rights. It was not that long ago. Women were not entitled to vote, own land, have money, run businesses etc... and we were little more than property belonging to men and were used and treated as such. I am sure that there were businesses then that refused to serve women, that were forced to serve us when equality came into play. I personally did not choose to be a woman, just as those same sex couples did not "choose" a "lifestyle". Could you see yourselves "choosing" to be gay when you have always been straight? If you can't imagine choosing a different sexuality from your present status... do some thinking... do ya think maybe they didn't "choose" it either? People are people no matter how tall... Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss
Posted by PamcARVER on April 11, 2013
Posted by C.S. on April 11, 2013
Did you realize that the law is going in a very wrong, misleading direction here? If you look closely at the very definition of "prejudice" and "discrimination," refusing to do business with a gay couple when your religious spells it out how that is unacceptable, is neither. The law is going in the wrong direction in this country because no one is really seeing this. According to dictionary.com, the definition of "prejudice" is: an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. Ex: Not liking a black man "just because," or because he is different or "just makes you feel weird." That is not really a good "reason." 2. any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable. 3. unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or national group. Who said ANYTHING about "without knowledge, thought or reason"? Christians who have their beliefs and knowledge of their faith on track are not just rejecting gays because they're different or for no good reason. Any well educated Christian versed in the Bible (their faith) can sit down and explain in detail ALL the reasons the Bible tells them gay marriage is wrong, so it is definitely not "without knowledge, thought or reason." So, if you really examine this, you will see that it's actually the CHRISTIANS that the gays and pro-gay lawmakers who are being prejudiced towards, because they don't really fully understand why the Christians have the stance they have. When Christians sit down to explain it, most gays just twist it around to make it look again like discrimination or prejudice, so that they can continue getting what they want. Whatever happened to free thought and speech (done respectfully) in this country, and to stand up for what you believe in? And it's freedom of religion, not freedom FROM religion. This WA law should have never been passed in the first place. May God help this nation.
Posted by BarleyWheets on April 11, 2013
“Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.” Same-Sex Marriage: An Illogical Counterfeit www.westernjournalism.com Two cases were argued before the U.S. Supreme Court last week addressing the issue of same-sex marriage. This is not an issue of This is not an issue of rights, as proponents maintain, nor is it an issue of Biblical marriage, as opponents contend. It is, rather, based in natural law, and is an issue of seismic significance to our culture, our society, and our civilization, and cannot be cavalierly “redefined.” WE have the right to not be forced to go against our Convictions.
Posted by P`tar on April 10, 2013
This is easy to fix. She can give up her public business and business licence. Otherwise, she has to follow public law.
Posted by Lin Hamill on April 10, 2013
It's not productive to post your thoughts and keep quoting Gods laws. Gay marriage is now legal in Washington despite our beliefs. It's now fashionable and acceptable to descriminate against Christians for claiming God in our arguments. Call on God in prayer but quit arguing God with godless people. Arlene's rights are being trampled. Claim the constitution and personal rights. Claim the proponents of gay marriage were and are a bunch of liars. Look at what they SAID versus what they are DOING. These are the effective basis of our argument for Arlene's and our rights.
Posted by Ellen Gephart on April 10, 2013
The issue is not discrimination against an individual: obviously, the customer could have purchased a floral arrangement from the business as he had in the past. The issue is the owner's freedom of association: she should not have to participate in a celebration or other event abhorrent to her. As the attorney general knows, though he must render legal services as required by his employer, other attorneys (business owners) are not bound to represent anyone or any cause they do not wish.
Posted by LauVonne Melton on April 10, 2013
Please count on me to support Arlene and others who are standing up for marriage according to God. We must stand strong on this. Not only is marriage on the line so is our freedom to believe as we do.
Posted by violasnyder on April 10, 2013
As a Christian also, I believe that the floral business is that of the owner, pays taxes and is willing to serve everyone. She has the right to refuse to participate in a "so called" gay marriage. Praise God she's willing to obey God's law over the states.
Posted by J Topps on April 10, 2013
I love how the real reason of the suit is way down the page in paragraph 5. The state has a non-discrimonation policy like every state. This state's policy also includes sexual orientation. A company does have the "right to refuse service" as long as it's not based on race, gender, or sexual orientation. This suit has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with same-sex marriage. If you have a problem with your state's non-discrimnation policy, take your businesses somewhere else. This is what we call the free market. Apparently, you conservatives have a problem with it when it's not convenient to you. Your side is losing this argument because you are being deceived by articles like this one.
Posted by Bob Struble on April 10, 2013
Bob's snide analogy indicates that interracial marriages are also prohibited by the Bible. This is contra-factual. See, for example, http://www.creationism.org/csshs/v07n1p05.htm
Posted by daniwitz13 on April 10, 2013
Homosexuality is only a “claim to be” entity. It is an Intangible so it can’t be detected in an Individual person. Yes, Homosexuality exists as a condition but there is no known method to detect it in the Person. One can lie about it and never be proven otherwise. They have to “out” themselves to be known. Parents cannot detect it and surprised when “told”. Gays Marry Straights and have Children with them and then come “out” and “claim” Gayness. Even when they “claim to be” it is NOT provable. How come years of being Unknown? If it can be detected, why do they have to come “out “ of the closet? Because intangibles are not definable. In a big crowd, can you pick out the Homosexuals. In a crowd of a 100, two will be Homosexuals, according to a “survey” of 2% of our Nation. Can you pick out that two? But you could pick out the African American or the blond, but not the Homosexual. If they are unknown, how can our Govt. give Rights and Benefits to the Unknown? Tax money to the unknown is Fraud don’t you think? How then do they have “standing” in Court? To “claim” that they are Homosexuals but can’t prove it has NO CASE. I could prove to the Court that I am a MALE. She can prove to the Court that she is FEMALE. A homosexual cannot show Proof that he is one to the Court. Therefore, Homosexuality is Moot. With no “standing” in a Court of Law. SCOTUS should rule thusly. Pity.
Posted by Bob Struble on April 10, 2013
I was feeling a lot better from my recent health issues, until I read this about my fellow Blanchet H.S. alum, Bob Ferguson (class of 1983). Like Voltaire or Fidel Castro, this "intelligent" man is not the first to betray the Catholic education he received.
Posted by Mary DeVoss on April 10, 2013
Please correct that ridiculous, careless typo in the first sentence of the article ("declined to proved"). It makes you and your organization look unprofessional and bush-league. That said, let's hope Arlene's business skyrockets from supporters who stand with her and her choice.
Posted by Jim Johnston on April 10, 2013
send bob ferguson down the road at election time
Posted by Gene Pulczinski on April 10, 2013
What in the heck is this world coming to when the minority is ruling the majority. I thought this republic we live in was made up of a democracy where the majority has some control. I see a major revolution coming and very soon.
Posted by Debi Mitchell on April 10, 2013
Well hell, I don't understand why we have all these laws in the first place. I think if you don't like a law, why follow it? I don't like paying taxes and I don't like the law that says I have to pay them, so I should be able to not pay my taxes, right? I can call myself a christian, so I have special right, so I can pick what laws I want to follow, right? Do you have any idea how stupid you people sound? If you don't like a law, work to change it, but what makes you think you are so special that you don't have to abide by the laws of this land? THEY BROKE THE LAW.
Posted by Carrie Earll on April 10, 2013
Great job - again - Joseph articulating the threat to religious freedom. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Randy Simon on April 10, 2013
To those who are talking about leave this State, please don't we need you. I would respect your conscience on this, but fleeing when the enemy arrives never wins the war, it just postpones "your" engagement in it. The Enemy doesn't just want this State, (he/she/it/they) want them all. When you flee from this State it just makes it easier for the Enemy to take this State. The Enemy will win in this State and then follow you to the next one. Why not just make your stand here?
Posted by Kelly Shilling on April 10, 2013
I am not sure when it became okay to violate the right to free speech. It is a florists right to not serve the gay community. How can she be sued over this? Does that mean I can sue a grocery store because they won't let me in without a shirt? Or a restaurant owner because they won't serve me if I am being rude? They don't like my behavior and I see no difference in this matter. She doesn't care for the behavior and should have the right to not serve someone as she sees fit. Please do not allow this to happen to her or anyone else.
Posted by Cheri on April 10, 2013
We watch, worry, warn, and wonder what is happening to our beautiful country. We need to do more. Look what the left has accoomplished in 20 years. It's time we take action against this new AG...he's wasting our money, time, energy, and bullying and harassing a private productive citizen. We need to stand up and be heard. Let's begin a recall today.
Posted by Philip Irvin on April 10, 2013
Action like this assumes that gays will be litigious and Christians will be submissive. If Christians were to use the laws and, for example, demand to be a counselor at Camp Ten Trees (for gay and lesbian youth) it would expose the double standard. Although it took years of effort, I won a discrimination case against the City of Seattle for being excluded from a gay employees organization. When we demand equal treatment under discrimination laws you will find the government much less eager to pursue them.
Posted by Bradley Molander on April 10, 2013
This is truly a sad day for America... A country based on freedom of religion whose citizens are now being sued by their government for exercising those rights. The founding fathers would be disgusted.
Posted by Marella C. on April 10, 2013
I am very much for equal marriage rights. However, I agree with Arlene's Flowers-businesses should have a right to deny service to anyone. At least she didn't lie and say she was too busy/over booked. I appreciate honesty.
Posted by Cibyl Kumagai on April 10, 2013
This lawsuit is discrimination against the right to personal beliefs. If a business owner does not agree with same sex marriage, they must be forced to do business in support of it anyway and in doing so violate their own beliefs? Incredible! This MUST be changed.
Posted by louise christensen zak on April 10, 2013
Seems like in a free country a business or an individual can refuse service for any reason they want. The services of a business is not a right. Unless you are in the medical profession in which control is being taken away from physicians and medical decisions are increasingly being made by non-medical people. Perhaps a trend is going on here?
Posted by Bob on April 10, 2013
Agreed! And for that matter, I believe in the Biblically-mandated prohibition on interracial marriages, so I will refuse to bake a wedding cake for those abominations as well!
Posted by James on April 10, 2013
Attorney General Bob Ferguson should take a U.S. History and government class... one's taught 50 years ago. Such actions against conservative individuals and groups is truly anti-America. Liberty is for all... so, Mr.Attorney General Bob Ferguson stop wasting time and taxpayers' money. Ask God for forgiveness!!!
Posted by David Brock on April 10, 2013
Their fight is our fight! I would encourage everyone to send them an email and some dough to help them get through it. What a shame. The law, designed to help the innocent has now become a weapon to punish anyone with a different view than your own. Woe to those law makers for the burden they have placed on the people.
Posted by Norma on April 10, 2013
I'm with Tionico! The way Washington State is pushing the leftist agenda, I may start thinking about moving elsewhere, even though I love living in Washington! Our Constitutional rights are being trampled by our state government!
Posted by Wanda Chaney on April 10, 2013
It sounds like anyone would enjoy doing business with Arlene's Flowers. I pray that she will be allowed to follow her convictions without being sued.
Posted by Patti Yarlott on April 10, 2013
The florist should have the right to refuse service.
Posted by Pam O on April 10, 2013
I stand with Arlene's Flowers!! She has a right to not participate in an event that goes against her personal religious beliefs. May God bless her with a TON of business for standing up for traditional marriage. The same-sex couple should simply shop elsewhere and not force her to work for them!! Unbelievable!! Yet we were warned (by the wonderful Preserve Marriage Washington people) prior to the "redefinition of marriage" vote in our state that this would be one of the consequences (people and businesses forced to accept and do business with the same-sex lifestyle proponents that goes against their personal religious beliefs). We must continue to stand up for the true definition of marriage and family. We will follow God and not man (or woman)!
Posted by Monte on April 10, 2013
When all are equal, No one can say NO Which is absurd. Our politicians need be taken to task, to enact the Right to politely say NO Thank You
Posted by Dan on April 10, 2013
Posted on FB. We were told emphatically and repeatedly that this legislation would have no adverse effect, even when we knew that to be untrue, now the truth AND the consequences are being borne out.
Posted by Loretta on April 10, 2013
So, the state is telling us who we can do business with. We stopped doing wedding cakes for the same reason. If the minority is the winner, then we have the wrong governor and president. Hmmmmm Food for thought.
Posted by Bruce on April 10, 2013
I thought businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone they wanted to. Humpf, so much for freedom.
Posted by Tionico on April 10, 2013
I knew this was coming when the law was first passed. It is not unknown elsewhere in the country. And those shrill whiners about "gay rights" shrug their shoulders and look at you as crazy whenever you mention any such persecution of a business which refuses to cooperate in their perversion. I'd fight this on a First Ammendment ground, that of freedom to peaceably assemble.. which includes the right to NOT assemble, as I choose, not as the state dictates. I was sad to see Mc Kenna go, and also knew this guy, our present AG, would not be a good one. WHY are we wasting our tax dollars on this persecution of honest, hardworking Washington businessmen? Makes me wonder whether to even remain in this state. Sodomite "marriage", mandated support of abortions, a million "progressive" regulatons and restrictions, regulations, wasteful spending....
Posted by Ruralist on April 10, 2013
So what is wrong with her making a nice arrangement of wilted dandelions or similar and charging $249.95 for it. My guess is that she would loose that customer, and the headaches he came with. While she may not have any customers again from the gay community, she is fully within her rights to charge whatever she wants. She might even charge $2,249.95....just to cover expenses.
Posted by Bob on April 10, 2013
The business owner still has the "right to refuse service to anyone". Whether they display a sign to that effect or not, it is still the business owners right to refuse a service.
Posted by Carol on April 10, 2013
The florist has the right to refuse service to anyone. She exercised that right. Where do you get off suing her shop because of this. More progressive trampling on our rights to push their agenda. Bring back McKenna at least we had a chance in WA.
Posted by Carol Lint on April 10, 2013
Truly our liberty is at a crossroad. We have the freedom(?) to choose? or the freedom to only do what the elected(?) lawmakers allow? It seems to me a waste of our tax payers money for the state to step in and file this law suit. IF the gentleman in question wants to file a law suit, so be it, but for the state? No.
Posted by Jenny on April 10, 2013
Let me get this straight. The customer was ok with this, but the state stepped in and filed the suit anyway?
Posted by Karen Rochon on April 10, 2013
It's been made into a civil rights issue. Being gay is not the same as being black, or Chinese etc. It's a choice of a lifestyle.
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